NOTE:Ive always believed that there is somethiung connecting CJ and
Danny's business dinner in IED and their first kiss in HSFTTT.
Remember I love comments!


CJ sat in her office and looked at her watch. 6:45. Danny
would be meeting her for dinner soon. A business dinner CJ reminded
herself. There was definately an attraction to the handsome reporter
she couldn't deny, but of course she couldn't let Danny know.
Besides, how would it look if the White House Press Secretary was
dating a reporter? CJ asked herself.
She reached over and picked up the can of fish food Danny had
given her that afternoon and sprinkled a few flakes into Gail's
fishbowl. He had surprised her with his present that afternoon,
perhaps even more when he confessed that he had a crush on her. CJ
smiled as she dipped the tip of her index finger into the
water,letting the fish swim toward the top. Suddenly, Danny was at
the door.
"Hey. Ready to go?"
CJ looked up. "Yeah. I was just giving Gail her dinner before
we leave. And remember Danny, this is just a business dinner." CJ
reminded him again as she walked toward Danny.
"I know. Just a business dinner." Danny repeated as he helped
CJ on with her coat.
"Good. As long as you understand that." CJ turned and looked
at him. "Where's your notebook?"
Danny broke his gaze from CJ and looked down at his own body.
"I guess I forgot it. You want me to go back to my office and get
"Danny," CJ whined as she walked back towards her desk. "No,
don't go back. Here you can borrow one," CJ said as she handed Danny
a pad and a pen from her desk.
CJ felt an amazing electricity between them as her fingers
lightly touched Danny's hand as he took the notepad from her.
"Come on, lets go."
"Okay," Danny said as he followed her out of the office.

Later, about half way through the meal and after they had
finished talking about "business", CJ smiled across the table as
Danny told her a story about a party during the last presidency. She
had to admit that she was having a pretty good time. As Danny
continued on with the story, CJ laughed nearly choking on her water.
Concerned, Danny rose from his chair slightly.
"Are you okay?"
CJ stopped coughing. "Yeah I'm fine."
Danny sank back into his chair. "Good. You hungry for
CJ sat back and breathed audibly. "No. I don't think I've
eaten that much in a long time."
Danny smiled at her. "Okay. Ready to go?" he asked as he
paid the bill.
CJ nodded as she stood and pulled on her coat.

CJ laughed as Danny finished telling her a story about how
Josh had told him about her passion for goldfish.
The two walked down the hall until they reached a door near
the end of the hall.
"Well, this is it," CJ said as she took the small white box
from Danny.
"Thanks for a nice evening," she said as she put the key in
the door.
"Yeah, I like doing business this way. Oh by the way, here's
your notebook."
CJ looked at Danny and smiled "Thats okay, you keep it. Merry
Christmas Danny." she said as she opened the door and started inside.
"Hey wait," Danny said, stopping her. "How about a good-night
kiss. Make it an early Christmas present."
CJ rolled her eyes and smiled. "Good night Danny."
"CJ," he said as he looked up at the mistletoe hanging in the
She leaned over and kissed him lightly on the cheek.
"Now how about a real kiss?" he asked as he moved closer.
CJ smiled as she stepped inside. "Goodnight Danny."




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