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President Josiah Bartlet sat in bed late one night
reading an article given to him earlier in the day buy his
communications director, Toby Ziegler.
Jed looked up when he heard a soft knock at the door.
"Come in," he growled as he returned his gaze to the packet.
The door opened slightly and Zoe Bartlet peeked her head
inside the room.
"Dad, are you asleep?"
"No. Come on in."
Zoe entered the room and slid onto the bed next to her father.
"I was wondering if Mom's plane had gotten in yet."
Jed reached up and gently rubbed his thumb over his youngest
daughter's cheek.
"Oh Zoe, you remind me so much of your mother when we first
Zoe smiled. "Dad, how did you and Mom meet?"
Jed sat up and smiled fondly, his gaze focused somewhere in
the past.
"We were in college. It was springtime and I was coming across
campus when I saw your mother coming out of the building across the
street. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Two days
later I wound up in the campus clinic for a basketball injury. I
remember she was smiling at me as she placed the bandage on my head
and right then I knew I was in love. I asked her name, then I asked
her out on a date. I even attempted to ask her to marry me but your
mother threatened to knock me out again."
Zoe smiled. "Aw Dad, that's really sweet. But I have some
homework to finish."
Jed nodded and smiled. "Ah, mathematics."
"No Dad." It's English."
"You know Zoe, you really should consider going into
Economics, like your old man."
Zoe laughed as she reached over and planted a kiss on her
father's cheek.
"Good night, Dad."
Jed watched his daughter leave the room, then turned over and
flipped off the light. But not before picking up a picture of him and
Abbey that he kept on his night stand. He lay back and smiled as he
remembered the warm summer day of their first kiss.
Jed and Abbey had shared a quiet picnic under a large tree,
then took a long walk along the river. Abbey linked her arm through
Jed's as he explained to her his dreams of running the country.
"Did you know that there are over two hundred parks in this
country and only --"
Abbey smiled and laughed, knowing Jed's tendency to rattle off
useless trivia.
Jed stopped and turned Abbey towards him. He smiled then
leaned in to kiss her lightly.
Abigail Bartlet leaned back in her plane seat and looked at
the picture she kept in her bag. It had been taken at a restaurant
that was quite fancy so Jed had been wearing a tux and she had been
wearing a navy blue beaded gown. Jed had his hands around her waist
as hers rested on his arms, near his shoulders. She remembered that
she had just finished medical school and Jed had just received his
in Economics and was on his way to becoming a well known economics
professor. Jed had taken her out to dinner, but Abbey knew he had
something else planned. And she was right.
After they had eaten, Jed reached over across the table and
took her hand in his.
"Abbey," he started softly. "You know, I've always dreamed of
becoming President, and well, I've been thinking, I want you by
side as my first lady."
Abbey could feel the tears brimming in her eyes and before she
could say anything Jed was in front of her, holding out a ring.
"Abbey, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"
Abbey smiled. "Yes Jed. I'll marry you," she whispered amidst
her happy tears.
Jed slipped the ring onto her finger then pulled her from the
chair and into his arms.
"You know, I think this country is going to be very lucky to
have a beautiful, charming and talented doctor in the White House."
Abbey laughed. "What makes you think they are going to think
you're beautiful.
Jed smiled. "I meant you. And I don't think anyone will
disagree with me there."
"Oh Jed," Abbey blushed.
Jed set the picture back on the night stand. He loved the way
Abbey looked in that picture. So happy, so in love. They both did.
He remembered this feeling every time he looked at her. Especially
the days his three beautiful daughters were born.
Jed remembered the day nearly twenty years before when Abbey
had given birth to their youngest daughter, Zoe.
Jed waited out in the hall with his two daughters, Elizabeth
who sat in a chair next to him, and Caroline who slept on his
shoulder. Jed looked up when he heard his long time friend Leo
McGarry walk into the room.
"Hey Leo," Jed whispered as so as not to wake his sleeping
Leo quietly closed the door and walked over to the other man.
"Hi Jed. How's Abbey?"
Jed sighed. "We haven't heard anything yet. The doctor said
it should be anytime now."
The two men sat in silence for a few moments as Jed looked
over his two sleeping daughters.
"She's an amazing woman, you know that Leo? She's a
successful doctor, and amazing mother --"
"And she's put up with you for the last twenty years," Leo
added. "Face it, you're not exactly a walk in the park."
The two men shared a good laugh, hardly noticing the doctor
walking down the hall towards them.
"Excuse me gentlemen, which one of you is the father?" Te
doctor questioned the two men.
"I am," Jed answered.
"Congratulations. You have a beautiful healthy daughter."
Jed smiled. "Can I go in now?"
"Yes, your wife is right through there," the doctor said,
pointing to a set of doors down the hall.
Jed handed his sleeping daughter to Leo and walked down the
hall to his wife's room.
Jed opened the door and watched his wife cuddle their newborn
daughter before quietly entering the room.
"Abbey," he whispered, causing her to look up.
Abbey smiled and returned her attention to the baby as Jed
walked closer.
"Zoe, this is your daddy."
Jed sat on the edge of the bed and took the little hand into
his own.
"Abbey, she's so beautiful. All of my girls are. I love you"
Abbey blushed as her husband wrapped his arm around her
shoulder and pulled her into a loving kiss.
Just then Leo came into the room with Elizabeth and Caroline.
Elizabeth scrambled up onto the bed next to her mother as her father
lifted the baby into his arms.
"Oh, Abbey, she's beautiful," Leo said as he leaned over and
lightly kissed Abbey's cheek. "So who's the father?"
"Leo," Jed warned.
Abbey laughed and reached out for her husband's hand.
"I know. I'm just kidding. You know I wish you both the
Jed leaned over, looking into Abbey's sparkling brown eyes and
kissed her.
Abbey looked at the pictures of her three daughters and
smiled. She couldn't be more proud of them. Elizabeth was a
and raising her twelve-year old daughter, Annie. Caroline was in her
second year at law school, and Zoe was in her freshman year at
Georgetown. She loved them so much and more than once had been so
happy to have them there, especially the first time her husband had
MS attack.
That night, the four of them sat around and talked and
laughed. Abbey was so scared but she had to admit that having her
girls there made everything much easier.
Of course, more than anything that night taught her how much
she really loved her husband. Abbey smiled as she remembered
next to Jed at the Inaugural Ball. She watched him and smiled. She
had never seen him so happy. Abbey knew that their lives were about
change, hopefully for the better. Abbey sat up and stretched as she
felt the plane begin to land.
Jed smiled and closed his eyes and began to drift off to sleep
when he heard the door open.
"Abbey?" he murmured into the darkness.
"Shhhhh. I didn't mean to wake you," she whispered as she
walked over to the bed and sat next to her husband.
"Its okay," Jed sat up and propped the pillows behind his
"Did your plane get in late?"
"Yeah, there was an accident that took a couple of hours to
clean up," Abbey explained as she stretched and made herself more
comfortable on the bed.
"Ah. Well, it doesn't matter." Jed reached over and took his
wife's hand. "Happy anniversary, Mrs. Bartlett."
Abbey smiled and let her husband pull her into a deep kiss.

The End


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