By Kandra Carter Grayson

Summary: Josh and Donnaís weekend of peace

Disclaimer: All West Wing characters mentioned in this story belong to Aaron Sorkin, the genius behind the best show on television. All other characters that I make up belong to me.

Authorís Note: This chapter is told from Joshís POV.


Itís Saturday night. Iím standing in Donnaís apartment. Iíve been here many times before. Of course, Iím usually drunk when Iím here. I canít believe that I never let my feelings for her slip out while I was here before.

"Josh, will you bring me another box?"

I finally convinced her to move in with me. Now I wonít have to worry about her coming back here every night. So, for now, Donna is in her bedroom packing up some of her essential things. This is the fifth box sheís wanted. Something tells me I might need a bigger apartment.

"Sure Donna. Are you almost done yet?"

Walking back into her bedroom, I look around and realize that she has a lot of stuff crammed into this tiny apartment. There is stuff everywhere back here. Figurines and dolls and stuffed animals are sitting on top of every dresser. Pictures and paintings line the walls. It looks like a little girlís room.

And then, standing in the middle of it, wearing nothing but her robe, is Donnatella Moss. Very much a woman and not a little girl.

I would know.

Oh Lord, her robe is coming untied. I need to get out of this room before I lose control of myself. Like I did the first time I brought a box back to her. Thatís why sheís wearing the robe now.

"Thanks honey. Doyou want to go get us some dinner?"

I have to get use to the fact she can say ĎThanks honeyí and be talking to me.

"Why donít you finish up and we can go get some dinner together?"

"That sounds like a good idea. How about you help me finish packing my stuff?"

"Okay. Tell me where to start."

"How about the top drawer in the dresser behind you?"

I turn around and open up the door. Seeing whatís inside, I immediately close it. I canít pack that stuff.



"You need to pack this stuff."

"Josh, itís my underwear drawer. Why canít you pack it?"

"Just because I have seen you out of it doesnít mean Iím comfortable searching through your drawer of it. Iíll go make us dinner reservations and you can pack the drawer."

Donna laughed as she walked over to me. Every step she takes is making that robe become more and more untied. I donít think I can take much more of this. I need to get out of this room.

"Josh, you are too cute. Why donít you go order us take out, Iíll finish packing and get dressed, then weíll go back to your apartment and eat it?"

"Our apartment."

"Excuse me?"

"If youíre moving in, itís not just my apartment anymore. Itís our apartment."

Oh God. Now sheís wrapping her arms around me. I know that the robe is not going to last for very long.

"Donna, I donít think weíre going anywhere for awhile."

She smiled and leaned up to kiss me.

This is going to be one long night.

End of Part Two



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