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A few weeks later, at the concert site.


Donna and CJ both are wearing jeans and a brand-new T-shirt of the BJís, Josh slacks and an old Harvard shirt, Sam in some worn out jeans and a sleeveless shirt and Toby in a suit.

"I see you all dug up something to wear. Except for this one here."

"I feel comfortable in these clothes."

"Comfortable is good, but those shoes have to go, it gets messy here, and the suit is not exactly a rock night special, so at least take of the jacket and tie, roll up the sleeves and maybe I can find you some jeans and shoes. What size are you?"

"When I said I feel comfortable in these clothes, I meant I am not going to change."

Faith looks at him with half a smile. "What size are you."

At that moment the speaker on her shoulder starts to make some noise, she pushes on a button and says sheís on her way, before she leaves, she takes one good look at Toby.

"What was that all about?"

"You are probably going to get some clothes from her, she is good at taking measures with one look."

"I donít want to change."

"You will."


Ten minutes later, Zoey and Charlie are there too, in jeans and T-shirts.

Faith rushes in, and throws some clothes at Toby, "Here put these on."

"I already said I am not going to change."

"Fine, shall I do it for you than? Come on, follow me"

"What, Iíll do it myself I donít need help with that."

He picks up the pants and shoes and walks angrily through the door Faith holds open for him.

"You got him girl, way to go."

"We have been trying to tell him to change, but he said he wouldnít."

"I didnít get him, he co-operated. Didnít you guys see the wink he gave me? Oh one more thing, he has shoes with steel noses now, so keep out of his way."

Faith looks out the window, and announces the five-minute warning.

"And although I am officially of duty, I have to be at my post at the start of the concert. I am back in a flash."

She kisses Josh on the cheek and starts to walk out when she turns around.

"Where is McGarry by the way?"

"He and the President are at a cocktail party at some embassy."

"Rather him than me. I hate formal parties and those cocktail parties are the worst." And she dashes out.


"Josh does she ever go to formal things?"

"I have heard her about some, but I donít know why she has to attend them. She has some real classy jewellery though."


Toby arrives in the box, and everybody says he looks great in jeans. He marvels the fact that they fit. Josh smiles when he reminds him he told him so.

The music starts to play, and Josh looks at the spot where Faith is. She sits on the back of one of the chairs, and every now and then she says something in the microphone.

After the first song, the singer announces that the next clip on the video screens will be of the crew working to make the show work.

They play an up-tempo song, and all the crew members get on the screen, one by one, the last one is Faith, sitting on the boxes with her drawings of the electric systems, waving her arms as if she was controlling the lights. The moment the music stops you hear: "Eddy, stop a minute would you? Chavez, I think we need more colours on stage, the white is too bright here."

"Better?" The lights all go off one-by-one

"Yep" The crowd cheers.


At that moment Faith walks in the box, yelling at someone in her microphone.

"I donít wanna know whose idea it was, I just want to know WHY. I am of the line until someone comes to tell me that."  She throws the receiver and microphone on one of the seats, grabs a drink out of the refrigerator and sits down.


Josh waves the others away, and sits down next to her.

"Was it that bad?"

"They know I donít like my face being that well known. I have some bad experiences with crowds of fans."

"This is different, Faith. They showed you doing an important job. Someone not just there for the boys but for the show. They are not going toÖ. Well you know."


The band starts a slow song at that moment, Faith pushes Josh towards Donna.

"Dance with her. She deserves to be treated better than you usually do."

Toby asks CJ to dance and Sam walks up to Faith.

"I hope you donít mind but I want to talk to you. And I donít like to dance, so?"

"Sit down." Faith says with a smile.

Josh looks over at them and at that moment Faith looks up, and smiles at him.

She continues to talk to Sam, pointing at things.

"There are the guys for the sound, they make sure the necessary adjustments are made in order to make everybody at the front and in the back hear the best sound possible....."

She continues as Donna asks Josh what happened just now.

"She has been attacked at a concert about 8 years ago. The girls in the crowd saw her talking to the lead singer and thought she was competition for his affection. She needed 42 stitches in her back, a jab from her right shoulder to her spine, apparently she was lucky enough, that the knife didnít go in deep, it slid over her shoulder-blade. She likes to keep a low profile ever since"

"That is terrible, but she returned to the same work after that."

"Yes, it is the only thing she wants to do."


Josh and Donna keep on dancing until Josh sees the President, mrs Bartlet and Leo come in.

He stops at once, and Donna looks around to see what has happened.

"Oh hello." She utters

"Donít stop on my account." Jed laughs

At that moment the music stops.

"Oke stop on their account."

The speaker on the chair starts to call out "We have a situation, Jake is down, back stage."

Faith jumps up and picks up her gear and starts to walk out at that moment she spots the President and his wife.

"He doc, we have got a wounded man backstage can you take a look at him?"

Mrs Bartlet looks at her security detail.

Faith lets them know they can come too, and the party takes of.


Backstage Faith apologises for the mess, and offers to replace the shoes of the doc.

But Mrs Bartlet doesnít listen to her.

"Is this him? Can I take a look?"

After a short examination she says that Jake has a broken leg and a mild concussion. The ambulance comes in shortly after that.

After a brief conversation with the medics, Abigail turns around to follow Faith back upstairs.

Faith concludes her conversation with Jonathan and Boris about who is to replace Jake for the night and starts to head back.

Abigail walks beside her as she says.

"I think Josh told you I was a doctor, right?"

"No, maíam, I just remember the one doctor ever having to stitch up my back. 42 stitches, Boston 8 years ago?"

Abigail thinks back and then remembers.

"You are the girl that was brought in Boston General when I was there to cover for a friend of mine. The nurse thought your friends were the Hellís Angels. So how is the scar?"

"Fine, I donít feel it anymore. You really did a god job, although I will never wear a topless dress again."

"You could have the scar removed, shall I take a look."

"I am sorry Doc Iím not going to strip here in front of these guys."

"They only watch me, but I understand."

"Faith Peters , by the way, maíam."

"Abigail Bartlet."


They walk back in the box and Jed walks up to them.

"Hi how was it?"

"Fine Jed, have you met Faith yet. Faith this is my husband and the president of the United States."

Faith curtsies and says. "Mr President it is a pleasure and an honour to meet you."

She does the same thing for Abigail, only to stumble over the precise title to give her. Josh whispers ĎMrs Bartletí in her ear.

Faith turns around to poke him in his side, "You are impossible you know, you never told me that the doc is now the first lady."


"I never took a good look at the doctor." He looked from Abigail to Faith

"I was worried about you, and you kept on insisting on going to my fatherís house, the next day."

"Which worked out fine didnít it?"

"I kept one eye on the road and one eye was either looking for a telephone box or checking if you were still alive."

"Well, thank you very much for telling me that, remind me never to let you drive again."

"As if you are any better, you sing along with songs so loud you donít ever hear the sirens of the police car behind us."

"Tell me again Josh, why did he pull us over?" Josh looks down at the ground, Faith laughs and says "I thought so."


"So why did he pull you over?"

"Josh, do you want the honour on this one?"

"Not really. Can I just have the ground opening beneath my feet now."

He walks away, and Faith whispers to the Bartlets "He mooned the police car. He was drunk though we just got our degrees."

She follows Josh and puts her arm around his shoulder, they talk for a while and he gives her a big hug.


The rest of the evening passes in good atmosphere, Josh, Faith and Leo talk about Joshís father. They dance and at the end of the concert, Boris shows up to ask if they want to meet the band.

They all say yes to that, and he says they have to wait a while, the band is coming up.

Before he leaves, he looks at Faith and she winks at him. Donna spots that.


"Donna walks to Faith and asks her, "Who was that?"

"That was Boris, he is in charge of security."

"He looks great."

"Yes, donít you think."

"You have a special interest in him."

"You mean do we have a thing going between us?"

"Yeah, something like that."

"Well, I think you could call it that, we got real close after what happened to Josh, but we havenít told anybody yet, well Josh knows."

"He doesnít seem to."

"What should he do, ask Boris about his intentions with me or what. No, we talk on the phone a lot, I know all about his former girlfriends and he knows about Boris"

"No current girlfriend for Josh then?í

"Not as far as I know, I know he is very impressed with Joey, but I think that will not go anywhere, not love you know."

She pauses a moment and whispers, "So there is hope for you yet.... Just kidding"


Faith walks to the back of the box, in order to avoid the crowding as the band arrives. But the moment they come in they are looking for her.

"Faith, I got to talk to you. We want to apologise about the clip."

"Your idea Eddy?"


"Donít do it again." Eddy apologises and continues

"You know, without you nothing is going to get cleaned tonight."

"Yes I am going, donít you guys leave without me."

As she walks out the door, they hear, ĎAll clearĎ coming out of the speakers.

"If anybody has the urge to help, youíre welcome to."

Eddy waits a minute, and then says, "You have got to see this, you are going to love it. This is Faith at her best."




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