Disclaimer: Well you know the drill, Faith and the band and crew are sprung from my own imagination

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They see Faith walking towards the sound Ďpití as she takes of her coat. She talks to the crew members who all have brooms in their hands. She walks to the sound equipment, turns some knobs and at full power Tina Turnerís ĎDisco Infernoí blasts through the stadium.

On the beat everybody starts to sweep the place around, Faith dances as she sweeps the floor.

Josh asks Eddy if she still sings along. Eddy smiles, "All the time. Except when you were in the hospital, She didnít sing or dance she just sat there. It was frightening"

"I remember coming to her room and by hearing the music knowing exactly what mood she is in."

"This is a good sign?"

"Well if she starts to do the rock songs or the old blues you are in the clear, no music is a good sign of trouble."


Everybody wants to meet the band, when suddenly they notice that Toby is not around.

"I see him, he is dancing with Faith down there."

And so he is, the crew are cheering for them, and they both seem to have a lot of fun.

"I think we are missing out on everything."

"Yes, letís go. Come on everybody, letís go clean house."


The agents are a bit nervous about letting the Presidential family go in between the crew but are satisfied by the lack of interest they show for them.

The moment Faith spots Josh she says something to Toby and rushes to the sound equipment, seconds later a waltz starts, and she smiles at Josh.

"Please, it has been ages"

Josh bows for her, she curtsies and they start to waltz.

"They make a lovely couple donít they." Donna looks up to Boris. Who is standing behind her.

"Do you waltz Boris?"

"You mean shall we show them that we can too?"


Halfway the floor, the two couples meet, and they switch partners. Jed and Aby and CJ and Toby join in.

The couples mix and Sam and the guys from the band tap on shoulders to cut in and finally Faith sits down. Jed sits down next to her.

"This is fun, do you do that often?"

"The dancing or the cleaning?"

"The dancing."

"Not really, usually we just try to get the work done in as little time as possible. But it is fun isnít it."

"Looks like you can make any job a fun job."

"With the right music you can do anything."

"Are you good at your job?"

"You want the honest answer of the modest answer."

"Try both on me Iíll decide which one suits you best."

"Oke, modest: I try to do the best I can. Honest: I am considered one of the best."

"I like the honest one better. Just curious, would you be interested in organising the shows for the re-election?"

"Me working for the White House, I donít think that will be a good idea."

"Why not."

"I donít fit in, I will make you wish you never met me."

"It canít be that bad."

"Just ask Josh, he knows about me and traditions. I kick at everything. If I donít understand it or donít like it I will not abide by it. Cultural differences I guess."

"You are Dutch arenít you, I never thought the Dutch were that troublesome."

"They even made a song about it, donít make to many rules, we donít start yelling and screaming, but we are very good at civil disobedience. We are thoroughly sceptical about anything that will influence are way of life"

"Would I like it there?"

"I donít know, if you can adjust, you will. You have to remember we like to complain about everything, especially the weather, if you canít complain you donít fit in."

"So, no chance of you working for me than."

"No, but if you or someone else can convince me otherwise, maybe."


Josh comes to sit with them, but he has twirled Donna around to hard so he falls half on Faith, as he attempts to regain his balance, he says "Boy I havenít had this much fun since, well when would you say?"

"I would say, since you decided to join Bartlet, you were on a high then."

"No I would say since our graduation party."

"Oh I was so hoping you were to drunk to remember that."

The big grin on Joshís face indicates otherwise. "Come stand up and do it again."

Everybody gathers around, because Josh had filled everybody in.

"Do which one, Josh." Donna asks smiling

"I am not really sure, ĎLeave your hat oní or ĎParadise by the dashboard lightí with Eddy. What do you guys think."

"They donít think anything Josh, I am not going to do that. And donít give me that puppy look."

Eddy takes Faith by the arm and drags her to the stage.

"You are going to do this girl, I want to know how it is to beg see you beg for my affection."

Faith looks at the assembled crowd in front of the stage and gives in.

"I am going to push you to the ground, so be prepared. Just donít move to much when you are on the ground, I have steel noses on my boots. Oh and one more thing, fist base is on my back, second is on the hips, third is on the stomach and fourth would by the boobs."


"What is going to happen Josh."

"You know the song? Then you know what will happen."

And it is more than they had bargained for, all the energy Faith and Eddy have, got in the song. Eddy is pushed to the ground by Faith and she takes a step forward to put her foot between his legs, as she begins to sing ĎStop right there...í at the end of the song, Faith and Eddy are on the other side of the stage, just looking at each other.

Everybody is cheering as they walk to each other, and hug, "I warned you." Faith says. Boris and Josh both help her down from the stage, she puts her arms around both men as they walk towards the sound Ďpití.


"Now I am very curious for the ĎKeep your hat oní now." Jed says

"Donít push your luck." Faith replies rather harshly and without noticing that everybody holds their breaths, She starts looking for something to drink.

"Who wants some."

"I would like that, please." Jed says as he smiles at her, "It is nice not to be tiptoed around sometimes, but donít overdo it."

"Oke, just give me a sign when you have had enough."

"What sign would that be, kick you or something."

"That would work or a slap on the head." Josh answers.

"Yes and in your case only a big scolding would help." Faith looks at him thinkingly and adds "Or a spanking."

"I am just glad you donít live in the neighbourhood,"

"Yes thank heavens for small miracles."

CJ walks up to Faith and asks her to join her. As they walk of, CJ asks what the deal is between Faith and Josh

"As Joshís father said, if only I were family. That is basically it, if only I were related to him, none of this would sound strange to you."

CJ nods as they walk back to the group.

Faith calls out the end of the cleaning expedition, and the crew go their way, as the Presidential party walks towards their exit, Faith asks if Josh would see her to the airport monday morning.


Monday morning. At the airport.

Josh and Faith are standing outside the gate.

"Josh you really have to make sure to be nice to Donna every once in a while. Just donít overdo it."

"You better keep that gorilla of yours happy."

"Well you gave him your phone number so if I do anything stupid you will be the first to know."

"I have the feeling you passed out your number too."

"Well Josh you donít always tell me everything, so I have to have some backup."

At that moment her phone rings.

"Yes....Oke....thank you." She looks up, smiling at Josh


"They want you at the office, pronto."

"They called your phone to tell me to come to the office."

"Something about a bill going South."


"And you wonder why they called me, letís just go our separate ways and be nice to them."

They hug, and as Faith turns to the gate, Josh wonders if it will take another three years to see her again




I hope you liked.





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