"Auld Lang Syne"

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I have a month off between semesters and finally just broke out of a really
longterm relationship. Just trying to keep myself focused, so please don't
sue me. I don't work anyway, so I'd have no money to pay ya.


Saturday afternoon

CJ was sitting in her office looking over files for the next briefing. Josh
came in with his usual flare for the dramatic.
"Hey, what are you wearing tomorrow night?"
"Funny, if I didn't look up, I would've thought it was Danny standing
"Danny asks you what you're wearing to parties?"
"Yes. For some reason, his readers expect more. Or at least that's what
he's always telling me." She smiled.
"You're a fool. You know that, right? The guy's got the biggest crush on
you and you think when he asks you crazy stuff like that, that it's because
his readers expect more? CJ, wake up. He's got it bad."
"That doesn't mean I'm admitting I do, too. Right now, at this point in
time, anyway. Now go away, Joshua, because I can see that you did not come
here for work related purposes."
"Right now, huh? I guess I'll have to wait to find out what that means. As
for being here for work related reasons, I am. We can't clash. Donna says
everybody has to be on the same page when it comes to how we look."
"The guys always look like penguins. I'm the only one who gets to look
different. Ha!"
"Okay, so how are you looking different?"
"I don't know. It's like a goldish, maybe beige-ish, maybe greenish, kinda
thing. Ya know?"
"No, those colors aren't even close. I have no idea what you're talking
about. And I'm beginning to think that you're just playing with me on this.
But, you know what, I'm past the point of caring."
"Good, tell that to Danny when you report back to him. Tell him he'll have
to wait till he sees me tonight."
Josh's eyes opened wide. "How'd you know?"
"Because Danny is the only one who ever asks me that question. And because
he thinks I don't know that he's going tonight but I do know, so there. Now
get out. Don't forget to give Danny the special message."
"I missed that. What is it?"
"That I'm looking forward to seeing him look like a penguin."
"That's not funny, CJ. No man should have to dress like that. Only Bartlet
would make us. And what I really don't understand is why he's making the
Press dress like that."
"Because he only invited very few special people from the Press and they
have to fit in. Also, I suggested that Danny especially should look like
everyone else so he can really fit in with us."
"You know how Bartlet took that, right?"
"That I still like him and that it'll be easier for people to see us
together if he looks like he's with us."
"Right. You were too obvious, CJ."
"You ain't seen nothing yet, Josh, my boy. This is New Year's. I plan on
having a good year, this year."
"Bye, Josh."

Sunday night: the party

Everyone was having a good time. Luckily Bartlet kept it very small so it
had that intimate feeling to it. The members of the senior staff were
jolly, as usual, though some needed the egg nog to get them there.
CJ was keeping her eye on Danny. Trying to find the right time to talk to
him. She spotted him going into the other room by himself.
"Hey, Fishboy, uh, Penguin. How are things going tonight?" She was smiling
at him.
"This is all your fault. I would never have had to dress like this if you
didn't open your big mouth to Jed. I'm never going to forgive you." His
mouth had a serious look but his eyes were twinkling; the way they always do
when he's around CJ.
"Oh, then I guess you don't want to know how I planned on making up for it,
then, huh?" She pretended to leave.
"Wait. You're going to make up for this? How? Full details."
"Well, first I was going to have this conversation with you to tell you my
plans. So I guess I should get to those now, right?"
"Don't exasperate me, CJ. You see how I'm dressed? Get to the plans."
"Whew, you really should taste the egg nog. It might do something for your
disposition. Anyway, back to the plans. I figured at 11:58pm, you could
come over to me so that you're by my side when the ball falls. That way I
could kiss you for the New Year."
"For the real new millenium, you mean? You're gonna kiss me tonight? Here,
in front of your colleagues? Stop drinking whatever's in that cup."
"It's soda, Nimrod. Now stop making me call you names. And as for the new
millenium, to me it's just a new year and I know how I want to start it
"And that's by kissing me?"
"Yes. Tongue and all. You okay with that?"
"More then okay."
"Does it make up for the penguin suit?"
"No. Meeting you at your place after the party would, though. I have my
regular clothes in the car so I could change in the morning and no one would
"Come here." She kissed him. It had been so long since the last kiss, it
quickly grew passionate. She managed to put the cup down on the nearest
table or whatever it was. She didn't care what it was at this point. She
was kissing Danny. Boy, did this feel good! If no one came in the room,
they'd be fine.
Unfortunately, this was not to be.

"Hey, CJ, stop attacking the Press."
"Josh, it's only you." She moved away from Danny a bit.
"Yeah, I saw someone heading in here so I sent him somewhere else and saved
both of you. Ooh, I see two favors in the near future coming my way." He
smirked at the couple.
"Okay, but reasonable favors only. I'm going outside now. Danny, don't
forget the time. Oh, and yes, to the second part, too. It's a very good
way to start the new year." With that she left.
"What's that about, Danny?"
"I'm not sure myself. But I guess we'll find out, huh, Josh?"

Same night, 11:55pm

"Where's Danny? I thought he'd be hanging around you by now."
"It's too early. I told him 11:58pm and he's a stickler for punctuality.
Anyway, it's okay. That'll only give me two minutes with him hanging around
till the ball falls."
"You're a very confusing person. I don't know how he puts up with you."
"Because, Josh, you said it yourself. He's got a crush on me."
"And you on him, so don't try to play yourself."
"I'm not. When'd you get so up on the street lingo?"
"I'm more with it then you think."
"You just blew with the 'with it' comment. Now leave. He's coming."
"I gotta go find Donna anyway."

"Danny, hey. You didn't forget." She felt excited but a little nervous at
the same time.
"Forget that you're going to tongue kiss me at the bewitching hour? And
that we're going to make love when this so-called party is over? Never!"
"Good. That means you paid attention when I was talking to you. Sometimes
you don't and it's quite aggravating."
"Uh-huh. I know the feeling. Listen, they're starting the count down."

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Happy New Year! The strands of Auld Lang Syne
played while CJ and Danny were bringing in the new year their own way.
Promises of new beginnings in that one kiss. Knowing they would be in each
other's arms later that night and many nights afterward.

Leo was staring at them as they continued to kiss.
"Are they gonna come up for air or what?"
"Yeah, eventually." Jed answered with a smile.
"You know what this means?"
"That CJ is getting a kiss for New Year's. It's harmless. She knows the
'conflict of interest' thing. She's heard it so many times from so many
people. Don't worry."
"They're gonna die from lack of oxygen."
"Impossible. The lungs will naturally let the body know when it needs the
oxygen supply replenished."
"You are a nerd, you know that? Josh was right." He kidded his good
"Look, Leo, they finally stopped. Aren't you happy now?"
"Yes, I am." He was trying to seem stern, but he was smiling too much.

"Danny, Leo's on his way over. Just follow me home when the party's over,
okay? I can't wait."
"Me, neither. CJ?"
"It's not just a one night stand. Okay? I want this as much as you do."
She whispered. "Now leave me alone."
"Danny, happy New Year's to you. That red face of yours seems to match your
hair tonight. Give me a few minutes with CJ, will ya?"
"I was just leaving anyway. The magic is over." He smirked at CJ.
"CJ, about the kiss. What the hell were you thinking?"
"That it's New Year's and that it would be nice to bring it in by kissing
someone I like and who likes me."
"It was a long kiss. In front of everybody."
"I know. I thought about this a great deal before I did it. Only the
length of the kiss was undetermined beforehand. I would say that it ended
up being a little long because we like each other."
"And now? What's gonna happen?"
"I finish the rest of the party and go home."
"Okay, without getting all kinds of fuzzy images in my head, please tell me
that you're not taking Danny home with you."
"I'm not taking Danny home with me."
"Okay. The words coming out of your mouth don't really match the expression
on your face, but okay."
"Leo, what are fuzzy images?"
"Ones of you and Danny or, quite frankly, you and anyone in the kind of
embrace like the one I just witnessed. That leads to other kinds of fuzzy
images which Idefinitely do not want in my head." He was wiping his
forehead as if he were sweating.
"Leo, what, like images of Danny and I making love? Oh, let's see, there's
my place and his and the beach and both of our cars." Under any other
circumstances, she would have been treading water, but here it was just
harmless teasing.
"Oh, geez, CJ, why'd you go and do something like that? I can tell by the
kool-aid smile and the teasing hint in your voice that you're not serious
but now I have those images in my head." He started walking away. "I need
"I don't have any."
"CJ, just tell an old man that you're kidding."
"About the aspirin?"
"You know what I'm talking about."
"I would never talk about my sexual exploits, Leo."
"I know that. Now, about you and Danny, tell me that you're kidding."
"I'm kidding. We kissed tonight for New Year's. None of that other stuff
has happened." Yet, but you don't need to know that.

Same night: at the end of the party

"Well, good night, Everyone. Now go home quickly and get some rest. I
expect to see you all wide eyed and bushy tailed first thing in the
morning." He looked at his watch. "Which gives you all just a few hours to
get some sleep." He looked at CJ and then at Danny.
A chorus of 'Good night, Sir.' filled the room. CJ went to get her wrap.
"CJ, you going home?"
"Yes, Sir, I'm going home."
"And Danny?"
"Danny's going home, too."
"But you're not going home together?"
"No, Sir. We both have our own cars."
"I could take that a number of ways, young lady."
"Good night, Sir."
"Bright eyed and bushy tailed in just a few short hours, CJ."
"Yes, Sir. I will be."
"I don't doubt it." The President was smiling a bit and shaking his head as
he walked away.

CJ arrived at her apartment with only minutes to spare before Danny got
"Hey, come in. Give me your jacket." He did as she asked but grabbed her
for a kiss at the same time.
"I figured you seemed to like it so much at the party."
"I did. Slow down a bit, okay?"
"No." He took his jacket back, draped it over the doorknob and grabbed CJ
closer to him. I get to kiss you, undress you, taste you...I get to do
everything I've ever dreamed of because it's New Year's and you want to
bring in the year right." He was already unzipping her.
"Did I say all that?" She brought his tie up over his head while they
slowly moved across the living room floor. She was working on unbuttoning
the shirt in between kisses. "Do you want anything to drink?"
"Later. I'll be very thirsty later."
She stepped out of her dress which was now slumped on the floor.
"I could show you my bedroom, if you'd like." She was unfastening his belt
to rid him of his pants.
"Show me anything you want." He held her steady to enable her to free
herself of the pantyhose.
"There's not much left to take off, so let's go in here." They were now
outside her bedroom.
Danny grabbed her to continue the kissing. "You can lead me while we do
this. Don't stop."
She did stop, though. She looked at him firmly in the eye. "I don't intend
to stop, but we don't have to go fast just so that I don't have a chance to
change my mind. I'm not going to because I want to make love with you."
Another kiss.
"I was hoping you'd say that."
"I thought I did when I said it wasn't going to be a one night stand."
"Yeah. I just..."
"You figured I'd lose my nerve after both Leo and Jed talked to me, didn't
"Yeah. I'm sorry if I underestimated how much you want this...me."
"It's okay. I can understand why you might think that. But I'm not backing
out. Now let's go into the bedroom or you're going to make me take action
right here in the hallway."
Carrying her to the bed, he gently laid her down with himself on top of her.
He was having trouble believing this was actually happening. "CJ, is this
"Very real, Danny. By now, there should only be one thing between us."
Smiling, he put the condom on and resumed kissing her. Slowly lowering
himself into her, they celebrated with passion the coming of the new year
and all the possibilities that came with it.