Disclaimer: CJ/Danny story, the characters are not mine. They belong to
Aaron Sorkin, et al. They just cross my mind during my disgusting
statistics class. That's where I came up with this story so far. Comments
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now? That's right! Stats class! Hope ya like it so far.

CJ had been feeling tired lately and a little queasy. Danny had noticed
but not said a word at first. Watching her now, standing at the podium, she
looked pale and her face was drawn. He told himself that she had every
right to look like that because she was still having nightmares on occasion.
"Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen. That's all for now." CJ was fast
in leaving the room. Danny figured he didn't miss anything of major
importance while he was lost in thought because she would not have left a
hot topic for last.
As the red haired reporter made his way to the office of his favorite
Press Secretary, he began to worry that maybe there was something really
wrong with her. He thought back to the last two months.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The shooting was a horrible ending to a strange day. It had begun
with an argument with CJ as usual. Another one just before going to the
Newseum. The only ray of light was that his listing of all the newspapers
he worked at was a turn on to her. Then came the whack upside his head.
She made it clear she was being nice to him by giving him an olive branch
about the space shuttle with Toby's brother aboard. The meeting was over.
Everyone was leaving. Then all hell broke loose. There were sounds of
gunfire and screaming. People were trying to escape an enemy they couldn't
see - one who wasn't supposed to be there. Someone was slacking up on the
job. The area was supposed to be secure. Instead, there they were running
or being pushed out of the way of the rain of bullets. Danny wondered if CJ
was out of harm's way. He went outside to find that the senior staff were
all being treated at the scene except for two, who needed to go to the
"If CJ is being treated here, then maybe I can take her home." Danny
thought. He was able to find her. She was obviously scared although she
would probably say she was fine.
"Hey, Gorgeous." Danny smiled.
"I don't feel gorgeous. I feel shaky and cold." It was a nice
evening weather-wise so this was not a good sign. Danny gathered his
courage and went to put his arms around her. To his pleasant surprise, she
practically jumped into them. They held each other as tight as they could.
" Can I take you home?"
"Yes. Danny?"
"Hmm?" She felt great.
"I'm sorry for being so mean-spirited lately."
"Don't worry about that now." Not really wanting to let her off the
hook completely, "I'm glad you're sorry." Then to soften the blow, if there
was one, "And I'm glad you're alive to tell me you're sorry."
"Please take me home." Danny found a cab to get her home. She was
unusually quiet almost the whole way. They snuggled in the back seat. She
kissed him, very softly at first. "God, should I kiss her back?" he
thought. "I don't want to be seen as taking advantage of her." He was
brought back to reality by her next kiss. A little more friendlier than the
first. "I should never have stopped kissing you, Danny."
"No, you shouldn't have." He smiled at her. They kissed several more
times until they finally got to CJ's apartment building. They held hands on
the way up. As soon as they got inside, CJ grabbed Danny for a very
passionate kiss. When they moved apart, he led her to the couch. "Do you
need anything?"
"Danny, I know what I've done...If you don't want me...." She didn't
get a chance to finish because now Danny was kissing her. As the kiss
continued, she began to unbutton his shirt. She was pulling him down with
her on the couch.
"CJ,...I'm not...looking for...a one night stand.....I'll do
anything....for you....but I have to...protect my heart." It's kind of
difficult to talk and kiss at the same time. Boy, did he love kissing her.
She pulled away a bit. "Danny, I would never ask you to do something you
didn't want to do. The fact is that I was just almost killed because of my
job. I think that entitles me to say 'Go to hell" to people who think they
can lead my life for me better than I can myself." He was surprised by the
strength of that answer. "I have wanted you for so long, CJ. I can help
you feel safe. I can help you feel loved..." Another kiss. "Can you help
me feel alive and well? Can you help me feel like the woman you've chased
shamelessly all these months? Can you help me make my dreams of making love
with you all night come true? She tried to hide her smile after that one.
"You were having dreams about us making love and you chased me away?
Doesn't that seem ironic to you?" More kissing. "I'm willing to make up
for all that from now on." Danny suddenly started grinning from ear to ear.
"Don't even think about my desk. My office is only for kissing." By this
time, Danny's shirt was on the floor. Not wanting to stop kissing, he took
her hand in his, "Show me your bedroom."
Afterward, CJ couldn't believe she had denied herself of Danny for as
long as she had. "We should have just agreed to be totally discreet." She
thought to herself. Danny touched her face. "Penny for your thoughts
unless the secret plan to fight inflation has raised it to a nickel." She
laughed. Given the events of the day, it was a beautiful sound to Danny's
ears. They began kissing again.
When the morning sun came up, neither CJ nor Danny really had much
sleep. They were caught up in the pleasures that only new lovers can
appreciate. Their passion might subside with time but for now it was making
both their dreams come true.
They were inseparable after that. He checked on her at work but no
one suspected anything because Carol had always let him bust in on CJ on a
daily basis anyway. They never spent the nights alone anymore.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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