"Will Baby Make Three?" part eleven.
Disclaimer: in part one.
Again, apologies for the brevity.

The doctor took CJ in as soon as she arrived. After a thorough examination,
he decided to keep her overnight for observation and rest. "CJ, you're not
in labor. You have a high pressure job, you don't get enough rest, you're
probably not eating well. You can't continue on like this and expect to
make it through the next two months. See what you can do to get more sleep
and make sure you eat. Try to better handle the stress of your job or I'm
going to make a request that you start maternity leave now."
"Don't do that, Doctor. It's very hard to be in the position that Danny and
I are in. I have to be able to make it as far as I can before I go on
"I understand your predicament, CJ, but I have to think of the baby, too.
Right now your daughter is letting you know that she is perfectly willing to
come early if you don't take care of yourself."
"I promise I will, Doctor."
"I'll make sure of it, Doctor. She gets more sleep then she used to, thanks
to me, but I'll make sure she gets more. The eating thing is under control.
I bring her some food at her office, so I know she's eating."
"Good, okay then, I'll stop by tomorrow morning to check you again before I
discharge you. If anything happens before that, the nurses will call me and
I'll be right here. Rest."
With that he left.

Danny sat on the bed and hugged her. "How you doing?"
"You know all this time, I've been waiting for something bad to happen.
And, as much as you tell me that nothing will, I'm still waiting. I'm so
scared, Danny. What if that's what's hurting the baby and not the job? I
could be bringing on the very thing that I don't want to happen." She was
crying now and he didn't know if words would help. He started kissing her
hair and caressing her. She moved her face towards him. They kissed softly
and he went back to holding her. "I assure you that nothing will happen to
our baby because of the decision you made while you were in college, CJ.
God doesn't work like that. But, you are right, all the worrying that
you've been doing is very stressful. It's not good for her."
"I know. I'm trying very hard to relax." She looked at him and wiped her
face. "We're almost there. We know we're having a girl. We've got her
name and her godparents. Leo says I can take my leave whenever I need it.
All I have to do is last another two months and have this baby."
"I can think of one more thing for us to do. Marry me, CJ, this weekend."



Will Baby Make Three? - 12




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