"Will Baby Make Three?" part thirteen.
Disclaimer: in part one.

Back at the While House, the senior staff was very surprised to see that CJ
had arrived for work.
"Stop staring. Didn't anyone ever tell you it's not polite?"
"But you're back to work. Why?"
"Because I heard that I still work here. Anymore brilliant questions?"
"No, I just figured that you should be at home and resting, ya know?"
"Yeah, I know. I'm leaving early. Josh, I need to ask you and Donna
"Yo, Donna!"
"Don't 'yo' me and don't yell, I'm not deaf."
"Just come in here, will ya?"
"I'm here. What do you want?"
"It's actually me that wants something, Donna."
"You? CJ, what is it?" Donna suddenly looked concerned.
"Relax. Danny and I would like you both to be our witnesses."
Josh stood up quickly and excitedly. "You're finally getting married!"
CJ just stared at him. "Finally?"
"Oh, uh, ummm, I mean, you're getting married. That's great! When? Donna,
you're gonna do this with me, right?"
"If she still wants us to after that reaction." she teased him.
"Of course, I do. Anyway, I have two more months before I have the baby so
now is the perfect time for us to get married.... not finally, Joshua." She
rubbed her hands together. "The thing is that we want to do it tonight.
We'll use the weekend as our honeymoon and come back to work on Tuesday.
Are you both available tonight?"
"Well, Josh was going to spring for dinner tonight, but we'd much rather be
at your wedding."
"Very funny, Donna, I do not take you to cheap places. We go to places full
of ambiance."
"Cheap." Donna retorted.
"We're available, CJ, just let us know the details." Josh spoke to CJ but
was making a face at Donna.
"Very mature. I'll fill you both in later. Thanks."

CJ went to speak to Leo about her plans. "Leo, I'm going to be leaving a
little early today."
"What are you doing here anyway? I heard you spent the night in the
"I did, but only for observation. I won't be here on Tuesday, either." She
sat down.
"Fine. Why?"
"Danny and I are getting married tonight. We'd like a long weekend." She
looked down at her hands. She knew Leo had been remarkably considerate of
their relationship since she announced her pregnancy. Was she pushing her
luck with this?
"Where's the wedding?" Leo was looking closely at her.
"We don't know yet. We just know that it's tonight. We already did the
blood tests and got the license so that we could just do this before the
baby comes."
"You know, you could get married here. Then just go home or somewhere for
the weekend."
"Are you serious? Because if you're not, now is probably not the best time
to be toying with me." She was smiling even though she was trying to sound
"Have you ever known me to joke around with things like this, CJ? Get
married here. I'll set it up. I assume you have your witnesses and I'm
sure Danny won't mind doing it here. It's less of a hassle then trying to
find somewhere at the last minute. What do you say? Call Danny and get his
opinion." She was just staring at him. "Come on, CJ, get to it. Call him
so I can do this."
"You're glad we're getting married?"
"Because it's before the baby, right?"
"Yeah." He looked at her. "CJ, you know how I am. I'm not gonna change
now and I make no apologies."
"Okay, Leo, honestly is a good thing."
"No cracks, I don't feel comfortable being mean to you lately."
She called Danny to let him know what had transpired between her and Leo and
that Josh and Donna were available.
"Sounds good to me. I guess that means we should do it at the end of the
day so some friends can be there, huh?"
"No, we can do it whenever the person is available and then we can leave."
"Leo, it's fine with us."
"Great. I'll set it up."



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