"Will Baby Make Three?" part fourteen.
Disclaimer: in part one.

CJ did the next few press briefings. Sam had done the first one and he
would do the ones that remained once CJ and Danny left. She was always glad
when they kept Josh out of the Press Room. When she got back to her office,
there was a message to call Leo.
"Leo, CJ here."
"CJ, come on over and bring your entourage. We can do this now. The
earlier, the better, according to the President."
"We'll be right over."
She called Danny, then Josh. She was finding it a little hard to believe
that everything was going so smoothly.

When she arrived at Leo's, he directed her to the President's office. Mrs.
Landingham offered a cookie. "No, thank you, I don't think I should talk
with cookie in my mouth."
"I just figured you could use the sugar boost but I guess you're going on
pure adrenaline now." She winked at her.
"Yes, I think I am. Is anyone else in there?"
"Danny, Josh and Donna. The guys took a cookie."
CJ laughed. "I think I'll still pass."

She wasn't sure who would be performing the ceremony but really didn't care
at this point...as long as it was legal and quiet. Danny came over to hug
her. "We're going to have to kiss in front of your boss." He had a
mischievous twinkle in his eye.
"And it's going to be very respectful, Daniel, due to the fact that we both
still work here."
"I love teasing you. You're so easy."
"Shut up." She poked him.
"Hey, no abusing the husband on the wedding day. You save that for every
day after." Abby came over to them and hugged them both.
"Well, is everyone ready? We have a baby who's waiting for her parents to
get married so she can be born. Oh, stop with the looks. That's just my
humble opinion." The President spoke with great flare. "Okay, let me try
this again. We have two people very much in love who have come together to
be married. I'm sure they can wing their vows, they both communicate for a
living. So let's go!"

After the ceremony, Danny kissed CJ very lightly on the lips. "Well, Mrs.
Concannon, are you ready to go?"
"Absolutely. Thank you, everyone, for your love and support. We could not
have gotten this far if you hadn't been so understanding. We'll see you all
Tuesday." CJ had tears in her eyes.
"Thanks, again." Danny added as he was leading her out the door.
"CJ, take a cookie with you. Congratulations to you both." Mrs. Landingham
hugged them both hard. "You deserve some down time."
"Thanks, can I have another cookie?" Danny was using his best charm on her.
"Only because you just got married and nobody even knew about it till it was
about to happen and you'll have to wait for a present."
"You wouldn't be considering the cookie a present, now would you?" He was
teasing her but he still moved further back away from her, just in case.
She could still reach him.
"Don't hurt him too much, Mrs. Landingham, we're going on our honeymoon
right now." CJ was laughing.
"No, the cookie is not a present but it will be the last one you get. Go
have fun."

They left to start their honeymoon in Virginia Beach. It would be cold but
isolated and they fully intended to cherish the isolation.




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