"Will Baby Make Three?"
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CJ and Danny thoroughly enjoyed their honeymoon.  They were able to be alone and yet go outside to the beach without wondering who was lurking trying to get a picture.  They felt relaxed and ready for the next few months.  Eventually things would come out and they were going to come up with a plan for when it did.
"Hey, CJ, welcome back."  Josh greeeted her with a hug.  "The honeymoon went well, I presume.  You're glowing."
CJ blushed.  "We had a good time.  What'd I miss?"
"What, you didn't watch television?  What could you possibly spend three days doing without including television?"  He smirked.  He loved how easy it was for him to get her to blush.  Painfully easy.
"Shut up, Joshua.  Fill me in."
That he did.  She didn't miss much with the exception of some reporter wondering why Danny was always helping CJ whenever she was in trouble and why he seemed to worry about her more then the other reporters did.  He also seemed to notice that when CJ was absent lately, so was Danny.  He wondered aloud during a briefing if there was a connection.  Sam quickly told them that there was no connection to Superman and Clark Kent here but that didn't seem to sway the reporter any. 
They knew there would be trouble because this particular person was not too fond of Danny.  He was a new reporter and wasn't used to CJ's approach yet so at times he took offense at her jokes when they were meant to be harmless. 
"If he doesn't appreciate my sense of humor, then he definitely wouldn't appreciate Danny's."  CJ was trying to make light of it but she was nervous.  They weren't ready to come out yet. 
"You should talk to Leo.  Maybe you and Danny should come out preemptively.  Don't wait for this guy to do it.  Don't let him take your power, CJ."
"I won't."  With that she left for Leo's office.
"Helluva welcome back, huh, Kid?"  Leo hugged her quickly.  "Congratulations, again.  What are you going to do?"
"That's why I'm here.  What are your thoughts?"
"Do it.  You gotta come out first.  We'll deal with the repercussions later but you gotta come out first.  Have Danny there with you.  Look like a united front.  Make a grand admission to the world that you got married on Friday.  Don't look as nervous as you do now.  They'll eat you alive."
CJ went back to her office and called Danny.  He wasn't there but his friend Dana said she'd have him call CJ back.  Suddenly Carol came into her office with a worried look on her face.
"They said Danny almost beat somebody up."
"Oh, no.  That's not going to make things any better."  CJ was flying out of the office to get to the Press offices.  Upon arrival, she found Danny there with Dana.  She seemed to be trying to comfort him and keep him calm.  When CJ reached him, he immediately began to apologize. 
"I know it was stupid."  He was holding his head in his hands.
"Yes, it was.  Our plan was not to attack the first person who asked.  It was to say that we'd get back to them.  Getting back to someone, Danny, does not involve putting fists on them."
"I know.  I'm sorry.  He made some sick crack about you and I lost it."
"Thank you, but we need to go to the next briefing and announce that we have pretty much broken all the rules concerning our particular jobs and find out what happens to us."
"CJ, I'm sorry, I didn't hit him.  I lunged at him and one of the other reporters stopped me.  He's a good friend.  He's got our back."
"Good, I'm glad.  I'm also glad that twerp doesn't have an assault case against you.  Get yourself cleaned up and be ready for the next briefing.  Come to my office when you get a chance so we can go over things."
Later in CJ's office, Danny looked much better.  She kissed him and hugged him hard.  "It's going to be okay."
"I know.  Let's get our story together."  He smiled.  "We really don't need to go over anything.  It's not like we're going to be lying out there.  Our entire personal lives are going to be on display for the world to see."
"I'm not that thrilled either."
In the Press Room, CJ and Danny were both at the podium. 
"Ladies and Gentlemen, today's not really a slow day but for a little while, we're going to be your news.  Danny and I got married on Friday.  We are expecting our baby, a girl, in two months.  We have tried our best to separate our personal lives from our professional ones and were doing very well until someone decided he didn't like Danny.  For the record, I can assure you that information passed between neither of us.  I didn't give Danny any unfair exclusives nor did he give me any unfair heads up on things about to occur.  We have kept our relationship out of the White House completely with today being the first day that it entered.  Oh, actually, just in case anybody is really good at research, we were married here on Friday, so this press release is actually the second time that our relationship has entered the White House.  If there are any questions which do not delve into our sex lives, we'll take a few."
The hands shot up.  Every reporter in the room had questions. 
"CJ, what about the conflict of interest aspect of the relationship?"
"Well, I feel that I've already answered that.  I said that neither of us gave the other any information.  Our relationship has only evolved around our personal lives.  We did not talk shop at home."
"CJ, what's going to happen now?"
"We're waiting for the birth of our baby.  We're hoping that she's healthy and has the usual ten toes and ten fingers.  Beautiful smile, even if we're the only ones who think so."
"That's not what I meant."
"I know.  I can only answer questions I know the answer to.  We'll see what the fallout is when it happens.  And with that, you know what, you guys are gonna write what you want, so I'm tired.  I'm going back to my office."





Will Baby Make Three? - 16




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