"Will Baby Make Three?"
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CJ and Danny thoroughly enjoyed their honeymoon. They were able to be alone
together with no interruptions; able to walk around relatively freely on the
beach without worrying about who was lurking trying to get a picture. So
far nothing like that had happened but it seemed to be a matter of time
before it did. They were attempting to come up with a plan of action for
when that time came.

"Hey, did you enjoy your honeymoon?" Josh was hugging her.
"Yes, we did. Did I miss anything?"
"What, you didn't watch television?" Josh had a wicked grin on his face.
"No, we didn't. Fill me in."
"Well, you didn't miss much except for some new reporter running around
wondering why Danny seems to worry about you more then the other reporters
do. He was curious about why Danny got so upset when you seemed to be ill
or emotionally drained. He mused aloud during one of the briefings about
how it was funny that lately Danny was absent when you were. Sam tried to
play it off by saying that it wasn't a case of Superman and Clark Kent but
the guy didn't seem amused. He also didn't lay off."
"Oh, God. This can't be good. Although, with no disrespect to you, I'm
glad that it was Sam in there and not you."
"Yeah, me too. Look, CJ, you gotta come out first. Don't let this idiot
take your power away from you. By the way, Leo's waiting for you."
"Thanks. I'm on my way there."

"Helluva welcome back, huh, Kid?" Leo hugged her quickly. "Congratulations
again, CJ, did you hear?"
"Yes, I did. Do you have any thoughts?"
"Come out first. Beat the little jerk at his own game."
"Just what I was thinking."
"CJ? You two gotta look like a united front. Don't look nervous like you
do now or they'll eat you alive."

CJ went to find Danny at the Press Corps offices. His friend Dana informed
her he wasn't there but she'd let him know CJ was looking for him as soon as
he returned.
Upon getting to her office, CJ was told by Carol that someone had called to
say that Danny had attacked another reporter.
"Oh, no!" She was running out of the office as fast as a seven month
pregnant woman could run.

When she got to Danny's office, Dana was trying to soothe him with
comforting words. When he saw CJ, he immediately began to apologize.
"I'm sorry, CJ, I know this isn't what we discussed." He was holding his
head in his hands.
"No, it's not. We said we were going to take things slow. We said that if
someone asked us, we'd tell them that we'd get back to them. Getting back
to them does not include laying fists on them."
"I know. He said something really disgusting about you and I lost it.
Another reporter was there and he got in the middle of us. He's a friend of
mine. He's got our backs."
"Good, I'm glad. Now you need to get cleaned up because we have to do the
next briefing. Come by my office beforehand so that we can arrive

CJ and Danny went to the Press Room together as planned. He was holding her
hand for support and it no longer mattered if anyone saw or wondered about
them. Their personal lives would soon be on display for the entire world to
see. They took their places at the podium. The reporters seemed a little
surprised that they both were up there.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, although today is not an especially slow news day, we
will, however briefly, still become a part of it. Danny and I stand here
today to tell you and everyone else, that we got married on Friday. We were
hoping to make this announcement in two months when the baby was born so
that you could all see the three of us together but those plans have been
changed. Someone decided he didn't like Danny because he beat him to a
story and that he didn't like me because I have a wry sense of humor, so
here we are. I'd like to make it perfectly clear that we never talked about
work. That may seem hard to believe but we actually have other things to
talk about. We spent a great deal of time discussing our daughter and
getting ready for her arrival. To really spell things out, Danny never gave
me any heads up on things about to occur and I never gave him any unfair
exclusives. I would never do anything to endanger national security or
destroy my reputation by doing something stupid. Neither would Danny do
anything to ruin his reputation. We have both worked hard at our jobs and
would do nothing to screw with that. This is the first time that our
relationship has entered the White House. Oh, actually, it's the second for
those of you who planned to do some more research. The first time was when
we got married here on Friday. The President knows about us and was there
when when we took our vows. The Senior Staff is also fully aware of the
extent of our relationship. If anyone has any questions which do not
directly relate to our sex life, we'll take them."
Hand shot up around the room. Everyone had a question. Probably the same
"CJ, what about the conflict of interest aspect of this whole thing?"
"I believe I answered that already. Like when I said that we never talked
shop at home. Specifically when I said that Danny didn't give me any
information and I didn't give him any information. I think that's a very
clear statement. If anyone has any questions that I haven't already
answered, we'll take them."
"CJ, what happens next?"
"Well, we're waiting for the birth of our daughter. We're hoping that she's
healthy and that she's got the usual ten toes and ten fingers. And a
beautiful smile, even if we're the only ones who think so."
"CJ, that's not what I meant."
"I know, Jack, but that's all the information I have at this time. I don't
know what's going to happen because I don't have a crystal ball. We'll have
to wait and see what happens after the story gets out. And you know what?
You guys are gonna write what you want, so let's get on with the rest of the
news. I'm getting a bit tired."

After the briefing ended, Danny walked back to the office with her.
"Do you really think that was the best approach, CJ?"
"Yes, actually, I do. I'm not going to let them take me down. If I lose my
job over this, at least I lose it with my dignity intact. I have always
been straighforward with the Press and I don't intend to stop now. At least
I'll know that I was true to myself throughout this whole mess."
"Whole mess?" Danny looked a little hurt and confused.
"I'm not talking about the relationship, Danny, I'm talking about this mess.
This little jerk who took it upon himself to make up our minds for us. He
decided when we made the announcement. We didn't. That aggravates the hell
out of me."
She slammed her hand on the desk. Danny covered it with his.
"Hey, remember what the doctor said about the baby being willing to come
early? You gotta try to relax."
"I know but he really pissed me off. I'd like to hit him, maybe I'd feel
"Hey, if I can't punch him then you can't. Also, what would it look like
for a pregnant woman to go running around assaulting a reporter at the White
"I know." She walked around to the other side of her desk and sat on the
end. Danny came over to hug her.
"We're going to be okay. You know that, right?"
"Yes, I know we will. The question is whether we'll have jobs."
"We will. My editor was totally off the hook with the news at first. He
feels that I took advantage of you when all you really needed was a friend.
I told him that I love you and that I married you because I love you and our
child. Nobody took advantage of anybody and if he wanted to fire me than he
should tell me so that I could take another job that I'd been offered.
Looking back, I should have, you know? It cuts down on the critiques."
"No, you shouldn't have. You love what you do, why should you change just
to make things easier? I admit, at first, I wanted you to, but it's not
fair. Neither of us should change jobs. People should just be mature
enough to let us handle this ourselves. Anyway, so far, the President is
behind us. He's waiting for the results from the headlines. You know,
Danny, you should write your own column about us to give it the personal
touch. It might help."
"I'm already on that. Since we're living it, it doesn't take any research
so when I get back to the office, I'll just whip it right up."
"Sounds like mashed potatoes." CJ smiled at him. She leaned in to kiss
"Are you sure you want to do this in your office, Mrs. Concannon?"
"Absolutely, Mr. Concannon. Let them watch."

The next day, CJ had newspapers piled up on her desk. The door was open.
Danny came in without knocking.
"Hey, this reminds me of that time you were looking for 'subpoena'."
"And I found it in every paper but yours."
"Because I couldn't spell it."
"Spell check works wonders. You didn't want to hurt me. You warned me and
I told you were wrong. You were kind enough not to rub it in my face that
you were right. This time I'm looking for 'scandal'." She made a face at
"You're not really gonna find it. Most of them were very kind to us."
"I know. Most. I'm waiting to find out how the public feels about it."
"Well, the fact that we got married helps us out a great deal. It
definitely makes us look good to the prudes in this country. At least she's
legitimate in their eyes now."
"Yeah. Some consolation."
"Any little bit helps."
"Look the media is being very, very nice to us. I expected a lot worse.
You think we can get through this?"
"Yeah. I've been around a long time. Most people in this business like me
and even of those who don't, I've made no major enemies."
"And what about me? Am I not charming enough?" She was teasing him and he
knew it.
"Well, they figure you were charming enough to get me. Beyond that, I have
been around longer then you have and I've made a lot of friends. Most of
the papers are going to be kind but not all of them so it's probably a good
thing that you have practically every newspaper in print in the United
"Yeah." He could tell she was too distracted for any more real
conversation. "Listen, I figure we don't have to do our joint briefing till
the end of the day. That'll give us more time to find out what Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Q are thinking."
"Spoken like a true reporter. Go away, Danny."
"Bye." He headed toward the door.
"I love you." She said without looking up from her papers.
"I love you, too." He was by the door. "And I like you very much, too,
Carol." He smiled at the assistant as he passed her. "Without your help, I
would never have gotten as far as I did." Carol just smiled at him.
"Hey, what help?" CJ's voice came from her office.
"She never stopped me from going into your office. I consider that help."
"That's because she likes you."
"And I like her. Bye, both of you." Danny leaned over Carol's desk.
"Please call me if she gets upset or anything."
"Sure thing."

CJ spent most of the morning going through the papers and consulting with
Leo. When it was time for the briefings, she just reminded them that she
and Danny would do the last briefing together. That seemed to hold them
over. That was how they worked things out for the next day or so.

"CJ, the newspapers and the public are pretty much in agreement on this
story. You and Danny are going to have to gain back the trust of the few
who don't agree but other then that you seem to have made it through."
"We do?"
"Yeah, you do. Be surprised but don't overdo it."
"Leo, I'm fine. I'm very glad that we're not on the unemployment line. As
much trouble as I had with Danny being a reporter, I think that's what saved
us. Ironic, isn't it?"
"Yeah. Listen, how have you been? The stress of the last few days has to
have gotten to you. How's the baby?"
"Fine. I spoke to the doctor today. He was worried about what he'd read in
the paper. He had his receptionist give me a call to make sure that
everything was okay. Nice, huh?"
"You seem to be rolling in nice lately. I think that wears off once the
baby is born so don't get too used to it." He smiled.
"I'm kidding, CJ, lighten up."
"Oh, okay. Yeah, that's funny, Leo."
"Go home."
"It's too early."
"You're gonna have that kid right here. Go home. Get Danny and tell him to
go home too. You two need to spend some time together that does not include
scouring newspapers. Take it from someone who knows. Go home and remember
why you married him in the first place."
"Great idea."

The last installment should be coming up...the birth, finally! Again sorry
for the delay and wish me well on my finals! Also, feedback on the story
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Will Baby Make Three? - 17




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