"Will Baby Make Three?"
Disclaimer in part one. This is part two of wherever my mind and statistics class take me. Also, in regards to the part about not being careful all the time...not reality. I am sooooo for safer sex; but this is fiction, so I figured I could get away with it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Now here he was worrying about her health.
"Go away."
"Danny, I mean it. I don't feel well."
He closed the door behind him. "CJ, have you gone to the doctor yet?"
"You know I haven't."
"Then maybe you should. We haven't exactly been careful at all times, you know. Maybe you're pregnant."
CJ's eyes opened as wide as quarters. Her mouth hung open. "Oh, my God, no!" Her hand flew to her mouth as soon as the words left it.
Danny had the saddest look on his face. "Thanks, CJ." He left the office as fast as he could. Carol looked up as he passed by. Her attention was soon brought to CJ's office. "Damnit! Damnit it all to hell!"
"CJ, what's wrong?"
"Nothing. Aren't you used to me yelling after Danny stops by?"
"Sometimes." She returned to her desk. She knew her boss wasn't going to get into anything further with her.
CJ tried to call Danny's desk but to no avail. "How can I make him understand what I meant if he avoids me?" CJ grabbed her rolodex to get her medical doctor's phone number. Even if Danny was wrong, she hadn't been feeling up to par lately and it couldn't hurt to find out what the reason was. The doctor had an opening in three days after work, or to be more precise, at 6:00 p.m. That time slot was considered after work for most people but for CJ it meant leaving work early for a change. She'd see what the doctor told her and if need be, then she'd call her OB/GYN doctor for an appointment. "I could always try one of those stick tests they advertise." she thought. "No. If I did that, I would want Danny there and that doesn't look like it's gonna happen tonight." Saddened by that thought, she decided to go talk to Danny. Looking at her watch, she quickly changed her mind. What she really needed to do right now was prepare for her next briefing. She could gauge how things were between them by his reaction to her in the Press Room.
Danny avoided her gaze at the afternoon briefing. For once, he didn't follow her back to her office but instead went straight to his. Work always helped to clear his head. "Why would she react like that? Does the thought of us making a baby repulse her that much? Who would have figured that by the way she's been all over me lately?" Danny was trying to find a positive spin for the way he was feeling but it didn't seem to be working.
Although she walked softly, he heard her coming in. He kept his face toward the laptop, pretending to be working.
"Have time to talk?"
"It's neither the time nor the place for it, so no, I can't talk."
"Can you listen?"
"Along with everyone else who comes in and out of this room. I don't think so."
"You're right. I wasn't thinking straight. Can you come by tonight?"
"I have to check my schedule but don't count on it. I have a lot of work to do."
"Avoiding and ignoring me doesn't really suit you."
"I learned from the best." That remark stung and she left as quietly as she had come. "Nice going, Danny." he chided himself.



Will Baby Make Three? - 3



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