Part three, "Will Baby Make Three?"

The disclaimer is still in part one, it hasn't gone anywhere yet.

Okay, this part may be a little sappy, I'm not sure, so comments are welcome as always.  I had a wicked virus this past week, so I think my brain was turning to mush a bit and waxing sentimental while it was at it.  Anyway, hope you like it.


She felt the tears stinging her eyes as she left Danny's office.  She needed to get to the safety of her office before anyone saw her.  Minutes later, CJ, safe and sound, sat on her couch.  Now she could cry.  The door was closed and she had told Carol not to let anyone in.  "What the hell were you thinking this morning?  Why didn't you just think first and be honest with him?" she chastised herself.  With her head still in her hands, she heard the door open.  "Carol, I told you not to let anyone in here."

"I was never good at following directions very well." Josh answered her.  Stunned, she looked up, tears still on her face.  "CJ, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, Josh, now please go away."

"See, now I know something's wrong.  You said, 'now please go away'.  Usually you just throw me out.  Today?  You're using manners.  What's up?"

"Nothing, Josh, so please leave.  I want to be alone."

"Okay, so I won't tease you about sounding like that actress.  However, I do feel the need to point out that, again, you were polite while trying to throw me out.  Now 'fess up or I'll never leave you alone."

"If I talk to you, will you leave then?"  CJ asked with a small smile.

"Of course, not to mention that we'll both feel better."

"We'll both feel better?  How does that happen?"

"You'll feel better because you talked about your problems and I'll feel better because I was the friend you talked to."  With this, he put his arms around her.  He kissed her forehead softly.  "I really hurt Danny this morning.  I said something really rotten to him and he won't talk to me now."

"CJ, you always say rotten things to Danny and he gets over his anger very quickly."  He still kept his arms around her, surprised that she was staying there for so long.  "Josh, no, I really said something horrible.  This time I don't know if he'll be able to forgive me."

"So find a way to get him to."  Josh said as he let go of her.  CJ looked at him, eyes much clearer then they had been before he came in, and soundly punched him on the arm.  "OW!  What was that for?"

"I pour my heart out and that's the advice I get?  Find a way to get him to forgive me?  Don't you think that's what I am trying to do?"

"I know you are.  CJ, much as I'd like to help you, I don't know enough about the situation to have a clear way to do that.  I gave you the best advice I could under the circumstances.  Are you in love with Danny?  Do you just love him but are not in love with him?  Do you just like him?  Have you not been honest with yourself enough to be able to answer any of these questions?  If not, then you should.  He deserves better than that.  And, by the way, Claudia Jean, so do you.  Take whatever time you need, go away somewhere by yourself, if he won't go, and think.  You look like hell lately and frankly, it's sad to see."

"Thanks, Josh, now that's what I'd call advice."  She smiled at him.  "Does your arm hurt?"  She kissed his cheek.  "I'm gonna leave after work and go to the beach.  You're the only one who knows and I want it to stay that way."

"Done.  Danny should know, but I'm sure that crossed your mind already.  As for my arm, yes, it hurts.  How am I supposed to explain this to Donna?"

"Tell her that your friend loves you and is very grateful for the time you took to help her."

"If the 'love' part gets me in trouble, you'll hear about it on Monday."

"Fair enough.  Now get out!"  Luckily, there was still plenty of time to prepare for the press briefing.  "There's always another briefing." she complained to herself.  "Being Press Secretary, you might expect that." Carol answered her.

"I know.  I just....I'm very tired.  Carol, can you make sure Danny comes back here after the briefing?  Just say that I have an exclusive for him, okay?"

"Sure, listen CJ, I want to leave after the briefing so once Danny gets here, I'll just take off, if that's all right with you."

"It's fine.  I'm leaving right after my chat with Danny."  She saw the smirk on Carol's face but chose to ignore it for the time being.

The briefing went well.  Danny was on his way back to her office.  She just needed to keep her resolve.  Her personal life was not her strong suit.  "I'm here for my exclusive.  Given that Friday is 'take out the trash' day, I can't imagine what you could possibly have to tell me."  Danny greeted her.  This was not his usual greeting so she would be just as straightforward as he had been.

"My appointment is Monday at 6:00 p.m., that's your exclusive.  If everything is fine with me medically, then I'll make an appointment with my GYN doctor and find out if we're pregnant."  She used that particular pronoun to get a reaction from him.  She did.  His eyes lit up and his face relaxed.  "We're pregnant?  Doesn't sound like the CJ from this morning."

"The CJ from this morning made a mistake and tried to rectify it but hasn't been able to yet."  She was moving closer to him the whole time she was talking.  Slowly she kissed him.  He didn't respond.  "Danny, put your arms around me and kiss me back."  She kissed him again.  This time, he opened his mouth and let her tongue in.  His hands moved around her and stroked her back, pulling her closer to him.  "You still want me." she said as he broke the kiss.  "We never had a problem with this.  We have a problem with what happened this morning and what might be happening here."  He put his hand over her abdomen, gently caressing it.  "If we're pregnant, we need to know so we can figure out what we're going to do."  CJ began trembling slightly.  "You coming over tonight?"

"No, I'm going to Baltimore Harbor to think.  We'll talk Sunday, CJ.  We both need time to think about things first."

"Okay, then I'm going to Virginia Beach.  I love the beach.  It's a great place to get my mind together."

"So, we're both going to the water to seek solace.  Better then alcohol."  He smiled a little.  He was trying to keep it light.

"Whomever finishes thinking first can join the other." she suggested hopefully.  "I'm really sorry for what I said this morning."

"I'll probably join you in Virginia.  The beach offers more solitude than the Harbor does.  Sunday, then."  He turned to leave.  "Danny?"  He moved back to her and kissed her before again turning to leave.  "That's sweet, but actually I was going to ask you something."  She held onto his hand, hoping he didn't sense her fear.  "I need to know where you stand on the abortion issue."  Danny almost jumped out of his skin.  "She doesn't even know if she's pregnant and she's asking my opinion on abortion!" he thought to himself.  "I'm pro-choice.  I believe in a woman's right to choose."  She seemed to give a sigh of relief.  "I would, however, like to be consulted first."  With that he left.  CJ realized she had made yet another mistake.



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