"Will Baby Make Three?" part eight.
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CJ and Danny arrived at the restaurant very early. She really wanted to get everything done and still have time to go to the beach before they left. Check out time was noon so that gave them time to eat and do the test before they departed the motel.

She ordered her usual breakfast of non-descript food and coffee. "I'll have the same."
"Danny, you don't have to do that. I don't eat the best tasting breakfasts lately. Why torture yourself?"
"Because there are only so many ways that I can join in your pregnancy. Eating the same foods is one of them." He smiled as he took her hand. "Pretty soon we'll know for sure if you're pregnant or if you just like eating weird food."
"You sure you want to do the test while we're here?"
"Yes. CJ, I'm a very nice person."
"I know that. Okay, we'll do it."
"Thanks." With that, he let go of her hand. They had to be careful in public.

They made it through breakfast quickly enough and were able to find the nearest drugstore. All that was left was to do the test accurately. They both read the instructions. One can never be too careful! CJ started to become anxious. "It'll be fine." Danny assured her. "I have my trusty stop watch ready to go off in one minute so we don't let it sit there too long. Come on." His encouragement was very sincere and she knew it. "Okay, here we go." She began to feel a slight panic as she let him know to start the watch. Walking into the bathroom, he wrapped his arms around her from behind and moved both their hands to her belly. "Soon, we'll know for sure." He was kissing her neck and nibbling on her earlobe to pass the time. This was definitely not how the minute of waiting had gone so many years before.
"It's time. What color is it?"
"Pink is good, that's what the instructions said." Danny was turning her around to face him.
"That's not exactly what they said." She was smiling. Things were going so much better for her this time around.
"Oh, really, you mean when I read 'Pink means pregnant' it wasn't the company's way of saying 'Danny, you're going to be a father'?" he teased her.
"No, but I'm glad you're taking it so well." He knew what she meant by that. He wrapped his arms around her. "Are you taking it well, too, CJ?"
"Yes." They kissed. Danny led her outside to the room. Sitting her down on the end of the bed, he knelt on the floor as if genuflecting. Taking her hand in his, he began to speak.
"CJ,..." He didn't get the chance to go any further. She knelt down in front of him on the floor. "Danny, don't do this yet." She kissed him.
"Why, because I...?" She kissed him again. "No, because you're only doing it because I'm pregnant. I want you to do it some time in the future when you really mean it. I want to know that when you propose to me, it's from your heart and the only reason you're doing it is because you really picture us together for the rest of our lives." She kissed him again. They were sitting on the floor now. "I'm not saying I'll never marry you, I'm just saying that now is not the right time." This time Danny kissed her. "You are a very considerate person, but what about the baby?"
"What about her? She'll be a Concannon. Your name will be on the birth certificate as the father. We don't have to be married just for the baby. We'll be married because it's right for us and the baby. And, you know what? We'll both know when that time is. Okay?"
"Okay." He put his hand on her cheek, sliding it until it was in her hair, then pulling her closer to him. Softly his lips touched hers. The kiss was intensifying as he slowly lowered them to the floor. She was beneath him before they broke apart. "The floor's hard." He began kissing her again; then rolled them both over so now she was on top of him. "Better?" Not wanting to stop, she just mumbled, "Much."

After they checked out, CJ and Danny went to the beach. They should be able to relax a bit before going back to their lives. "It'd be nice to see Patrick again, too." CJ thought. As it turns out, she was in luck. Patrick and Shannon were there. When he saw them approach, he started jumping up and down. "You are so big!" He grabbed her hand so she could play with him. Shannon apologized for his outburst, even though Danny was laughing at her. "He's just never seen any woman as tall as you are before, CJ, I'm very sorry."
"It's okay, Shannon, I didn't think he came across too many six foot women in his lifetime." She smiled at her. Danny was still laughing, but more to himself now. Patrick turned his attention to him. "Hey, come play with us. CJ likes you, so you play, too."
"Sure, kid, for a little while, then we're gonna walk a bit before we leave." He looked at CJ who nodded her head in agreement.

Later, as they were walking along the beach, she seemed very quiet. "Danny, we're going to have to tell people eventually."
"I know. I figured we could wait till the doctor tells us everything is okay with the baby, and make the announcement to everyone at once. Then, we make a run for it while their mouths are still open." He squeezed her hand, while smiling at her.
"Well, the running part sounds good." She looked scared. He put an arm around her. "Things'll work out. It won't be easy, but it'll work out...somehow." he kissed her quickly on the mouth.
"Danny, be careful."
"I know. Let's go home."

On Monday morning, CJ began the 8:00 a.m. briefing. "Good morning, again, Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats." Looking directly at the camera, she said, "I'd like to begin by saying 'hello' to a special friend I met over the weekend. Patrick, I hope you remembered to watch. Thank you for being my friend at the beach. Now you know what those letters on the shell mean." Returning her attention to the task at hand, "And, now back to business..." She looked in Danny's direction. He was smiling at her. "That kid really got to her." he mused.

Later, in her office, she told him he didn't need to go with her to the medical doctor. "He's just going to give me a referral slip to the OB/GYN. His receptionist is a friend of mine and she already got me an appointment for Saturday. You can go to that one with me." He was standing next to the door. She walked over to him with a sly grin on her face. Putting one hand on the door behind him and the other around his waist, she kissed him deeply. "Want to meet me at home after the appointment? I could make it worth your while." They kissed again, content in the knowledge that no one could walk in on them.
"Who could pass up an invitation like that? I'll be there." One last kiss and he was off.

Saturday seemed to come very quickly. Before either of them could believe it, it was time for her appointment. They arrived about fifteen minutes early to fill out any paperwork the doctor might need. The office was actually a suite consisting of several doctors. CJ's doctor would then refer her to the one who did sonograms. Danny got very excited about being able to see their baby before it was born. "Don't you think that's so cool, CJ?"
"Yes, I do. You ready? It looks like the nurse is coming for us."

She was in perfect health except for the nausea from the pregnancy. The doctor did tell her, however, that she should get more sleep than she does. She promised she would try to. "CJ, you'll be able to have the sonogram today, if you're ready to."
"Oh, she's ready." Danny answered for her.
"It's nice to see two people so excited." CJ looked at Danny and squeezed his hand.
"Doctor, I'd like a picture of the baby printed out, if you don't mind." It was Danny speaking again.
"It's my pleasure."

The sonogram went well. CJ was nine weeks pregnant. She had most likely conceived the night of the shooting. The doctor gave her the printout of the baby and wished them both well.

Danny was floating on air as they left the office. "Earth to Danny. Earth to Danny. Check in anytime you feel like it, Danny." She tugged on his arm.
"Huh, yeah, I'm fine. Isn't it great? She looks so perfect...and she's ours." He grabbed her and spun her around.
"Danny, be careful. People might become interested in us and recognize us." she warned him. "Let's just go home to celebrate."

That Monday at work, Danny and CJ still seemed to be floating. People started wondering what was going on. Only Josh had the nerve to ask CJ. "What's up?"
Looking over her glasses at him, "What's up with what? I'm very busy, Josh."
"You're so happy. Why?"
"The last time you came in here and asked me what was up, I was crying my eyes out. You gave me great advice. Now, I'm happy and you're still asking me the same question. Make up your mind, Joshua, you want me to be sad or happy?" He knew she was teasing him.
"Claudia, Jean, I want you to be happy, of course. Now, I also recall telling you to think about your feelings for Danny. He is very happy, as well. And I wondering if you guys are being happy together?" She could tell by his eyes that he wasn't just poking fun at her. He was trying his best to just be her friend without too much intrusion into her personal life.
"Yes, Josh, if you can keep your mouth shut, we're being happy together. On the other hand, if you can't keep your mouth shut, I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about and I need to get back to work." She was smiling now.
My lips are glued. I'm happy for you guys. Good luck and I'm here for you anytime you need me."




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