Title: In Love With the Other Party 7a/?
Author: Leanna
Pairing: Sam/Ainsley
Rating: PG to PG-13
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Thanks: Gigi for telling me to get my ass in gear. Love ya!
Feedback: Good. Great. Wonderful


Four days after the tabloid photo appeared

Ainsley's POV


The last four days have been the roller coaster from hell.
Sam has been far too good to me. I run my hands over the cool leather
binding of his journal. Far too good.

After that photo appeared...
Day 1

"Oh my God." The words echo around my empty apartment as I
take in the sight before me. My lunch with Sam and the boys in the
Enquirer. Sam and I engaged in a kiss. Shit. There goes my
credibility, his credibility and any chance Mac had of keeping her
kids out of the public eye, as well as herself. Dammit.
Time to face the music. Up the steps, through the foyer, down
a lot of steps, into the safety of my office. Oh, wait, not so safe.
"Why didn't you tell us Ley?" Mac and Donna are giving me
this look. The wounded/angry look.
I try to force the words out. `I had to talk to him first. I
had to make sure it was okay. It's not that I didn't trust you...' But
they won't come. They're stuck in my throat and all that comes out
is, "I...I don't, I mean I..." God, from the way I sound I've got GUILTY
stamped across my forehead. Mac and Donna get up to leave.
"If you figure out what you want to say, call us." The door
shuts quietly behind them. I sit down at my desk and put my head in
my hands. Tears threaten to burn angry paths down my face, but I
won't let them. I have to be strong. I need to be strong...I'm not
leaving my office all day. I'm not that strong.
Day's over and I'm leaving the office. The safety of my car
is only about a hundred meters away. Just get in and get home. Just
make it home. Loud shouts reach my ears.
"Miss Hayes! Miss Hayes! How does it feel to have your life
in the tabloids? Have you anything to say regarding the allegations
of certain high-profile people who are talking about, and I
quote "The Republican is using her ample charms to seduce her way to
the top"?" I start to run. Charms? What the hell? I dress
conservatively, I'm a natural blonde.
I get in the car and drive.
I'm home. Thank God. I'm going to have a good night's sleep
and in the morning I'll try to stop avoiding Sam. It was sheer luck
that I didn't bump into him today. God knows he tried. Six different
phone messages, but he was stuck in a meeting almost all day.
I crawl under the covers and dream.

"Ainsley? We need to talk." Oh, good. Craig's back from the game.
Wonder how it went?
"We're over."
"You heard me. Over. Did you think I wouldn't find out? A
Republican. God. I mean, when I first picked you up, you let me fuck
you. Well, you were a little drunk. But I kept you—You were an okay
lay. That was when I thought you were a Democrat. You're not though.
You're a Republican, a filthy Republican. Get the hell out of my
house. Go!"
Oh, shit. I'm drenched in sweat and the sheets are bunched
around my ankles. He didn't quite say it like that but that was the
gist of it. So my motto became `Always date Republicans'. It was
safer. What about Sam? Is he like Craig? Is he hiding it because of
the President's new kick of `Bipartisanship?' Well, I won't get hurt
again. I have to end it. Doesn't matter if he's another Craig or not.
I can't let my self get hurt again. I don't think I could bear it.
The decision made, she drifted back to sleep.

Day 2

End of another work day. End of the cold shoulders, the
veiled insults and the hurtful words of the press. And another
successful day of avoiding Sam. I am sure he'll stop by tonight. I'll
have to tell him then. Or ignore the knock.
Home at last. Ignore the knock it is. I'm going to relax, take a
bath, crawl into bed and—
"Ainsley! Open this door Ainsley! I know you're there. Please! Open
the door!"
Sam. Now or never. Brace yourself Ainsley, the tide's about
to break.
"Leave me the hell alone Sam!" Come in, please, I need you. "It's all
you fault!" It's not your fault, it could never be your fault. "I
don't need this on top of everything else!" No, I just want it so
badly it hurts. I yearn for it.
"What are you talking about?" The end of a beautiful thing. "Ainsley
I love you!"
Love you too. With all my heart. Forever. "Fuck you Sam!
You're deluded." If that's the case I want to be deluded too. Our own
private fantasy. Safe. "Go away, and leave me alone!" Please don't
go. Please.
A pause. "If that's the way you want it." I want you yell
that I'm out of my mind. That I love you so much. But I can't. The
pain of old is looming. Don't let it fall on you, Ainsley. "We're
strangers at work and out, if that's the way you want it." Strangers?
I don't want to be strangers. Never strangers. "Goodbye." Finality.
The wave breaks. His footsteps echo down the hall as the door to the
building slams and a car tears away from the curb. I slide down the
door and sob. How come it hurts as much, if not more, as Craig? This
isn't right. I need him, I love him.

What have I done?






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