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Rating: PG

Title: Bring It On

Category: general, new characters

Short Summary: the fight to retain the Bartlet Presidency

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Bring It On

By DallasSteele

Part 1 -  Prelude to War

It had been two weeks since the President had addressed the nation about the MS situation; the uproar was getting louder every day. The special prosecutor was being named that day. Jed Bartlet was pacing in his office with Leo and Oliver Babbish watching.

"Jed if you don't calm down I'm going to call Abbey, We don't need you stressing yourself in to an episode." Leo said

"I wish that we had some sort of hint as to who this damn special prosecutor was going to be. Oliver you're positive that you have no knowledge of whom it could be? If my theory is right it can be only one person in this whole country that hates my guts so much that he would take this in a heartbeat. Leo you know who don't you? " Jed looks at his best friend.

"He wouldn't do that surely. Jed, it would be political suicide if he lost this case. On the other hand it would hand him any office he wanted in the future " Leo states

"Would someone please tell me who this person is so I can be the judge here, " Oliver states.

"Mr. President, it's time " Charlie turns up the volume on the television set in the office.

"I am pleased to announce that Jonathan Parker has been name to head the special prosecution team investigating..." Jed turns off the set

"Damn it all to hell! "

"Oliver this is the worst man that could have chosen for this. Jonathan Parker is the soon to be ex husband of Abby's niece. He has had held a grudge against this family since his wife sued him for divorce on abuse charges. He swore vengeance against her, Abbey and the president. He is a real hot shot DA from Texas and he would love to have this feather in his cap." Leo answers

"I think that this is going to work in our favor gentlemen, he has a past hatred of the President right?" Oliver questions as the men nod in the affirmative. " We can turn this into our favor, he might be just the right man for the job. Tell me about the abuse charges, I need to know everything that we can use against him to turn the public against him. We have a goal gentlemen. I will be in my office if you need me Mr. President." Oliver rises from the couch and heads toward the door.

As he enters the office his assistant, Diane tells Oliver that he has a visitor in his office. He enters and in the shadow she is standing with her back turned towards him.

"I know that SOB of an ex husband of mine is gunning for Uncle Jed. I also know that you need all the help that you can get right now Mr. Babbish, my name is Kari Anne Parker. I want to help in any way that I can. I hold a degree in civil law from SMU and have been legal counselor for three major corporations in the state of Texas. I may not know much about what is practiced here in DC but I am a quick study and a valuable research tool for you if you will let me." Kari emerges from the shadows extending her right hand. They shake hands and Oliver motions for her to sit down.

"Does your uncle and aunt know that you are here Kari?"

"Not right yet. I haven't had time to get a hold of Abbey. My schedule has been too full; transplanting three children under the age of 10 is not an easy project. I needed to find housing so when I go to face Jonathan my children are safe. They are my main concern. I don't need them hurt by him again. If it is necessary at sometime in the future to get protection for them I'm sure Jed will be happy to provide it." Kari states. Oliver notices a small scar running down the cheek of the young woman. " This scar is a souvenir of what he is capable of doing when he gets mad. I only wish that I had been able to give out some sort of punishment for the pain he caused. He was sentenced to anger management classes and had to pay all the doctor bills. He got out of the charges by pulling in all sorts of favors across the state. Jed was furious he wanted to kill him for all the pain that he caused me and the kids." Kari takes a sip from the glass of water on the table.

"Welcome to the Bartlet defense team Ms. Kari Anne." Oliver gets up and walks her to the door." There is an empty office upstairs that I will make sure is available for your use. If you will leave a list of supplies that you need I will make sure that they are here tomorrow for you to start work." Kari smiles and shakes his hand again as she leaves the office and heads towards the West Wing to see Leo and the rest of the senior staff.

As she enters the West Wing, Kari notices that Josh and Donna were arguing over what pizza to order for it was going to be a long night with all this work to do for the president.

"Just get a supreme." Kari says passing by.

"Who the hell is that?" Josh yells at Sam

"I am calling security" Sam goes back in his office and grabs his phone.

"Hey Margaret is Leo in?" Kari asks his assistant.

"Who are you if I might ask?"

"The name is Kari Anne Parker. I'm Abbey's niece from Texas."

Leo sticks his head out the door " My God, Kari what in .?"

"And hello to you Leo McGarrey. Are you free for dinner tonight, I kinda need to talk before seeing Abbey and Jed. Yea, I know that I have been lax in the letter writing department, but when I heard that Jon was to be the special prosecutor I knew that I had better get my ass in gear and get ups here ASAP. The past week has been a complete blur with getting housing and the boys settled in school but it is all done. I have also made myself available to Counselor Babbish, I am now on the defense team." Kari hugs Leo

"Where have the years gone? The last I heard you were working on the Exxon/Mobile merger young lady" Leo grabs Kari by the arm as the senior staff and two security guards enters his office. " Gentlemen everything is just fine this is Jed and Abbey's niece Kari Anne Parker. Josh she is the ex wife of Jonathan Parker and she is on our side." Leo states to the staff.

"Welcome to the madhouse of the West Wing." CJ shakes her hand.

"I can't believe that Abbey didn't tell us that you were coming, she does know doesn't she Kari?"

"With all that I had to do in the last week I haven't gotten in touch with her or Jed. I really need to speak to Leo for a while and I am starving cause I missed lunch." Kari's stomach growls at the time. Leo and Kari get to a small pub and order some dinner.

"Does any of this concern Jed and his medical records Kari? If it does then it is best not to talk about it without a lawyer present." Leo warns her.

"Nope this is about Jon and his wanting to become the governor of the state of Texas. You know that this is a great steppingstone for a man with the ego that size. Oliver is getting me an office so I can help you with this fight. I have to get my computer set up with all the files I downloaded this past week. Oliver told me about what he talked to Jed about and he told me about the 'Bring It On' campaign. I will have all the ammo that we need by tomorrow night at this time." Kari tells the chief of staff.

"So lets 'Bring It On' " Leo grins.


Part 2



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