Bring it on

Part 2 - Strategy



The next day Kari and the boy's Nanny Gabby were up before 5 am getting everything ready for the day.






"Check, check, and double check. I think that this is all that I need right now if there is something I'll call and get someone to come and get it.

Make sure the boys get their homework done, Matty may be coming down with a cold he was pulling at his right ear again. I know 'Kari shut up and get to work' you can handle everything just fine. If there is anything you need just call the cell not the office number. I don't want Oliver to think that I am making personal calls on the government time." Kari gets in to the silver Mercedes.

Kari turns on the CD player and starts the commute to work, with Yanni playing in the background Kari starts thinking about the battle she was getting into. Jed and Abbey meant the world to her. They were not just family they were her role models as to what a real marriage should be. This year was their 35th anniversary; she had been a flower girl at the wedding.

"If only I could find someone to love like that. " Kari muses as she pulls in to the parking garage. She shows her temporary pass to the guard and pulls in to a vacant space. She opens her trunk and gets out the luggage carrier that she uses to move her computer with. She is snapping the bungi cords in to place and making sure that everything is secure as Toby Ziegler pulls up next to her.

"Need help with that miss? " Toby shifts his briefcase to the other hand.

"Thanks Toby. By the way we were not introduced proper last night,

I'm Kari Anne Parker. I have joined the defense team with Oliver Babbish. Thanks for the help this morning I have all this equipment to set up and get the reports printed before I meet with Oliver. I think I saw a cart in one of the closets so the next trip should be the last one." Kari guides Toby toward the office that had been set-aside for her.

"Nice if you like dark and gloomy but it will soon change if I have my way about it." Kari mutters. " I have to get the printer set up fast to get the reports done before Senior Staff which is in 35 minutes right Toby?" Kari turns as she sees him leave and go back the car for another load. She runs to catch up with him grabbing the cart along the way.

"I don't need to hear Leo grouse about us being late to staff so lets get this show on the road Parker." Toby yells over his shoulder. They get to the car and load the rest of the equipment on the cart. Josh joins them and grabs a stack of small boxes of CDs in the back seat. They enter the building as Sam comes around the corner with Leo.

"Just the people I was searching for. Kari I see that you have made yourself at home and put this lazy lot to work for you. Just remember that we all serve at the pleasure of the president. I have move Staff back an hour to let you get settled, then I expect to see your report on my desk before the morning is out. Josh you might have Donna, Cathy and Ginger come over and show Kari the way things work around here. I will leave you now in the hands of my staff, Welcome to the West Wing Kari Anne." Leo kisses her on the cheek and leaves.

Josh is under the desk getting the computer set for the network. Toby is getting all the books on the shelves on the other side of the room. Sam is setting up the small stereo that Kari had bought for the office.

"Josh I think that we are in my friend." Kari states as she gets the White House login screen. She types in the password she was given last night and up pops her screen. Josh gets up as Kari opens her files and starts getting her work for the report together.

"Is there a printer that collates and staples reports that I can send this to so I don't have to?" Kari asks.

Josh grabs the phone and dials Donna's extension. In 5 minutes the report is ready for the meeting. Kari, Josh, Sam and Toby leave the office and are joined by Oliver and his assistant. As they pass by Donna and CJ Kari takes the stack of the report from the desk with out missing a stride.

"See you later Donnatella." Josh grabs his coffee and winks.

"In your dreams Lyman" Donna replies. Josh just grins as he runs to catch up with the troops.

They all arrive on time in the office as Leo and Margaret are finishing up. Kari hands him the report that was still warm from the printer.

"Well nice work Ms. Parker. Oliver I haven't told him that she is here yet so if you want to introduce her to the president I think that it will be acceptable. I want to see the look on his face when he sees the newest member of the staff.

"Kari why don't you wait here till I call for you, then we can give him your report and then we will spend the rest of the morning going over the strategies that you have outlined. " Oliver turns and winks at her.

Leo leads the staff into the Oval Office. Josh, Sam, and CJ take seats on the couch facing the President, Toby is standing behind them by the door.

"Good Morning all, I hope that you have had your sleep quota for the next few weeks cause it going to get worse from here on out. You have heard that Jonathan Parker has been the special prosecutor in this case, what you don't know is that I have a history with the man. He hates me and blames me for destroying his marriage to Abbey's niece. Kari Ann came to us a few years ago when Parker struck her and almost caused a miscarriage of their third child. She since has left him and made a life for herself as a very smart corporate attorney. I wish she was here but that is not an option in this case. So where do we go from here Oliver? I am open to all and any suggestions that do not include me stepping down from office that is not an acceptable solution to the problem." Jed states taking a sip of coffee.

"If I might introduce a new member of my staff we can get down to the business at hand." Oliver nods to Toby to open the door. " May I present Kari Anne Parker, my new right hand."

Jed stands up with his mouth hanging open as Kari walks in the door.

"I serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States." Kari states as she walks toward the open arm of her uncle. " Surprise."

Jed hugs her and glances at Leo " You knew she was here didn't you?"

"I told him not to tell you it's my fault." Kari moves out of his arms.

"I take it that Abbey doesn't know either, Charlie get the First Lady and tell her that her niece Kari Ann has now joined our staff. We will talk later and catch up but now it is time for business." Jed starts rolling up the sleeves of his dress shirt. Kari hands him the fifty-page report that she spent all night working on.

The meeting ran for most of the morning. CJ left to do her briefings and came back; Toby paced bouncing his little pink ball in rhythm.

"This is the most comprehensive report I have seen in a long time. Sam you should get her to proof your speeches her grammar is perfect." Toby ribs the young man.

"This is only the tip of a very big iceberg gentlemen, I have a lot more from where this came from." Kari stands and stretches her back with a pop. Then looking at her watch " Gents I think that we need to break for some nourishment. I haven't eaten since breakfast and that was just yogurt and a piece of toast. Mr. President what's for lunch today? I am starved!" Kari asks.

"Mrs. Laningham" Jed yells, " What is on today's menu? Do not tell me a salad with low calorie dressing."

"Well Pumpkin, I think that I have arranged for a small buffet set up in the Mural Room to help celebrate the arrival of Kari Anne. CJ, the press should be allowed to meet her don't you think?" Abbey enters the room greeting her husband and his staff. She then takes her niece in her arms and hugs tight. " You have done pretty well for yourself young lady, I am so proud of you. Kari the work you have done in the past year alone is amazing. Now this for Jed how can we thank you?"

"Well I can only hope that this plan will work and Jed then can get down to the business of the re-election. I don't want to see him railroaded out of office cause he didn't disclose the fact he has MS. It's like me and my diabetes, it is under control so why does John Q Public have to know about it. My medical files are not for the public to see." Kari enters the room noticing the party atmosphere, banners balloons and all the rest of the assistants and west wing staff applauding her entrance.

"You didn't have to go to so much trouble Abbey really," Kari was at a lost of words. Wiping the tears that threaten to spill out she turns, " Thank you all for a warm welcome to the most amazing staff that has this White House had ever seen. I hope that my small contribution will help the cause."

Kari moves towards CJ and the press that were there. She shakes hands and has pictures taken of her and the staff as they gather at the buffet tables.

Part 3



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