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Chapter 3 Family Time

After lunch and a tour of the East Wing Kari goes back to her office to continue her work. Three hours later Sam and Josh enter knocking on her door, noticing that Kari was sound asleep on her small couch.

"We better make it another time Josh" Sam states as he gets the throw off the back of the couch and covers her up. Kari turns over and wakes up as they are leaving.

"What time is it fellows? Good grief it's after five. I told Abbey and Jed that I would join them in the residence for dinner with the boys tonight. I didn't mean to sleep so long, I guess the sleepless nights are catching up on my ass." Kari runs her fingers through her hair trying to wake up. She grabs a bottle of water from her fridge and then heads out the door.

"Kari we just wanted to say thanks for the great start to the defense of the president. Are you awake enough to drive?" Sam questions.

"Yea I'm fine thanks Sam. I'll make sure the radio is on to keep my ass entertained on the way to the house. When I load up the boys and Gabby their nanny, I will have plenty of company. You boys are going to still be here when I get back right? I'll stop back by and let you meet them. That is if Jed and Abbey will release them back to me, they might keep them. You know how he is about kids." Kari gets in to the silver Mercedes and backs out of her space.

Kari turns on the radio to the NPR station in time for the news.

"With us tonight is the special prosecutor Jonathan Parker. Welcome to Washington." The commentator says

"Thank you and thanks to all of my supporters out there who will see that justice is done." Kari turns off the radio. ' Yea right justice, you don't even know how to spell the damn word. If I have anything to say it will be a delayed justice that is given to you from me you bastard.'

When Kari arrives at the townhouse, the noise was off the scale. Matty was crying, Eric was yelling at him to quit crying and Aaron had the stereo up so loud you could hear it outside.

"Have I gotten the wrong address? I could have sworn that three very polite, quiet and well behaved boys live here. I guess that they do not get to go out tonight and meet the president and Aunt Abbey." Kari watches her sons as they clamor for her attention.

"Sorry mama. Gabby is in the shower and we were just playing some game. Matty fell down and won't stop crying." Eric tells her.

"Well if I had someone yelling at me when I have an earache I'd be in tears too Eric. Turn it down or loose it for a month Aaron Michael." Kari turns towards her oldest son. " Now Matty let's look at that nasty old ear shall we?" She pulls him in to her lap and turns a light towards his face. " Tell Gabby I'm home and we need to leave soon. I'll have Aunt Abbey take a closer look when we get to the residence, Ok pardner? She might have to give you a shot but it won't hurt for long then that nasty old earache will go away. Aaron also get Matty's pack with an extra set of clothes and blankey. We might be staying the night. I still have a lot of work to do tonight after dinner. The rest of the staff want to meet you all so try and be on your best behavior guys, please for Mommy." Kari gathers her bag as Gabby walked in.

"Sorry Kari I didn't hear them over the shower and radio. I thought the boys were doing homework and Matty was asleep. I gave him the last dose of Tylenol at 4:30 and the fever is still at 101.2. He has hardly slept at all, if these two little hellions would allow him to get some sleep he would feel better. Right Aaron? Eric?" Gabby looks at the boys as they study the floor patterns.

"Yea Ma'am. We're sorry Matty. I didn't mean to hurt your ear little guy." Eric touches his baby brother's cheek. Aaron ruffs up Mat's hair till it is standing on end laughing.

"All right let get this show on the road" Gabby grabs the pack and leads the boys to the car. Kari buckles Mat in the safety seat between the two older boys. " Buckle up guys and we're off to meet the President and the West Wing staff. God help us," Kari says to no one in particular.

She is shown to a parking spot closer to the Residence. Kari straightens shirts brushes hair and gives last minute instructions to the boys as they are shown to the Oval Office before going up to the family apartment.

She straightens her shoulders and walks in with Mat's hand in hers.

"Kari Ann, who are these handsome young men" Abbey drops to Mat's level. She is so happy to see them all healthy and happy. She knew what hell they had to live through for so long, it was not a pretty picture.

"Mr. President may I introduce my sons Aaron Michael, Eric Christopher, and Matthew James." Kari smiles as they shake hand with him.

"What no Josiah? I think that it is a fine name for a young strapping lad don't you Eric?"

"If you say so, you're the president and what you say is law." Eric replies as the whole room erupts in laughter. The boys then are introduced to the rest of the staff. Kari takes Mat and walks over to the couches with Abbey.

"He has been pulling at his right ear and his fever is still around 101.2 even with the Tylenol. I haven't gotten around to getting a doctor lined up yet for the boys so I thought that you might be able to help. Is there someone you would recommend at GW?" Kari asks as Matty curls in her lap.

"Jed, I have to take Kari and Matty to GW to have his ear infection treated. Charlie call my aide and have her get the car ready, I'm calling Jerald Morgan to meet us at the emergency room. He is one of the pediatric fellows that I work with at GW." Abbey rises from the couch as Josh and Sam approach.

"Ma'am we can take her so there won't be a panic like the last time." Sam offers. Josh tries making faces at the baby to get him to laugh.

"Stop doing that your face might stay that way" Donna laughs at the Deputy Chief of Staff.

Kari grabs Mat's security blanket and turns towards her other two boys as they climb on the shoulders of the president and Leo.

"House rules apply Aaron, no running, no jumping on the beds, and no arguing about bedtime. I will get a full report when we get back so don't try to pull a fast one Eric." Kari walks out the door with Sam carrying Mat. Josh grabs Donna's hand and drags her with them so he won't be lonely.

"All right who's up for hot dogs, chips and a movie?" Jed says as he leads everyone up the stairs to the residence with Aaron still on his shoulders," I also have it on great authority that we have hot fudge sundaes for dessert." A wink between Abbey and her husband speaks volumes. It is the silent communication that they developed over time when their children were little. In the walk to the residence Jed feels like the weight of the world had been lifted from his shoulders, his is younger with each step. Kari's boys were just the medicine the doctor ordered to get his mind off his troubles.

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