Bring It On by DallasSteele

Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 First Wave

Kari was walking from the West Wing back to her office when she heard a familiar voice call her name. She motioned to her detail to stay close as she turned to face Jonathan Parker.

"Well, it is so nice to see you, darling Kari. You left Texas so fast that I didn't even get to say good-by to my sons. I would like to see them for my regular visitation this weekend." Jon says to her.

"If you want to see them you will have to schedule the visit times with me. I also will have their Secret Service agents in the room with them for their protection. I will not allow any visits that are not supervised by me or their agents Jon; you have hurt them enough. I think that this weekend we are going to Camp David with Jed and Abbey and the rest of the senior staff. If you call my office my secretary will see what the schedule holds for the next week. I have a lot of work to do so if you will excuse me I have to run." Kari turns on her heel and leaves him staring at the backs or her agents. ' Damn him if he thinks that I'll allow him within touching distance of the boys he has another thing coming.' Kari mutters to herself.

"Kari I will get my sons back and there is not a thing you'll be able to do." Jon pulls out his cell phone as he heads back to his temporary office.

"Yea get ready she has 2 agents. Start the tail and get the details back to me I need to have it on my desk by Monday. I want my sons and she is not going to stand in my way." Jon ends the short conversation.

Kari slams her office door shut so hard her diploma falls0 off the wall and brakes the glass and frame. Her agent stuck her head in and Kari waved her off.

"If I didn't know better he was laying in wait for me. He makes my blood boil, I will not now or ever allow my sons to see him alone. Damn him my day is shot to hell now, I will not be able to concentrate if my life depended on it." Kari goes and starts picking up the glass.

"Was that earthquake Kari that I felt? You shook the whole building when you slammed the door." Oliver says as he enters the office.

"Shit now look what you made me do." Kari cuts her hand with a piece of glass she picked up. She starts to grab the Kleenex on her desk to stop the bleeding

"Deana come in here Kari has cut herself. What the hell do you think you're doing picking up glass? We have a janitorial staff that will take care of that Kari." Oliver moves to help Kari with her hand as her agent comes in the first aid kit." Kari what has you in such a mood? You saw Jonathan, right? I should have known. He has been seen prowling the halls waiting for you to come back from Jed's office. This cut looks like it might need stitches. Have you had a Tetanus booster lately?" Oliver goes to the phone to call the car for Kari and to call the President and let him know about the accident.

"Well, the emergency staff at GW is going to get to know the Parker family on a first name bases soon. This makes twice in three weeks that we have had to go to the hospital. Deana I need to have Sam or one of the Senior Staff to get the boys today, it seems that Mom is going to the hospital to get her hand stitched up. Sam, Josh, Donna, Leo and Toby are all allowed to sign off on their pickup. If Jon was waiting for me then I can bet you that he has the school staked out to watch who picks them up. If that is the case we need to be on our toes to make sure their safety is the top priority. He wants them back no matter what it takes." Kari rises off the couch holding her hand carefully not to start the bleeding again.

"Then I will have Ron Butterfield double their detail and if they see Jon near the school he will be arrested. What happened here? I heard that an earthquake had hit this office." Jed looks at his niece.

"Ha Ha Jed. I met Jon in the hall and he wants his visitation with the boys."

"Over my dead body will he even get within 2 feet of those boys." Jed answers.

"He has Supervised Visitation rights according to the divorce decree.

That means he can see them as long as another two adults are in the room with him. I told him that we were going to Camp David this weekend and that he needs to call my office and schedule time for next week or the week after." Kari looks at her uncle as Leo enters the office.

"Then at Camp David we shall be, Leo make the arrangements for the trip and make sure the staff and their assistants are included." Jed turns to his chief of staff. " You in much pain baby?" Jed watches her cradle the hand gingerly

"Yea I think that I had better get going. I have made arrangements to get the boys picked up so don't worry Jed they will be safe. I will call when I get home so you and Abbey don't worry." Kari kisses him and Leo on the cheek as she leaves. As she heads down the hall she notices that her detail had grown to 4 instead of the 2 she had that morning. Kari smiles to herself that two can play Jon's game. She needs to talk to Gabby about the new arrangement and what to watch out for with Jon.

When Kari got home it was after 7pm. It had taken 4 hours for them to get her hand stitched up cause there had been a wreck on the Beltway and the patients were sent there for triage and trauma. Gabby was putting Mat to bed as she entered. He jumped off the bed and grabbed her legs and would not let go.

"Matty let go for a sec I need to sit down baby." Kari rubs her son's head with her good hand. " I'm all right don't worry it's ok." Kari says as he crawls up in her lap with his blanket. She leans back on the headboard as the older boys come into the room.

"Mom are you ok? Josh said that you hurt your hand today." Aaron asks looking at the sling that was holding his mother's arm.

"Yes I had a fight with a piece of glass and the glass won. I had to get stitches and have to wear this cast for about a week to make sure the tendons will heal that were cut. That is the bad new now for some good news we are going to Camp David with Jed, Abbey and all the Senior Staff. Gabby that means that we need to be packed early so we can meet at Marine One at 4pm." Kari looks on as the boys start whooping it up.

"Marine One all right. We get to ride in the President's helicopter, Mom. So cool!" Eric jumps up and down slapping high fives with Aaron.

"Alright now we still have a school day to get through before we leave so, let's get the homework checked and you guys to bed so we can beat the President to the heliopad." Kari walks the boys to their room after she tucks Matty in with his blanket and rabbit that has seen better days.

"Gabby I need to talk to you after I finish getting the boys to bed." Kari tells her.

"I'll be in the kitchen when you're ready Kari." Gabby watches Eric and Aaron skip down the hall towards the room they shared, she had already noticed the changes in the detail outside the house and there was something else out there she wanted to talk about. She had spotted Jonathan entering a house that was down the street. This was not good, not good at all.

Kari entered the kitchen and collapsed on the stool at the counter.

"I saw Jon today and he wants to see the boys. I know that he has a right to see them but I am so afraid that he will try to snatch them from me. I told Jed and he has doubled the detail for them and me as well." Gabby sets Kari's dinner in front of her and watches her push the food around the plate. " I was so upset that I slammed the office door and broke the frame that held my law degree. That's how I cut myself, being stupid always gets me into trouble. Gabby he makes my skin crawl to be around him now, how did I eve fall in love with that man?" Kari takes a bite of pork roast.

"Kari I think that you should know that he has moved in to a house down the block. I saw the moving truck this morning and then saw him enter the house at lunch." Gabby watches her face go from rage to absolute fear.

"Give me the phone I owe Jed a call to tell him I'm home safe, then I'll tell him about Jon. We might be moving in to the residence, is that all right with you? I know that we just got settled here and now with Jon this close I am really scared." Kari dialed the private number for the residence that was on speed dial.

"Hey Leo is he there? Yea, I'm home safe and sound. The boys are in bed but probably not asleep. We have another problem here; Jon has taken a house down the block from us. Gabby saw the moving van this morning and saw him go into the house at lunchtime. Okay we will discuss this with Ron and his staff tomorrow and decide whether or not to move to the residence while we are at Camp David. Night Jed, give Abbey a kiss and hug for me. Let me talk to Leo for a minute, will ya? Leo just wanted to say goodnight and I will be in the office by 7 tomorrow. What time is Staff? Eight ok see you then love ya'll" Kari ends the call. She finishes her dinner and scrapes the plate and puts it in the dishwasher. Gabby refills their glasses and takes them to the den where Kari was getting on her home computer.

"Die, die, die you son of a bitch. I am your judge and jury and I say DIE!" Kari yells at the screen of her home unit. Gabby laughs. " That is the way do away with stress. One of those creatures didn't happen to be named Jonathan by chance? " The door bell rings freezing both of the women in their tracks. Kari walks toward the door cautiously making sure that the agents were still on duty. She was given the ok signal and opened the door to Josh and Donna.

"Hey you two come on in. This is the first time you have been here isn't it? I let Gabby give Donna the tour, as I will borrow Josh for a few minutes." Kari moves toward the den. " Jon is living right down the street. I have already told Jed and he is talking to Ron about it tonight." Kari tells him.

"When it rains it pours. How's the hand by the way? Got told that there was an earthquake named Kari in the office earlier." Josh teases her.

"I will never live this down, not unlike a certain plan to fight inflation." Kari laughs with him. " I cut a couple of tendons, I have to wear the cast for a week then the doctor will take a look at taking it off. It is already itching and I want to scratch so bad." Kari complains as they join Donna in the den.

"What can I get for you to drink, Josh Donna?" Gabby asks

"Beer if you have one or what ever is available is fine"

"Those boys are so cute, you should see them sleep. Mat has his blanket and this rabbit in his arms and Eric's feet were out from under the covers so I covered them back up. Aaron was on his back with a book on his chest. I am so envious of you Kari, Josh I want one." Donna pleads.

"You want one of her boys I don't think so Donnatella, Kari help here please" Josh looks at her grinning.

"I think what Donna is trying to say is she want to have one or two kids of her own maybe with you as their father. Am I right Donna?" Kari watched them both blush a very deep red. " When we start the push for the re-election you two are going to have to make that announcement, you know? Josh Loves Donna and that they are going to the chapel and they're going to get married." Kari sings.

"That might be the right time to do it, what do you say Donna? After we get a second term you think that we might pursue this further?" Josh squeezes her hand tightly and winks at his favorite person. Grinning she takes the beer and takes a sip before allowing Josh one. The feeling of rightness settles over them. Kari watches the interaction between them thinking of another couple a few miles away from here, Jed and Abbey posses the same feeling of rightness the feeling that there is no one else in the room when they are together.

"Hey it might be a good idea for one of the Senior Staff to stay here so nothing can go wrong."

"Are you kidding me, he'll blow it up that I am sleeping with the men and having lesbian relationships with the women. Thanks but no thanks Josh. I think that we might be moving to the residence for a time." Kari laughs.

"No daddy don't, I'm sorry daddy." Eric cries from the room monitor that was sitting on the table. Kari leaps from her chair hitting her arm in the process of getting to her son's side.

"He is still experiencing nightmares from the trauma that he suffered from Jon. I had hoped that they were finally over, but we still have a long way to go." Kari cuddles the young boy in her lap as he settles back down to sleep. Josh balled up his fists wishing that Jonathan Parker was there and he cold smash in the man's face for the harm that he caused these innocent boys and their mother. He release the breathe that he had been holding since coming in an seeing Eric so upset, Donna was rubbing Aaron's back at the same time Kari calms his brother.

'She will make a fine mother when the time is right.' Josh thinks to himself ' Yea, I can see us with at least two kids; one just like her mother and a son that I can take to spring training to watch Mike Piazza tell us Hey dudes.'

"Josh, Earth to Josh!" Donna was waving her hand in front of his face trying to get his attention.

"Sorry I zoned out there for a second, you need something Donna? " Josh looks at her.

"I was telling Kari that we should go so she can get some sleep before we leave for Camp David tomorrow. You also need to do some laundry tonight or you will not have a clean pair of jeans to wear this weekend so if I have to stay up and make sure that the laundry is done we need to go now." Donna starts pushing Josh out of the room and towards the front door.

"Hey I haven't finished my beer yet so hold your horses there woman." Josh grabs for the bottle but Donna beats him to it and finishes it off in one swallow. " That was mine wench, see if I give any pudding tonight" Josh pouts and walks to the door.

"Josh don't pout, I get you another beer so you can take it home. Donna you have my sympathy dealing with this big baby." Kari grins as she heads to the fridge to get another two beers for them to take home. As she gets to the door Donna and Josh were locked in their own little world. Kari hands the beers to Donna and waves as they walk out hand in hand. Kari turns to Gabby as she notices her with her pain pills and water. She takes them and walks down the hall to her bedroom to catch some sleep as well. Gabby turns out the rest of the lights and goes and does a final check on the boys as she heads to her bed as well.

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