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Chapter 5 Camp Bartlet

Gabby awoke to sounds of Eric and Aaron getting ready for school in the room next door. Aaron had the radio on to his favorite rock station and was singing along with Eric. She got up and walked through the connecting door and turned the radio down to a decent level and went to start breakfast for the boys and Kari. She looks out the window and notices something in the yard that was not there yesterday. The agents walked the yard and found that someone had place a box addressed to Eric and Aaron close to their bedroom window.

Kari came in as Deana was talking to Ron Butterfield on the phone.

"Yes sir she just came in. I will let her know"

"What do I need to know Deana? What has happened since I went to bed last night?" Kari ask as she takes the cup of coffee that gabby was offering,

"There was a package left in the backyard last night between the hours of 3and 4am addressed to Aaron and Eric. I have had it taken to the White House for investigation by Ron and his staff. It seems that Jon is able to get in to the yard without being noticed and placed it under the boy's window for them to see. Gabby noticed it before the boys did and called me and I called Ron." Deana reported the incident to Kari.

"That's it, have Ron move us to the residence while we are gone this weekend. I will not allow him to have that much freedom to get that close to my sons." Kari starts to shake.

"Hey Deana, Mom what's wrong? You look like you have seen a ghost." Eric says as he sits down to breakfast.

"Nothing sweetheart, just going over today's plans with Deana and the rest of the agents. Remember that you and Aaron are to stay inside the school building until I or a member of the Senior Staff picks you up. This is not a negotiable point this is for your safety." Kari watched Aaron enter the room holding Matthew's hand. " We are leaving this afternoon right after school is out so be on time and don't make us go looking for you. Hey there my sleepy man ready to go flying in a helicopter? I have to go to my staff meeting and then I am meeting with Oliver about the defense of the President." She cuddles Matty and kissed Aaron on his head. Eric grabs for a quick kiss with milk on his chin. " Eww, that's gross. Hey Mom is it true that Dad now is in Washington and is the prosecutor against Uncle Jed?" Aaron asks as Gabby set his toast in front of him.

"Yea it true and we will discuss this when I get you from school. I want both of you to be on the watch for him and make sure you tell your detail and your teachers if you spot him. Got to go or I'll be late love you guys." Kari walks out the door into the waiting car that was open for her, she nods to the detail to start the drive to her office.

Gabby notices that there are several more agents around the house than just a few minutes ago when she spied the box. The boys noticed it too; Aaron grabbed his and Eric's pack from the table. Gabby got Matty and they left the house as a beige SUV slowly drove down the street. Behind the tinted windows there was a photographer snapping pics of the boys and the detail getting in to the black suburban that takes them to school. It turns the corner as the driver speaks in his cell phone to his boss.

"They have upped the detail. That box was a stupid idea Jon. They now know now that you can get close without being seen, if you want to get them it is going to be a blood bath. Kari is not stupid she will have them in the damn White House before you can blink. I'll be in touch later today with the pictures."

"Damn, now this is going to be harder than I imagined. I guess that Kari is going to have to take a little trip, I will get my sons back." Jonathan screams.

Kari arrived a few minutes before the 8 o'clock staff meeting and heads straight for her uncle's office.

"Charlie he free?"

"Yea Kari go on in he is expecting you. Want a muffin or bagel?"

"If there are any onion bagels and cream cheese with a mocha latte that would be great, hey guys starting without me?" Kari opens the door to the Oval Office. She sheds her jacket and grabs her laptop from the case she set by the couch. " This latest incident with Jon has really scared me, I want to throw that bastard in jail but I can't prove that he is stalking me or the kids. Damn being one handed doesn't help the situation. Thanks for the extra hand there Josh." Kari smiles at the Deputy Chief of Staff as he gets the laptop on the table so she can open her work files. Charlie set down the food as Kari starts with the mocha latte.

"What the hell happened to you? Why the cast Kari?" Toby sits down on the couch with her. " Did you inherit some ones ability to find a black hole where none exists?" Toby looks at the President with a smirk.

No just an earthquake named Kari Anne hit the office that I occupy. I had a run in with Jon in the hallway and lost my temper with the door. Broke the frame that held my diploma and cut 2 tendons trying to pickup the glass. I have to wear this cast for a week then the docs will look at it and make sure it is healing right. Toby I'll make it through this little trauma but the last straw was the package the he left in the backyard last night for the boys. Gabby found it and gave it to the detail for inspection. Ron what was in the box any way?" Kari turns to the head of the Secret Service detail.

"It was a basketball autographed by Magic Johnson and the Dream Team." Ron tells Kari.

"That was one of the items of Jon's that he had in the trophy case in our home. Aaron and Eric both wanted to play basketball with their dad someday with that ball. I think maybe it is time for them to learn the game of basketball any volunteers for this weekend boys? He also had a baseball with Mickey Mantle's autograph the he will probably will send when Eric gets older. It was willed to him by Jon's uncle, CD Parker the Texas Ranger who died two years ago." Kari takes a bite of her bagel and cream cheese. " I need to get a hold of Alex and Cordell Walker and tell them that I am all right. I left without a word to them and Walker will pin me to the wall if I don't check in with him on a periodic basis. I don't need to have Texas's top Ranger coming up mad at me; he is too good as a friend and body man for me to piss off. Alex should have had the baby by now, you remember her Jed she was the Assistant District Attorney for Tarrant County." Kari watches the president nod.

"Isn't his partner named James Trivette? He used to play for the Cowboys before an injury sidelined him. He was a great running back, thought that he might surpass Dorsett's record." Sam states.

The rest of the morning was spent in the Roosevelt Room discussing strategy for the upcoming hearing that started in the next few weeks. Donna pokes her head in the door to take lunch orders from the mess. Kari stretches her back with a resounding pop and sighs.

"Guys let's put this away for a while we can get back to it when we reach Camp David, what do you say Leo? CJ I know you have a small headache starting. Oliver you need to get a nap before we leave cause you were up all night worrying about this; Am I right?" Kari looks around the table at the staff who were starting to show signs of exhaustion.

"Kari you right about picking this up later. If anyone needs to get home and finish packing for the trip leave now or forever travel light." Leo tells them as they groan at the bad ending. " CJ, call an early lid and make sure it is on tight after throwing out the trash. Everyone be at the heliport at 3:30 or earlier we have three choppers to take us to Camp David and we don't want to keep the President waiting. Kari you need help getting Gabby and the boys together?"

"Nah, I going to get Gabby and Matty now with all of our luggage then pick Eric and Aaron up at 3 sharp. I think that I might even get them earlier and come back here and wait with Abbey in the residence. I have a bad feeling that Jon is going to pull some trick out of his hat and try to get the boys soon." Kari was finishing her tuna salad and iced tea when Margaret came in with a message for Leo.

"Margaret do you have everything ready for this weekend? I just told the staff to go home a finish packing so if you need to go take off. I will be in the Oval Office if anyone needs me." Leo turns to leave.

"Leo do you need me to go and pack your suitcase cause you haven't even started to pack yet if I know you." Margaret looks at her tired boss.

"Thanks, but no thanks I brought my suitcase with me this morning. I will give you the keys thought to get it out of my trunk for me Margaret." Leo tosses her his keys. She smiles as he turns down the hall toward his friend's and President office. This is going to be a good weekend, a really good weekend.

Donna heads to her place first with Josh to grab her overnighter that was packed and waiting by her door. Josh garbs it while Donna feeds her roommate's cats. In the kitchen Donna fills their water and dry food then heads to clean the cat box really quickly. They might belong to her roommate but she is the one that takes care of them the majority of the time.

"Donna let's go, I need to go to the cleaners on the way home and pick up my shirts for next week. Also don't you have some things to pick up as well? I remember dropping off a few dresses and suits that were left at my place last week." Josh calls into the apartment after putting her case in the trunk of the car.

"Be right there Josh I just need to take this cat litter to the trash so it won't stink up the house while we are at Camp David." She grabs the trash and locks the door behind her.

Toby watched CJ do the last briefing of the day from the bullpen. As she exited the pressroom she takes her case from him and they head for the closest exit. Their respective luggage was in their cars. They had other plans before the helicopters left later that day.

"Carol I will not say it again get out of here. The lid is on and we are freed from our slave chains for the next 48 hours. Are you sure you don't want to come up there with us, the President said to bring all the assistants that includes you too. I know that you have never gotten to go up to Camp David when the rest of the staff has been up there with the President. Kari's kids will be there and I hear that we have a softball game lined up as well as basketball and horseshoes." CJ tells her assistant.

"Don't fret about it CJ I just think that someone should be here just in case of an emergency. I'll be fine. I just don't think that my allergies can stand to be there with all the dust and pollen in the air this week. I am heading home to take my medicines that will put me to sleep for at least 4-8 hrs tonight. It will be the first solid night's sleep I have had in months. Just bring back plenty of video and still pictures. Have a good time with Toby if you know what I mean." Carol winks at her boss and the man that was trying to get them both out of the building before something happened.

Kari walked in to the principal's office of the elementary school where she had enrolled the boys. She signed the permission book that allows her to take the Eric and Aaron out of school before classes let out.

"Mrs. Parker can I have a word with you for a moment?" the principal asks as he leads her into the office. " Ron Butterfield called my office this morning, he told me what is transpiring in the lives of your sons. The whole faculty has been made aware of the threat your ex husband is to his sons. I want you to be aware that nothing is going to happen to them while they are here."

"Thank you Mr. Hodge. I am sorry for all the confusion this causes with their details here but I hope that it will not be forever. If we can eliminate the threat of danger I am hoping to give them a normal childhood. How are they adjusting to their classes? I know that Eric can be a handful for a teacher. He has somehow inherited the President's love for knowledge. He absorbs new information like a sponge while Aaron is not as trivial he is more analytical. I am pleased to see their grades have not suffered in the transfer." Kari says.

"Yes Aaron has started to show what a great debater he will be. I think that he will follow in his uncle's footsteps and go into politics, Eric on the other hand may become a good lawyer. They remind me of younger versions of two of President Bartlet's staff, Josh Lyman and Sam Seaborne." Kari rises from her chair with a big smile on her face and shakes the principal's hand. She leaves with her detail to round up her sons so they can make it to the heliopad on time.

As she walks the hall she hears her detail contact the others to say she is on her way to get the boys. When she gets Eric's classroom he is already outside waiting for his mom. Aaron comes down the hall running and slides to a stop in front of his brother, with the detail playing catch up.

"Aaron Michael what have I told you about running off from your detail? Especially now with your father so close, you could have run right into a trap to kidnap you and your brother." Kari sternly talks to her son.

"No way I saw when you arrived. I was bidding my time to be able to get here at the same time as you. Any way Gary here tapped my shoulder to tell me it is time to go. Mrs. McCay sent a note home with me something about a parent-teacher conference next week." Aaron tells her as they head towards the exit of the school. The 8 members of the detail were scanning up and down to make sure that Jon was not anywhere around, then they allow their assignments to get in to the black SUV that would take them to the White House for lunch with the First Lady and their baby brother.

Sam Seaborne entered his apartment dropping his briefcase by the door and heading to his room to change into something more comfortable for the trip. He had done his laundry earlier that week to make sure his favorite pair of jeans are clean for the weekend. He got his shaving kit and threw it in to his carryon bag he uses for the trips on Air Force One. He got his clean underwear and socks, looked in the closet for his favorite Princeton cap, and last but not least for his bat and glove. The last time he had played softball with the staff he had forgotten to take it with him and they lost. He folded his shirts with care and wondered what Anisley was taking. Sam zipped it shut and grabbed his laptop as he turned to lock is door.

Anisley Haynes was making her first trip to the legendary Camp David and she was excited. Not only was she going as an assistant to Oliver Babbish, she was going as a vital member of the Senior Staff. The President had extended the invitation personally the other day when Kari had cut her hand. He also mentioned that he was looking into another office for her maybe even the one next door to Kari Ann that just so happens to be vacant. She grabbed one of the dresses that Sam said she looked hot in hoping that she would get luck this weekend. She closed her case and grabbed a Fresca as she left the apartment, setting the security locks in place she heads toward her car.

Abbey Bartlet and her youngest daughter Zoey were making the final packing of their luggage as Kari, Gabby, and the boys reach the residence.

"Zoey honey, do you have the sunscreen? I can't find it in my bathroom. Be sure to pack your swimsuit that Charlie liked last year. I'll take care of your father's objections, do you like what I picked out?" Abbey holds up her new two piece suit that showed off her still girlish figure.

"I think that every man there will not be able to keep their eyes in their heads with you around Abbey" Kari tells her. Matty makes a beeline for Zoey as she catches him in mid-run. They laugh together with Aaron and Eric.

"It is so good to hear them laugh again" Abbey smiles. " Have you boys had lunch yet?"

"No Ma'am" Eric answers for his brothers.

"How about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a big glass of milk? With Mrs. Landingham's cookies for dessert?" Abbey asks Matthew.

"That sound like a great lunch, can I get in on it too?" Jed asks as he walks in the door with his chief of staff not far behind.

"Hey Kari I see your bunch made it all right. The rest of the staff should be meeting us at the heliopad at 3:30." Leo sits down in the chair by the couch Kari was sitting on.

"Hey boys no rough housing in the residence, lets wait till we are at Camp Bartlet before destroying the President's back." Kari tells Eric as he is trying to get on the President's shoulders.

"Hey your no fun Mom. This is suppose to be a fun retreat no rules Kari, I mean it No Rules." Jed says as Abbey and Zoey come in with a tray of sandwiches and glasses of milk. " Leo want to join us, I made plenty." Abbey states as Mat sits down on the floor near her with a sandwich. Eric and Aaron grab theirs and sit at the President's feet.

"Thank you Ma'am I think I will, Mr. President I thing that this is going to be a great weekend sir." Leo takes a plate from the First Lady.

"Mr. McGarrey I think you're right about that, a very great weekend." Jed relaxes with his wife and family. " Marine One lift off is t-minus 2 hours and 25 minutes boys. Did you know that..." Jed starts a trivia fact as Zoey covers his mouth with a well-placed hand.

"Please no trivia this trip, Dad. I have to check on Charlie and make sure his sister is coming also. Gina and I will meet everybody at the copter." Zoey tells her parents as Leo and her mother grin. Jed pouts and Kari laughs so hard at the scene she almost spills her milk.

Gabby gets Mat's blanket so he can curl up for a quick nap before they go. Kari lies down with him as Eric snuggles in too. Aaron and Abbey were playing crazy-eight's; Jed and Leo were hunched over a chessboard.

Charlie Young entered the room with Zoey at his side.

"Dad it is t-35 minutes and counting, the motorcade is waiting for us at the door so let's get this show on the road. The luggage is already on board. I'll wake Kari and the boys, Charlie, makes sure the chess game get packed that might help keep Dad's mind occupied for a change." Zoey leaves so Charlie can get the chess set packed.

Jed and Leo stand and stretch, clapping hands together, " Alright let's make a final head count and get this caravan on the road. Final bathroom breaks before we go boys and girls." Kari comes in leading Eric. Matty was on Zoey's hp with his blanket clutched tightly in his fist.

"Ready crew? Last one to the cars is a hairy old Republican" Jed challenged all of the people in the room as he made a fast dash to the stairs as the details scrambled to keep up with everyone making tracks in all directions.

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