Bring it On - part 6


Kari and the boys flew in Marine One with the President, Abbey, Zoey and Charlie. Matty was in her lap the whole way as Aaron and Eric strained to see out the windows. Jed explaining the history of helicopters to all onboard and said there was a quiz later; everyone sighs at the thought. Abbey hit his shoulder to get him to stop with the trivia.

" We're landing in 4 minutes Mr. President." The pilot announces.

" Thank you Captain we are ready" Abbey replies.

" Hey he was talking to me I am the President here" Jed grumbles.

" Dad let it go we all know that you're the big cheese. Can I have Charlie for the rest of the day? I have a project that he needs to help me with." Zoey watches her father as he folds his arm and glares.

" Don't worry sweetie I make sure your father can do without Charlie for a few hours tonight so you can get that project done that you told me about." Abbey said as the helicopter set down.

The doors were opened by the guard detail; Kari had to grab Eric to prevent him from exiting before the president. Jed waves as he was climbing down the steps. He grins as the boys then scramble to get out before their mother. Abbey and Kari take Matty and swing him down out of the helicopter so he can run and catch up to his brothers as they chased the president to the main cabin. Charlie and Zoey follows behind them holding hands tightly. In the background they could see the other helicopters with the rest of the staff landing behind them.

Kari paused and stood looking at the historical building remembering all the events that had taken place inside.

" Pretty awesome isn't it? It took me three trips here to quit thinking of what had taken place inside here and think of it as a retreat. There are photo albums you will love. Did you bring your cameras, the sunsets are remarkable." Abbey says as she stands behind her niece.

" Yea, I packed the Nikon and my Minolta with plenty of film, I am so blown away by this place, I always wanted to be a fly on the wall during all of the peace talks. Jimmy Carter was an amazing man and he had my respect for the major accomplishments he made in world peace. I think that I need to unpack and get the boys ready for dinner. See you later Abbey, get some rest before dinner if you can." Kari turns as she spots Eric and Aaron tackling Josh and Sam knocking them to the ground. " Alright guys, let Josh and the rest of the staff get settled, we have dinner in 25 minutes. Where is Matthew?"

" I think I last saw him on Leo's shoulders as he was entering the main lodge." San said as CJ, Donna, Oliver, and the rest of the staff tried hard not to laugh, Josh had flipped Eric and now had him pinned to the ground.

" By the way I have a great way to get out grass stains out of all types of fabric. I think that you just might need it Josh, look at your knees. Donna if you bring those to me I get them cleaned tonight when I do a load of clothes for the boys. That goes for you too, Sam I think that your pants may need it as well." Kari laughed at the frustrated look Josh gave her.

" At least these are not his good jeans. Get up Josh so Kari can get them in the wash, you did pack other pants for the weekend?" Donna gives an exasperated sigh. " I knew I should have packed for you, Josh what else did you forget, don't tell me I don't want to know. It is going to be a long weekend folks." As she grabs him by the arm as he grouses, " You're no fun Donnatella Moss we boys were having fun and you broke up the games. Just you wait till we get the football game going tonight. I make sure that I get in at least one good tackle on you then we'll see who laughs last." Josh grins at the thought of the tackle he would perform on her.

" I hate to break this up but the president is expecting us in 20 minutes and I have got to get three boys bathed and dressed. I think we better get a move on. Eric, Aaron get a move on, we still have to find our rooms and get unpacked. See you all later." Kari guides her sons to the main lodge.

Oliver enters his cabin and lays his laptop down on the other bed in the room. He notices that his luggage had been delivered, he opens his case so he can get in a quick shower before going to dinner with the staff. As he is shaving he lets his mind wander over past few weeks since he had met Kari Ann. She wasn't like any of the women he had known in the past; she had a quality that he could not pin down. He wanted to get to know her better, but he had to take it slow he didn't want to rush this as he had so many times before. It also didn't help that she was the president's niece and he was so protective of her like she was his own child. If he hurt her there would be hell to pay that was for sure. He slips in to a clean shirt hoping that this case with the president would be settled soon and he could pursue a relationship with her.

Josh Lyman and Donna Moss were in their cabin arguing over the fact that they were sharing a cabin together. She though that it was strange that the firs couple would put them together, maybe this would get Josh off the fence about his feeling for her. If this lit a fire under him she would be eternally grateful. She had loved him since she had come back to the campaign, leaving Dr. FreeRide for good. She had noticed that CJ and Toby were also in one cabin. Sam and Anisley as well were sharing together, was the First Lady playing matchmaker again? This was going to make an interesting weekend. Thank goodness the press were not there to see what was going on. What a PR disaster this would be. She takes her dress and heads to the shower as Josh whines about his jeans.

" Don't use all the hot water remember I still have to shower also Donna. I can't believe that I didn't think to pack another pair of jeans. Where was my head? I still have my dress pants for tonight at least. I hope that Kari's remedy for grass stain works or these might as well go into the trash. I spent $45.00 on this pair of jeans and I go and ruin them playing with Eric. Oh well it probably will not be the last pair of pants I ruin playing with kids. I can still see Donna with our two kids that is our future. Maybe sooner than later, Donnatella you need some one to wash your back? I can be of service." Josh walks to the bathroom shedding his jeans and shirt in the process.

Toby and CJ were already finished their shower and getting dressed. He was trimming his beard with the trimmer she had bought him that last week, she was finishing her makeup with the perfume he had given her for her birthday.

" I guess that Abbey has seen the future and this is the way she pictures us. Why did it take so long for us to notice what was right in front of us? I used the thing with Danny as a smoke screen to hide my true feelings for so long. I didn't ever see us together, I was so sure you didn't return my feelings. Boy was I wrong. Your cover has been blown my friend under this gruff exterior there is a soft lovable man that cares about his fellow human beings." CJ says as he wraps her tight in his arms. The difference in height was not so noticeable when she was bare foot. When she was in the pressroom with her heels on she was a good 4 inches taller that him. He starts kissing her neck and she arches back further. She just cannot get enough of this man. He was her soul mate is every way.

" If we didn't have to go to dinner right now I would show you how much you mean to me Claudia Jean. I thought that I might have missed my chance. The President's illness made me take a hard look at my priorities in life, I decided that I could not wait any long. I took a big gamble with telling you how I felt not knowing if you felt the same for me. You make my life complete; I love you CJ Cregg. I want to shout it from the rooftop but it will have to wait till we get Bartlet in the White House for a second term. Then come hell or high water I am going to make you my wife. I dare Mary Marsh or anyone to stand in the way." Toby states as they exit the cabin.

Sam was tucking in his shirt when Anisley enters the room.

" Where are your jeans so we can take them to Kari? I might need some help with this claps here Sam." Anisley ask as she tried to get her necklace on. Sam reaches behind her and takes it from her hands. He opens the clasp and places the necklace on her neck with a small kiss.

" Have I told you lately that I love you Ms. Hayes? If not let me make up for it right now. I love you Anisley and I can't wait to show you how much when we are alone here tonight. I wish everyone felt the same way I do right at this moment. I think that the only people that are not coupled tonight are Bonnie and Ginger. Margaret I think is with Leo in the main lodge. Kari and Oliver are separate but I have a feeling by the time this weekend that will change. Josh and Donna are a given, why it has taken them so long is beyond my comprehension. CJ and Toby now that is a surprise. I would never have imaged her with anyone but Danny. They made a great couple, but the conflicts were there and not easy to overcome. May we live in interesting times. Let's join the fun my lady." Sam opens the door allowing her to go first, he noticed that Josh, Donna, CJ and Toby were on the path ahead of them. Each couple was hold hands; he takes Anisley's hand in his and gives a light squeeze.

Bonnie and Ginger were talking with Kari about her boys as the staff enters the main gathering area for drinks before dinner. Eric nudged his brother when he noticed that the two assistants were the only one with out an escort. Aaron nods and walks to over to Ginger while Eric goes to Bonnie offering their arms to escort them for the evening. The two women were so amazed at the young men and their manners. Kari smiled as she watched them interact with the adults in the room as it was an everyday occurrence.

Oliver walked over to where Kari was sitting with a glass of sherry for her. Handing her the glass he sits down and casually put his arm behind her on the back of the couch. Kari notices that he was nervous about sitting with her; she leaned back so his hand was touching her shoulder. The electrified feeling that just his touch aroused in her was something she had buried when she has left Jonathan. As she looked into his face to see if he was feeling the same, she saw the raw emotions that she felt coursing through her in his eyes.

" Oliver we need to talk this over before we proceed with something that can get out of control very quickly. It is something that will affect everything from here on out. I think that we need to lay out the ground rules of where we want to go with this new relationship. My main concerns are my boys first and foremost; Jed and Abbey second then the rest of the world can fall behind them. If you willing to start this with me you get a package deal with the boys included. I know that this might not be what you want to sign up for but beware; if they are hurt in any way I become the wicked bitch of the west make no mistake about it. I have that inborn maternal instinct hurt my child and you will pay with your life." Kari states to the counselor.

" The first step is to make sure the boys a comfortable with me being in their mother's life. Then we will take it to another level Kari, if you are ready at that time. If not we take things slower." Oliver reaches out and touches her face with his hand. He wants this to work; he will take the time to make right for her and the boys.

" Dinner is served Mr. President." the steward tells him and his guests. Jed takes Abbey's arm and leads the procession to the dinning room. Leo and Margaret with Matthew go next, Kari watches her sons enter with Ginger and Bonnie, Eric and Aaron get help from Sam and Josh to seat the ladies. Kari allows Oliver to seat her; Sam and Josh seat their ladies. Charlie seats Zoey next to the president and sits beside her. Matty is sitting between Leo and Margaret in a booster seat so he could see all that is going on around him.

The conversation ranged from elementary schoolwork to what Donna was taking in college. Dinner consisted of a tossed salad with light vinaigrette dressing, Salmon with a Dill Lemon sauce, Buttered Broccoli with almonds, Risotto Milanese, with fresh hot bread and butter. For dessert Abbey had requested a Chocolate Fudge cake with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Kari notices that Matty is about asleep in Leo's arms as she finishes her coffee. Gabby takes him and motions to the older one that it is bed time.

Bonnie and Ginger kiss and hug the boys and tell them that they were the best escorts that they had ever had for any dinner party. Jed tells them that he will be up in a few minutes to hear their prayers.

" They are such fine boys Kari. They will grow in to fine young men in time. You should be very proud of them tonight." Margaret tells her.

" I have tried to teach manners form the day they were born. If you start early the lessons become second nature by the time they start school.

I have talked to their teachers and they are amazed at how well behaved they are.



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