Comfort through Trials - Forever

Sam and Lisa # 25

Archive: If you want it, take it. Just let me know where it's going.

Rating: PG

Spoilers: None that I know of.

Author's Notes: Sequel to "Comfort through Trials - Preparations."
This is part of a series I am working on.

Disclaimer: They're not mine, I just borrow them to play with.

This is THE END ladies and gentlemen.

My heart is somewhere in my throat, and I'm just staring at the doorway
waiting for her to come in. Then she does. Then she walks through the
door, and steps forward in time to the music. Everyone's standing, and
I'm dying waiting for her to step next to me, but she doesn't seem to
hurry. In fact, she stops on her trip to the makeshift alter, not once,
but twice. The first time, she stops next to my mother's chair, and
simply smiles. I just barely catch the words on her lips as she mouths
the words 'thank you'. I thought she was going to keep walking up here
then, but instead, she stops next to the president, and I wonder why she
and Bartlet would be having any kind of moment, but instead, Leo reaches
past him, and he squeezes her hand.

Then, and only then, does she finish the walk across the room. My heart's
not in my throat any more. Instead, it's in a puddle on the floor,
because she's smiling at me, and slipping her hand into mine. I have
waited so many years to stand here with her, that my head's spinning. The
minister is talking about love, and faith, and eternity, and Lisa looks
rapt. Her eyes never leave his face or his hands, but mine can't seen to
tear themselves away from her.

I must be too focused on Lisa, because then the minister's talking to me,
and Josh is elbowing me in the ribs to get my attention. I'm supposed to
say something now? The vows? Right, the vows. My powers of speech seem to
have seeped right out my ears, because I can't even say her name. In my
head, I can hear it. All I have to do is say Mary Elizabeth Lloyd, except
my tongue won't get around it. I give it two valiant tries, and then I
just look at her, and shrug and say Lisa. That, I get on the first try.
What is wrong with me today? It feels like my IQ dropped 80 points since
she walked into the room.

Then I'm slipping the ring on her finger, and she's saying her vows. My
name doesn't seem to give her the fits her's gave me, and just the way
she says it - suddenly Norman sounds good. I'm focused on her hands. Her
hands reaching over to Donna to take my ring. Her hands lifting mine up
to the light. Her hands sliding the smooth gold band over my ring finger.
Her hands sliding around my neck as he tells me to kiss the bride. Then I
watch her hands tangle up in mine as we lead the way to the reception in
the East room. I should enjoy the only time I'll lead the president out
of the room, but my eyes are glued to her hands, intertwined with mine.
All night, I watch her hands. Her hands holding a champagne glass as Josh
and Donna offer their toasts. Her hands holding the dull blade of a knife
as she cuts the wedding cake. Her hands as she lifts the fork to my
mouth, and her hands as she takes me out onto the dance floor.

I think my senses are finally starting to come back to me, although that
might have more to do with the distance separating us. I am currently
locked in conversation with Toby, and Lisa.... Lisa's still on the dance
floor teaching Josh how to do the Charleston. It's actually sort of funny
to watch them, and I maneuver around Toby so that I can watch while I
tell him all about the meetings he's going to be taking on the CBO
reports. Then, before I know it, the day is past.

Josh is dragging me up to the stage, and Donna is giving Lisa a little
prompting. We tried to get out of this, we really did, but our friends
are persistent. So Lisa turns around and the President orders all the
single women onto the floor in front of the stage. At the last wedding I
was at, most of the women tried to dodge this, but no one is willing to
avoid an executive order. On the count of three, Lisa tosses the bouquet
over her shoulder, and I watch it fly into the middle of the crowd. I
don't think the lucky girl wanted to catch it, but it hit her on the head
and fell into her hands. For once, I think CJ regrets being a head above
the crowd.

Ron Butterfield produces a chair from somewhere and Lisa is more good
natured than I thought, because she smiles, sits down, and let's me slide
my hands up to find a blue garter. Donna ordered her to wear it, and I'm
sort of glad she did. I mean, it's nice to have an excuse to feel up my
wife's legs in public. My wife. I sort of like the sound of that. The
President issues the same order to all the single men. He even stares
down Leo until the Chief of Staff steps into the crowd as well. I put a
hand over my eyes, and peek through my fingers as I throw the scrap of
satin. My aim must have improved since Little League, because the things
ends up sitting on top of Josh's head. I'm mentally doing a dance of

Bartlet's making CJ and Josh share the traditional dance now, and I can
see Toby and Donna glaring at them from the sidelines. Maybe our aim was
right on with those little tokens after all. I'd like to pursue that line
of thought further, but Lisa is nudging me towards the dance floor, I
follow. From now on, I don't leave her arms again until morning.




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