Comfort through Trials - Imagining things

Archive: If you want it, take it. Just let me know where it's going.

Rating: PG (if you haven't noticed, the ratings are just going to keep
swinging between PG and R/NC-17)

Spoilers: Galileo

Author's Notes: Sequel to "Comfort through Trials - Different
Perspectives". This is part of a series I am working on.

Disclaimer: They're not mine, I just borrow them to play with.

Work was interesting today. Every time I got excited about something, I
started to worry if maybe I was a little too excited, and every time I
got upset, I had to wonder if I wasn't just a little too upset. By lunch
Cathy was giving me strange looks, mostly because I kept asking her if I
was acting normally, and Josh was throwing files at me every time he saw
me. Now for the record, I don't mean handing me folders and hence,
throwing me some work. No, I mean he was literally launching the files at
my head and muttering something about a blankie. Honestly, I don't want
to know.

Before I came in, I took Lisa home and got her all tucked in my bed....
our bed. Josh said she quit, and I have to keep hoping that she's
considering moving back to DC. We haven't talked about it yet though, so
I shouldn't assume. I mean, she could have gotten fed up with corporate
law, and believe me that's easy to do, but New York's a big city, and I'm
sure as soon as word got around, she started getting job offers. Lots of
offers. Offers in the private sector that pay a whole lot more than Leo
could offer her. I'm crossing my fingers though. No, I'm not crossing my
fingers, I'm crossing my fingers, my toes, my eyes, well, not my eyes,
but you get the picture.

I think I'm going to have to cancel our Christmas plans though. I mean,
her mother is a nice woman, at least, she is to other people, but in
order to defend my fragile sanity, I'm going to have to say no. I mean,
how can someone who thinks the monarchy is the best invention since
sliced bread, and that the colonies will eventually discover the error of
their ways have a daughter like Lisa? I think she was switched at birth.
Wait, that sounded slightly paranoid. Was that more paranoid that usual,
or was that the same level of paranoia I usually have? Maybe going off
the lithium wasn't such a great idea.

"Sam! Leo wants you!" Okay, now I'm paranoid, but I still can't tell if
I'm unnaturally paranoid or just paranoid like usual. I'm definitely
still scared of Cathy though, and she's using that tone of voice. My
assistant is worse than my girlfriend. Is Lisa my girlfriend? I mean she
used to by my fiancee and before that, she was Josh's best friend, well
actually she still might be, Josh has been pretty unhappy with me since
the shooting, but is she my girlfriend, or just the woman I'm sleeping
with. No, wait, I think that was Laurie, and Lisa and Laurie are not in
the same galaxy. "SAM! LEO WANTS YOU!" Right. Leo.

Okay, Josh is hiding in his office, and Donna gives me this look. I think
it's the 'Josh is sleeping with his head on his desk' look, but I'm not
stopping. Leo wants me, and whatever it is, it can't be good. Maybe he
knows. I mean, I know Lisa didn't tell him, but what if Josh did? What if
Stanley called him? Stanley can't do that, can he? I mean, there's doctor
patient privilege and everything. Right?

I stop in Leo's outer office and Margaret waves me in. Great. He's
expecting me. Wait, he called me. Sam, you're being weird. Stop it. Oh
great. I'm talking to myself. Do I usually talk to myself? "Leo, hi.
What'd you need?"

"You're feeling cheerful this morning. I take it Lisa's doing alright."
I'm nodding, and I have to control my enthusiasm before, you know, my
head bobs off. Leo keeps right on writing whatever it is he's writing
until he sets it aside. He asks if I'm feeling better, and I figure
saying yes is the truth. I am feeling better. It's not my fault Josh told
him I was getting over the flu. "Could you tell Lisa that we're looking
for a someone in communications? I haven't gotten around to hiring
someone to replace Dumb and Dumber." I've noticed Leo. It's not like I
don't notice when there's an empty corner in my bullpen. I'll mention it
though. If I though she'd accept the offer, I'd scream it from the roof.
Wait, that might be certifiable, but it's poetic so it's allowed.

Sure, I can get together with the speechwriter from NASA on the Galileo
introduction. I wonder if this one can actually write. I doubt it.
They're usually great bureaucrats and icky speechwriters. Besides, I know
the President, and at least I keep him in character. That speech on the
Discovery launch was just plain silly. Luckily Toby pulled the plug on

I'm on my way to the Presidential Classroom, but first I'm going to stop
off and return Paul's phone call. Lisa hasn't called him, and I tried all
morning before staff. Cathy said he returned my call almost the second I
walked into Leo's office. Typical of my luck.

"Paul Lloyd, please." Cathy gives me this weird look. Yeah, I know, I
usually don't say please, but I'm feeling pretty chipper today. It must
have some effect, because she doesn't say anything, just flips through my
phone messages and starts dialing. By the time she yells at me to pick up
line 2, I'm sitting behind my desk, ready to talk to Paul. Paul who still
thinks I broke up with Lisa, and not vice versa. Great.

He takes it fairly well when I tell him about the accident, and about how
Lisa's doing. I base this judgement on the fact that he doesn't yell, and
he doesn't insist on coming for a visit. He does ask for my home phone
number, so I suppose he's going to call Lisa and badger her for a while.
Good for him. Now I'm off to fix whatever abomination the NASA
speechwriters have created.



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