Injured Part 2

disclaimer: "The West Wing" and its characters are the property of NBC, Aaron Sorkin, and John Wells Productions. No copyright infringement or disrespect is intended nor any profit being made (by me, at least). 


As I thought, this doesn't look good at all. Her vital signs are dropping and the blood loss is staggering. One entry wound with no exit. At least that's encouraging. Looks like we might have some serious kidney involvement though, damn-it-all-to-hell!

While we're are trying to get her stabilized for transport, I look back over at him. Standing there not five feet away he hasn't said or done anything else since he gave her to me. God, he looks so lost! I can't help him, can't reassure him. There aren't any assurances to give.

We've done all we can do here, have to go *now*! They're putting her in the bus when he touches my arm.


"GWU - it's closest."


Now I remember why I hated ride-alongs. I *know* that it's less than 2 miles to GWU so why is it taking forever to get there? Those paramedics aren't too thrilled about me coming with her, but who cares. She's _my_ patient, at least until I turn her over to an E.R. attending, and I don't walk away from my responsibilities. Besides, I told him I'd take care of her.



Injured - 3



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