Ok, I finally know where I'm going with this. Heck, I even have an outline of sorts now. :) Not much Sam torture in this installment or the next, but buck up -it's coming.

Injured Part 3

disclaimer: "The West Wing" and its characters are the property of NBC, Aaron Sorkin, and John Wells Productions. No copyright infringement or disrespect is intended nor any profit being made (by me, at least).


Even a layman could see that she's lost a lot of blood. Ms. Cregg's normally pale complexion appears almost translucent. I know her name the same way I knew his, of course. You don't have to follow the political scene but, living here, you would have to be blind, deaf _and_ dumber than a post not to at least recognize President Bartlet's senior staff. I wonder how many of the others will end up in the hospital -or morgue- this evening.


It's about time! Looks like GWU will get the brunt of tonight's event, but at least they're not lined up to unload victims. Yet.

The paramedics are briefing the E.R. crew, I'm just caught up in the current. There's nothing I can do here in the exam room but as I turn to leave _his_ face haunts me. I said I'd take care of her, and somehow I don't think that he needs me to shirk my responsibility. There's an empty space along the wall by the doors so I just take up residence there to watch. It's all I can do now.

The usual controlled chaos promptly ensues - shouted orders, frantic movements, a lifesaving ballet.

"Blood, where's the damn blood?!"

"Got another bleeder - where's it coming from?"

"There! Kidney damage for sure, don't see any injury to the renal artery."

Big sigh from me - that's good news. I guessed about the kidney and hoped for the artery. At least I've been right about that most important thing tonight. Now, how much damage?



Injured - 4



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