Injured Part 6 - Epilogue

Lisa Wilson

disclaimer: "The West Wing" and its characters are the property of NBC, Aaron Sorkin, and John Wells Productions. No copyright infringement or disrespect is intended nor any profit being made (by me, at least).


Looks like it was Ms. Cregg's lucky night. Or so her surgeon says and, since he's not known for his tact or his ability to sugarcoat the facts, I have to believe him. The damage has been repaired, the bleeding stopped, though not without the necessity of multiple transfusions. She'll have a long road ahead of her, but at least she'll be here to walk it.

Someone finally showed up for Sam. The White House Chief of Staff, no less, trailing his daughter behind like a comet's tail. I thought Mr. McGarry a cold sort of man when he stormed in, demanding answers. But, that was before I saw him squeeze Sam's shoulder. In that instant, he looked like the weight of the world had fallen square on his shoulders and that he thought he might not be up to the task. Then he whisked back out, leaving the daughter behind. She's still with Sam. He's talking to her, and, maybe just maybe, her shoulder will be there when he needs to cry. I think that she will, just like I think that there's something between the two of them. It's a good thing. He will need someone. They all will. 


While I sit here on the hospital steps waiting for my cab, there's time to reflect. It will be dawn soon. I can see the rose-gold stain in the eastern sky, herald of the new day to come. Fragments of that song keep slipping through my head,

"She's gonna make it And he never will. He's at the foot of that mountain And she's over that hill He's sinking at sea And her sails are filled. She's gonna make it And he never will."

All I can do is hope that isn't prophetic. I like Mr. Samuel Seaborn. He has a lot of potential as a human being.

Here's my cab now - is there *anything* worse than a cheerful cabbie at 6 in the morning?

"Heya doc - long night?"

I look back up at the brightening sky and climb into the back of the cab.

"Yes, you could say that."


"She's Gonna Make It" borrowed courtsey of : Kent Blazy, Garth Brooks, Kim Williams


The End



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