Comfort through Trials - Nightmares

Archive: If you want it, take it. Just let me know where it's going.

Rating: R (language and sexual situation)

Spoilers: ITSOTG

Author's Notes: Sequel to "Comfort through Trials - Vigilance". This
is part of a series I am working on.

Disclaimer: They're not mine, I just borrow them to play with.


She's leaving for New York tomorrow. Josh is going to be going back to
work soon, and neither he nor Donna still need her here. Never mind the
fact that I still need her here. Never mind that I don't want her to go.
Her firm has been clamoring for months now, demanding she come back.
Unfortunately for them, she's an associate partner and they can't fire
her, but I think they're wishing they could.

Leo's still offering her jobs left and right, but she won't take it, and
I have to wonder why. Josh seems to know, and that means Donna might
know. I'm going to try and bribe it out of her during lunch today. I'll
even send her to Hawaii if she'll just tell me why Lisa keeps running
from DC. She did it right after she started working for Hoynes, and I
followed her, and we were one of those power couples New York is famous
for. Then when I joined the campaign, she was supportive at first, even
helped Toby write the convention speech, but right after the convention,
on the last night, she ran. When I accepted a job with the
administration, that was the end of things. I always thought something
was strange about it, but she never told me and at the time, I just
couldn't find the right was to ask.

Josh knows, and once he's well, I'm going to weasel it out of him.

It's been a long day, but I don't want it to end. When it's over, we'll
go to sleep and in the morning she'll leave again, running from an enemy
that she won't share. Well, we both have nightmares of this city now,
except we both know what mine are. Every night, the dreams come, guns and
screams, and pushing CJ to the ground and watching Josh bleed. Every
night Lisa wakes me up, and holds me until I fall asleep again. Yeah, we
both know what's in my nightmares.

She's asleep on the couch. I suppose she was waiting up for me, and I
don't want to wake her up, but she'll have such a stiff neck in the
morning..... Grabbing her shoulder, I shake her lightly, and she jolts
awake. "Sam! I'm sorry I was going to wait up." I tell her it's okay,
that I had to work late, and she nods. She's used to it. "I made dinner.
It's cold, I guess, but I can heat it up." Shaking my head, I tell her
not to bother. We've been tiptoeing around each other since that night. I
haven't asked about her ring, but I know she did something with it. I'm
glad. I couldn't have made it through that last few months sleeping next
to her if she'd been wearing that thing.

She can feel the heat rising in the room, and she pulls herself up off
the couch and peels off my jacket. It hits the floor with a soft swish of
cloth. Next her hands are pulling at my tie and the silk slips through
the knot. I slide my hand under her blouse, and the silk feels rough
compared to her skin. I pull her towards me, and kiss her. I could devour
her right now. She's working on my shirt right now, one button at a time,
and her hands are searing my skin.

The phone. Damn damn damn. I'll kill whoever it is. She releases me, and
there's a half smile crossing her lips as she sits down on the couch
again, and I'm cold before I'm halfway to the phone. It's Josh. Fine, so
I won't kill him. He already told her goodbye this afternoon, or whenever
she left his place. "Yes, I'll tell her." I turn and tell him in a stage
whisper that Josh loves her. She laughs, and I think I'll kill him anyway
just to get back to her. Finally I extricate myself from the phone, and
assure Josh that I'll kiss her goodbye for him.

Before I can turn around, her arms are sliding around my waist. Thank the
powers that be for women like this. Smart, sassy, and unbelievably sexy.
She finishes with my shirt before turning me around. This time, I don't
care if the President himself knocks on my door. I am so not answering

Speak of the devil. My phone's ringing, but you what, if it was
important, they'd call my cell phone, not my home phone. When Lisa asks
if I'm going to answer it, I shake my head and pull her into a bruising
kiss. How I've missed this. I'm going to miss her. Tomorrow.



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