TITLE: Our Two Consciences: Chicken Little (1/1)
AUTHOR: Laurel A. (lalden99@yahoo.com) -- Love that
SPOILERS: Everything up to, and including, The Fall's
Gonna Kill You.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine; Aaron Sorkin's.
ARCHIVE: Archive anyplace, just let me know.
SUMMARY: Donna just knew something was being kept from
her at the White House, she just didn't realize until
later that _everyone_ was in on the Chinese satellite
AUTHORS NOTE: Thanks, as always to Michelle, who
totally sounds Midwestern, in spite of her protests to
the contrary.

This is the next installment in the Josh/Donna Post-Ep
POV series, "Our Two Consciences" by Michelle Hoffmann
and myself (although you don't have to have read any
of the others to jump on in now):

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It didn't hit me until I was home tonight in the
shower, unwinding from the day; but, there was
something going on at the White House. They were
keeping something from me today.

I guess I sensed that _something_ was going on that I
wasn't supposed to know about. But, you know how you
think more clearly in the shower; things come to you
easier and fall into place in your mind more readily?
Well, it was right as I was rinsing the hemp shampoo
out of my hair (my small protest to the ridiculous
illegal status of marijuana), when I realized that the
Chinese satellite that was falling back to earth
really wasn't really wasn't the international crisis I
thought it was. They were messing with me today.
They were all seriously messing with me.

As I was shaving my legs (selling out the sisterhood),
I re-traced the events of the day, putting together
the pieces of what I am pretty sure is a massive
conspiracy. Then I did some research on the NASA
website and confirmed that "space junk" and satellites
fall back to earth on a pretty regular basis. There
was nothing to worry about.

CJ didn't really _need_ to see the fax. I didn't have
to be concerned for some poor neighborhood on the
outskirts of Zurich that was about to have an
industrial crane-sized hunk of metal thrown on top of
their quaint village.

I've figured out that it must have started with Ed and
Larry. They're probably still mad about the hard time
I gave them on the research they did for their
"Encyclopedia Britannica" presentation on India and
Pakistan last year; which, by the way, probably also
included information from Josh's 1984 8th grade social
studies textbook.

Coming down the hall, past the bullpen, they weren't
laughing, as I had thought, because they were terribly
misguided about the magnitude of the devastation that
was about to befall some part of the earth's
population; they were laughing at me.

I wonder if it was something they plotted out in
advance, assembling the compliance of every member of
the West Wing staff, or if it was something that they
came up with on the fly and everyone just has the same
sick sense of humor so that they all played along; and
played me like a fiddle.

Josh was definitely in on it. He must have known
about the plan to "let Donna think that the sky is
falling so we can watch her run around like Chicken
Little." I should have caught on to him when he
didn't immediately laugh at my grand statements of
impending doom and then chuckle as he explained how
these things happen all the time.

He didn't tease and he didn't banter, and I hardly saw
him all day. He knows that he just doesn't have the
self-control to fool me for very long. He had to keep
it short and avoid me. Unlike Donnatella "I Framed
Roger Rabbit" Moss, Josh has a terrible poker face; he
can't keep anything from me.

But, I can't believe I actually sent the fax down to
CJ while she was in Babbish's office, where they were
probably discussing something, you know, important.
Although, from what I've heard about the guy, and
assuming CJ was in on the joke, it must have given her
some welcome comic relief. I can only hope that this
humor at my expense brought some joy to those around
me. Yeah. Right.

And let me just state for the record here and now: I
_knew_ Charlie wasn't annoyed with the Swiss. In
fact, I happen to know that he is a big fan of Swiss
cheese, loves the stuff, can't get enough of it. So

And in retrospect I definitely had sensed that
something wasn't right pretty early on. You know how
sometimes you can feel that something is amiss, but it
takes you a while to put it all together? Or when you
find out that you've been fooled, duped, that the joke
is on you; it makes you feel foolish for not paying
attention to that little voice that was telling you
that something is rotten in Denmark.

Oh, they like to have fun with me, and play their
little games. But, just wait until someone keeps the
truth from them. Then they'll know how it feels to be
deceived by those you trust the most.




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