TITLE: "Darts and Dresses"

By: Lisa [Lab7417@aol.com] and Pat [SSbpMN@aol.com]

This is the fourth in the series: A Bagel and A Beginning, Chili with a side of 'The Jackal', Dinner and Dancing. The continuation of our little WW saga here, a look at the other parts of the characters lives we so rarely see.

What Lisa means is that these are stories about their personal lives, much more so than their professional personas, so if that's not something you want to read, this would be a good time to bail.......Pat

DISCLAIMER: The West Wing belongs to NBC et al, no copyright infringement is intended. The following is for entertainment only.

From Part 4: Zoey was walked up the aisle by her father and joined her hands with Charlie's. CJ smiled to Toby and Donna looked down at her own bare left finger longingly. They were halfway through the ceremony when the skirt of Zoey's gown was suddenly coated with red and she fainted against Charlie. There was panic everywhere but there had not been a breech of security. "Oh God the baby," CJ breathed to Toby knowing immediately what was wrong.

"Zoey" Charlie's scream echoed through the silent church, mingling with the soft organ music. He caught her and lowered her to the floor, clinging to her and the blood smeared on him. CJ and Toby, Donna and Josh, quickly followed by the others, reached them a moment later. "She's losing the baby" Charlie shouted, "help her please." A general murmur when through the crowd as heretofore the baby had not been known by anyone save Charlie and the Bartletts and Gina. Gina pushed her way through and knelt with them, speaking into her radio to order an ambulance. "I'm so scared Gina" Charlie gasped. "She could be dying here in my arms."

"Darts And Dresses" Part 5:

Abby began looking her over and soon they were joined by a team of paramedics and the stories were flying like wildfire as the wedding party rushed from the church. "I can't believe this," CJ sighed obviously hurting for Zoey. "Not to mention this is going to be a press fiasco. No one was supposed to know about this I'm sure."

"I doubt it" Toby agreed, "it's obviously been between them, and I guess the Bartletts knew." He tightened his arm across her, resting his free hand on their baby. "Just like ours is just our secret, well along with a few of the staff." The press shouted questions the moment they were outside, the gist of which being, "is Zoey pregnant?"

The Secret Service was on full alert as they bundled Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett into the limo and watched over Zoey as she was loaded in the ambulance. Charlie climbed in behind, pushing his way through everyone and immediately took up her hand, pressing his free hand to her face. "Please help her" he begged the woman paramedic who was snapping an oxygen mask on her face. "Five minutes to GW" she promised, "and they'll take good care of her."

"Donna come" Josh urged, tugging her arm. "She's going to be OK."

Donna walked along mutedly, "I feel so sorry for her," the blonde finally sniffled, "I mean to have your baby taken away on your wedding day..."

They arrived at the hospital and Zoey was rushed into OR. "It's not the baby," Abby finally admitted when they were all alone in a private waiting room. "Zoey's appendix just burst."

"Oh my god" Toby's hand flew to his mouth. "Then she's in surgery?" Abby nodded numbly and buried her head in Jed's coat. He stroked the back of her hair and looked to CJ. "Soon as we verify that she's going to be OK, you can tell the press that; and yes confirm her pregnancy. You know what to say, she and Charlie love each other etcetera etcetera. But make it clear we won't comment further than that--no more delving into the private lives of the first family. Now where's Charlie?" Josh motioned to where he was looking out the window, staring into the sky, and volunteered to talk to him. Donna slipped her hand into his and they walked to the far end of the room together. "Charlie she's going to be all right" Josh spoke first. "Both she and the baby, you'll see. They'll come tell us that real quick."

Charlie continued to stare out the window. "The first thought that ran through my mind was that I had allowed her to be shot. Then I immediately thought about the baby. I couldn't believe that we were going to have to deal with losing the baby but now to think that I could lose them both, that I could loose Zoey..." Charlie shook his head and fell silent.

"Not real likely" Josh shook his head. "This is one of the best hospitals in the country. They saved Ronald Reagan's life after he was shot and they'll pull Zoey through too, with the baby I'm betting." He clapped Charlie's shoulder. "Have a little faith my man."

"I'm trying to," Charlie replied, "It's easier with all of you here." Donna smiled and noticed CJ was missing. "Too much upset I bet. She hasn't been ill for a while." The group all sat down to wait.

------------------------ Toby had seen CJ run for the bathroom in the hallway and he waited outside the door for her, finally opening it a crack. "Honey I'm out here" he called softly, "if you want me or Donna just let me know."

"Toby please come in here and help me," CJ called to him softly. Then he heard her being ill again. She was holding onto the commode for dear life and obviously she was dizzy and weak from her efforts.

"At least you're in the right place for being sick" Toby sighed, hurrying to her. He had seen her ill before, but this time was worse than it ever had been. She leaned heavily on him as his arms went around him and her skin was pale and clammy. Again she heaved, with nothing more left to come out. "Let me walk you up to OB and have them give you something" he urged. "You're probably dehydrating here and it's bad for the baby. Everyone is going to know soon enough anyway. You can't just tell people you swallowed a watermelon you know."

"Okay," CJ tried to get up but wobbled and fell into Toby's arms. "Lead the way."

"I'll carry you until we can find you a wheelchair" Toby told her firmly, taking the nearest door to the hallway with her in his arms and buttonholing the first nurse.

CJ laughed as he wheeled her along, fortunately the press was being kept out but Josh did happen to see them from the door as they passed though he said nothing. "I'm sorry," CJ apologized.


"This is the worst" Abby sighed, almost in tears. "Not so" Jed smiled, "Elizabeth remember? We were in Wisconsin and she decided to come a month early, which would have been OK had we not been camping in the middle of no where--and this was before the days of cell phones."

Abby smiled slightly, "Yes but I at least was the one involved and I had a little control over the situation. I knew I could deliver a baby if I had to, even my own."

"I know" Jed said soothingly, stroking her hair more. "Mr. President, this is Dr. Halloran" Sam's voice broke into their thoughts. "Oh thank god" Jed gasped and called Charlie to his side. "Doctor this is her fiancÚ Charlie. Now how is she?"

"She had some internal bleeding but we managed to remove the appendix successfully and she's in stable condition now," the doctor said. He hesitated then, "the pregnancy is intact. We worked very hard to save the baby and we were successful but she's going to need bed rest for at least a month to ensure she heals without undue stress on the baby."


"Thank you" Charlie and Jed said in the same breath, both with a small sob. "Doctor please I have to see her" Charlie begged. "I have to be with her. She's going to wake up scared and I'm terrified anyway. Please let me go to her."

"Very well, but family only at this point," the doctor said and he led them to Zoey's cubical where she lay small, white and frail amongst the sheets, lifeless at the moment save her breathing.

Josh simply shook his head in a not to worry motion, then went to get Donna so they could follow her.

Charlie sucked in his breath sharply and sat down next to her, pulling the chair as close as he could and then taking her hand, pressing it to his cheek. "I'm here Zoey. I'm here and I love you very much. And when you wake up we're going to be married for real. The baby is fine by the way and I love you."

Toby reached the OB wing with her and accosted the first nurse. "My wife has been throwing up non stop for the past twenty minutes at least" he told her. "I'm afraid she might be dehydrated." "My goodness I know you" she gasped. "White House staff yes ma'am" Toby interrupted. "Help her please."

The nurse took CJ right away to be examined. "Is she okay?!" Donna gasped out as she and Josh reached Toby.


Zoey lay still and quiet on the bed for a good two hours. Finally she barely opened here eyes. "Charlie, Dad, Mom," she gasped out weakly, "love you."

"I'm right here Zoey angel" Charlie sighed, feeling hot tears in his eyes as she woke up. "Your mom and dad have been in and out. I love you so much and I'm so scared right now. Thank you for waking up and telling me you're with me."

Zoey looked to him and asked weekly, "the baby...I lost the baby didn't I?"






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