TITLE: "Darts and Dresses"

By: Lisa [Lab7417@aol.com] and Pat [SSbpMN@aol.com]

This is the fourth in the series: A Bagel and A Beginning, Chili with a side of 'The Jackal', Dinner and Dancing. The continuation of our little WW saga here, a look at the other parts of the characters lives we so rarely see.

What Lisa means is that these are stories about their personal lives, much more so than their professional personas, so if that's not something you want to read, this would be a good time to bail.......Pat

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From Part 5:

Zoey lay still and quiet on the bed for a good two hours. Finally she barely opened here eyes. "Charlie, Dad, Mom," she gasped out weakly, "love you."

"I'm right here Zoey angel" Charlie sighed, feeling hot tears in his eyes as she woke up. "Your mom and dad have been in and out. I love you so much and I'm so scared right now. Thank you for waking up and telling me you're with me."

Zoey looked to him and asked weekly, "the baby...I lost the baby didn't I?"

"Darts and Dresses" 6/6

"She's been vomiting and it's really gotten to her" Toby sighed, his voice trembling slightly. "I don't think she's taken in enough fluid with all the excitement and now she's barfed off what she did consume. Can this day get any worse?"

Donna sank against Josh and his arm went around her tightly. "She's going to be OK." He pressed her head beneath her chin, stroking her hair. "Donna I want you and I to move on with our lives" he said suddenly as he rocked her. "We've postponed our trip and we have done nothing about getting married and that's not good."

Donna looked to Josh, "Josh Lyman, what are you saying?" She looked to him and smiled, "You saw Toby and remember how to propose correctly when you want to." she laughed lightly due to nerves mainly.

The nurse gave CJ a shot and then made her lay back and drink water. "If this doesn't stay down we're going to need to give you an IV." CJ drank slowly hoping it would stay down. "I thought I was past being ill."

Josh opened his mouth and then closed it quickly, dropping to his knee. "I don't have the ring here" he whispered, "it's home in my sock drawer, but I think I remember how Toby did it."

"Thank you" Toby sighed and took CJ's hand. "I hope she's not calling the National Enquirer or the Washington Post. You know you're going to have to announce tomorrow, for both you and Zoey."

CJ looked down, "Yes, yes I know." she sighed. "You realize in another month or so we'll be able to see the baby?" She pointed to a chart on the wall. "You see that's what our baby looks like right now and that's the actual size," she said pointing to the picture below it.

Donna just gasped and then she knocked open the door so that Toby and CJ could see. "Well okay then..." she looked down to Josh, "I can wait on the ring, not necessary at the moment." She smiled at him down on his knee before her and he could see her blushing beautifully, her eyes sparkling.

Toby was about to study the chart when he was distracted by Josh's voice from the next room.

"Then the moment you shall have" Josh smiled. He reached up and took her hand from where he knelt, fingering the left ring finger. "Donnatella Jolie I love you very much. Very, very much. I would consider myself the luckiest man on this planet if you would do me the very great honor of being my wife."


"Oh Zoey no" Charlie moaned, stroking her forehead and then kissing her. "It was your appendix. The baby is fine. Here you can hear the beep beep from the monitor." He reached over and turned up the volume as he had seen the nurse do. "That's our baby inside you."

"Oh my goodness," Zoey gasped, "My baby, our baby. We didn't get to finish the wedding. I want to finish our ceremony. I can't believe it. I thought I had lost our baby on our wedding day. Oh Charlie I never would have forgiven myself."

"The only thing you're going to finish is your recovery" Charlie told her sternly "and you haven't even started that yet. You're looking at a few days in bed I'm sure and then some recuperation time. Unless you want to call the minister here and finish. I'm certainly up for that, but we won't have much of a wedding night."

"I want the ceremony finished, from this bed if I have to," Zoey answered, "you're right about the wedding night. It's going to be a very long time and I'm sorry."

"The wedding night can wait" Charlie grinned. "You're OK and you're carrying my baby and the baby is OK and that's all that matters. If you'll close your eyes and rest some I'll go check on whether we can get the minister to finish it right here and now. Well as soon as he can get here that is."

Zoey smiled softly and then obediently closed her eyes. She soon was resting peacefully as she listened in awe to the frequent beeps that was her baby's heartbeat. ----------------------------

Donna smiled and sniffled, "Yes, yes Josh. I'll marry you. I'd love to marry you. I love you." Donna began to cry happy tears, "oh my goodness I can't believe this. I can't-oh wow." she gasped. CJ smiled at Toby elatedly at what they had just witnessed.

"Josh it will be easier next time with your next fiancée" Toby teased and CJ poked him. Josh waved at him in dismissal and stood up, taking Donna in his arms for a lasting kiss. "I love you and tonight we're going someplace where I can give you the ring properly and...actually no we're not. I'm going to do it right in our home I think."

Donna smiled and then wrapped her arms around Josh looking to Toby and CJ. "I think I'll keep him," she teased. "Sounds like a wonderful plan Josh. Then we can get started on that rose garden wedding." she smiled. Toby closed the door at CJ insistence and then went back to studying the chart she had been showing him about the baby.

CJ smiled as Toby rubbed her flat but tight stomach where even she could already feel the changes happening. "Yes I think I might Toby," she answered with a smile. She had finished her second glass of water. "Well I think I'm over dehydration fears."

"You just rest easy" Toby told her, "I don't want to take you home only to have to turn around and rush you back here. You really scared me and it's not something I'm anxious to repeat."

CJ smiled lovingly at her husband of only nine days and continued to rest just for him. She couldn't believe all the little changes that Toby had brought to her life in just this short amount of time. The gentle way he cared for her and lovingly protected her and their child was something she was coming to cherish more with each day that passed.

CJ relaxed back and Toby gently maneuvered himself in back of her so that she was resting against him and he crossed his hands over her belly, rubbing softly. "Love you, close your eyes" he whispered, nuzzling his lips to her ear.

"Mrs. Ziegler do you realize how much I love you and love this baby" Toby sighed, kissing her with his hand firmly planted on the baby belly, massaging gently. -------------------

Charlie kissed her cheek and then walked out to the Bartletts, now joined by Leo and Caroline and Sam and Mallory. "She's doing good" he smiled and sank wearily into the nearest chair. "Mr. President she wants us to finish the ceremony. I persuaded her to get some sleep for now; but I think we could get the minister and then maybe have her wheeled into a larger room where we could all gather around and then finish our wedding."

"This is ludicrous!" Jed exclaimed, "she just survived appendectomy and now she wants to continue her wedding. She could be killed with such nonsense!" he waved his hands emphatically as he spoke and Abby followed him trying to calm him. "I think it's a good idea," she spoke softly, "If we finish it now she's not going to want to redo the ceremony and rush her recovery to do just that. She'll probably rest better and worry less."

"Mr. President I think Mrs. Bartlett is right" Leo spoke up. "When she gets out of here she needs to recover and think about the baby; not be planning for a re-do of all this today. If she's resting now she's probably going to be up to it in a little while. To be sure though you should check with her doctor. If she gives permission I don't see it as a problem."

Jed sighed, "as usual you two are right. I knew there was some reason I kept you around. Charlie perhaps you could see about this wedding business...right now I'm going to sit with my daughter and make sure for myself that she's okay." He smiled and left them for Zoey's room.

"Come on Charlie I'll give you a hand" Leo offered, kissing Caroline's cheek as he rose. "Shouldn't be too hard to recall a minister for members of the White House senior staff."

----------------------- Josh walked Donna to the lounge where the others were waiting and then excused himself for a minute to make arrangements for the evening he wanted to give her.

"Guess what everyone," Donna said smiling brightly and not being able to contain herself. "I know this probably isn't the best time but... Josh just proposed! I'm engaged!"

Charlie and Leo were successful in recalling the minister. "He'll be here in a half hour to perform the rest of the ceremony," Leo informed the president when they returned to Zoey's room.

Charlie sat on the opposite side of Zoey from the President, holding her hand in his, but saying nothing. "Good" Jed nodded. "I know she'll rest better. Leo we need to see about arranging a hospital room for her at the White House." "Jed no" Abby corrected him. "A nurse OK, but she'll rest a lot better in a regular bed with her husband sleeping next to her."

"YES" Mallory cried and clapped, and Sam hurried to her side and kissed her forehead. "I was wondering when that man would finally open his eyes and see what was right before his eyes."

Jed nodded. Leo stepped out saying he was going to get the others. Everyone seemed strangely happy under the circumstances. He immediately sought out Caroline and then announced, "we're going to finish the ceremony in about ten minutes. The priest will be returning and Zoey would like everyone present."

"Sounds like a plan" Sam grinned. "Those two are so suited for each other." He slipped his arm around Mallory. "There seems to be a lot of that going around."


"Gina?" she swung around, immediately and instinctively on guard, to face fellow agent Lucas Miller with whom she had formerly partnered until she was selected for first daughter duty. "Gina I'm sure the supervisor will tell you tomorrow but I wanted it to come from me. You and I are going to partner again. They're assigning me to you as part of Zoey's protection detail. I'm going to be mainly responsible for Charlie as I understand it."

"Lucas," Gina was surprised. She extended her hand, "welcome aboard. You've missed the excitement today." Gina rubbed her throat feeling her pulse racing. Lucas was the most attractive man she had ever met. She smiled, "so are you on now? Everyone's in the room so I've got door duty at the moment. I can brief you I guess."

"Please" Lucas smiled. "It's going to be strange working under your direction this time. You're not the green rookie out of Quantico they gave me to break in a year ago. I hear you and Zoey have become good friends too." He pulled up a chair and sat next to her. "And at the risk of getting a sexual harassment charge, you're prettier than ever" he whispered, running his hand through his close cropped sandy hair and turning on his famous smile.

"I've been training for this assignment for three years and I think I like having it. The first family is great to work with. Zoey is pretty easy to work with as far as first daughters go. Charlie and Zoey are very cooperative. I'm sure you've been brief on the hundreds of threats due to their unique relationship. Now there's even more hype because," Gina lowered her voice, "not only of their impending marriage but the fact that Zoey is pregnant. That will become public knowledge all too soon for me." Gina sighed.

"Zoey's pregnant?" Lucas's eyes grew large and round. "I guess so. That's going to mean another set of agents to help with the baby. I'm assuming they're going to be living at the White House for now? I know all about the threats--they've been catalogued very well. Most of them are from nut cases, but there's a few that do honestly scare me."

Gina nodded, "Yes on all accounts. We're going to be stationed at the White House so things will be as easy as possible I mean having full detail. Zoey was planning on finishing her semester at college but I don't know after this appendectomy. I was so afraid for them." Gina sighed, she was taking today very hard.

Lucas read her distress and covered her hand with his. "It has been a bad day. We only heard that she had been hospitalized and you know what went through my mind--some kind of major threat to the first family. Having Zoey finish school doesn't seem unreasonable though. If that's what she wants to do and feels comfortable. In any case there's nothing you could have done about today and the report I got praised your quick thinking in getting right into the situation." He pressed her hand hard and then realized what he was doing, drawing his away quickly with an embarrassed look.

"Well we got lucky today. It's not going to be easy these next few months I mean with Zoey and Charlie just starting out but I wouldn't be doing anything else." Gina smiled and patted his hands. Just then the priest appeared and Gina slipped into the room after him with Lucas. "CJ and Toby are missing but they had to give her something for the baby," Donna spoke up. Zoey took Charlie's hands in hers, "I'm glad we took all of the wedding pictures yesterday," Zoey commented.

"Toby they're not having this wedding without me" CJ said sternly, her expression daring him to argue. "Now you help me into that wheel chair and take me into that room, or by god I'm going to get out of this bed and walk there myself."

"You're still beautiful" Charlie whispered, "and I want to marry you right now as much as I did a few hours ago."

Lucas stood behind Gina, looking down at the top of her brown hair. For the past year they had barely seen each other since she requested the special training for White House detail and he was now coming to realize how much he had missed her--her smile and her sense of humor, her prettiness and numerous other attributes. It was going to be good to work with her again.

Zoey smiled at Charlie and just as they were fixing to tell the priest to continue the ceremony a laughing CJ appeared in Toby's arms and he settled her into a chair as everyone watched. Finally the priest picked up with the exchanging of the rings. That accomplished he finished the final prayers and then announced, "I now present Mr. and Mrs. Charles Young. You may now kiss the bride." There wasn't a dry eye in the room.

Charlie knelt by the bed and took her carefully into his arms, sliding her to him to cradle for support before kissing her lovingly. "I love you Zoey Abigail Young" he whispered, "you and our baby and I am beyond happy at this minute." Charlie took a deep breath and looked around the room. "A few months ago I had nothing but a dead mother and no future" he said slowly, "and now I have a wife I love and adore, and all of you as friends, and....thanks to Mr. Ziegler, a future." Everyone turned to Toby who squirmed uncomfortably. "I simply fixed a line of credit so Charlie could resume his college education. He's going to be majoring in political science at Georgetown. God knows why but he wants to go into public service like the rest of us."

"Good examples," Zoey smiled, "thank-you, so much, all of you. I love you Mom, Dad." she gave each a hug and kiss in turn. "Now Zoey I think it's time you get some rest," Abby spoke softly. Josh, Donna, Toby, CJ, Sam, Mallory, Leo and Caroline gave their congrats one by one as they left out. "There's all that catered refreshments in the blue room back at the White House, maybe we should all head back and not let them go to waste," Sam spoke up.

"Sam who was it said you never have a good idea" Leo teased and pushed him. "We're out of here and I'm starving."

"I love you" Charlie repeated as he settled down next to her, helping her to make room for him on the bed. "Mrs. Charles Christopher Young. It sounds great doesn't it."

Lucas came back from a tour of the hallway. "All quiet" he sighed and then looked to Gina. "Partner you look tired. I want you to go find a cot someplace and get a couple hours. I'll be fine here; plus there's the three on duty at the main door." He tilted her face up to look at him, "I promise I'll shout into your earpiece if I need you."

Gina looked like she was about to protest and then sighed, "okay but the instant you need me you get in touch. I'll be right down the hall." She smiled and walked off. She was thankful for the cot and no sooner had she curled up than she was sound asleep.

Meanwhile Charlie and Zoey slept as well to the sound of the fetal monitor.

Everyone else returned to the White House and Toby had CJ quickly planted in a chair. "By the way Donna, Josh, congratulations," CJ smiled, "when's the next Rose Garden wedding?"

"Tomorrow works for me" Josh grinned. "Actually Donna and I are going away next week and then we'll plan it when we come back. But it would be helpful if someone could look at the upcoming schedules and see what would be a good date." "Josh where are you going?" Leo asked, "not to mention don't you have this wrong? The honeymoon before the wedding?" "We are going somewhere where there's no pagers and no cell phones and no faxes" Josh grinned. "And no, the honeymoon is after thank you very much. This is simply a little getaway and it won't be anything like the honeymoon trip."

Donna smiled and flushed softly. "Oh...they're rehearsing for the wedding night," Caroline spoke up and everyone laughed. "It's just going to be a little weekend getaway," Donna said flushing further.

The senior staff enjoyed their party in the blue room while the first family recouped at the hospital. It had been a wild past two months since Dallas and the next few months were going to prove even more interesting.

The End [The next part of this series is a work in progress]



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