This is the sequel to "Chili With A Side of the Jackal" which of course was 
the sequel to "A Bagel and A Beginning". 

NOTE: If the thought of romance between any of these people bothers you, you 
won't like this story. Now would be a good time to hit DELETE. On the other 
hand, if you believe as we do that these people are warm, wonderful human 
beings who have a life outside that big white building, read on!

TITLE: "Dinner and Dancing"
AUTHORS: Lisa [] and Pat []
SUMMARY: What takes place in Dallas after the chili dinner and Jackal 
performance. Rated PG13 for romantic overtones
DISCLAIMER: The West Wing belongs to NBC et al. No copyright infringement 
is intended and the following is for entertainment only.

"Dinner And Dancing" Part 1/2 

"Toby?" an energetic Bobbie called out.
"Here," Toby moaned, "barely."
"Huh?" Josh said half jerking into wakefulness 
before subduing back into sleep standing up.
"Black," she answered in a delirious moan.
"I'm awake...I'm awake."
"Nice to see we're all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 
this morning," Bobbie said looking the staff over. They all looked as if 
they had been passed through all the luggage belts. Sam looked the worst of 
all as he'd had the most to drink. The President of course was refreshed and 
ready to go and rather amused by his staff's appearance, even Leo had 
apparently enjoyed himself to exhaustion the evening before. 

"Then let's get to work" The President proclaimed. 
"I want to get eight hours in five today so that you all can go home and rest 
and pack. Sam don't forget underwear this time." 
"No sir" Sam nodded, and he would have blushed had he 
been more awake. 
"CJ you might want to think twice about having a 
chili party on a work night" the President smiled. "OK go get coffee and 
Toby, how's my speech coming." 
"Wonderfully sir" Toby stood up. "So far you've said 
good evening and told a slightly off color joke. This is a cattlemen's 
convention after all." 
"Sounds like I'm on a roll" Jed smiled. "Copy on my 
desk before you leave please. Let's get to work." 
The staff all headed for the door and then managed to 
all get stuck running into each other and jamming in the door. Then once out 
Donna and CJ smacked into each other trying to go opposite directions. After 
several cups of coffee the staff all seemed to be getting back on track. 
"Josh could you see about getting me some time to look into my stuff this 
afternoon. I don't want to miss the flight but I may have nothing to wear, 
well other than my dress that is still at the boutique. I was supposed to 
pick it up on my lunch break. My gown and CJ's are from the same place." She 
looked at the schedule, "looks like you have a meeting with the vice 
president at nine, Senator McCannehey at ten thirty and Congresswoman Baker 
at eleven." 
"Sounds like a wonderful morning" Josh muttered and 
squeezed her hand. "Of course. I'll wrap up Ms. Baker as soon as I can--use 
the Lyman charm on her--and then we'll get some lunch and check on your 
place. You remember what I told you now--no matter what it's going to be 
"Donna did I hear you say your dress is still at 
Jean's?" CJ was passing by. "Listen I'm going to be hung up here. You can 
pick mine up? It's totally out of the way for me." 
"Consider it done" Josh assured her. He squeezed 
Donna's hand again. "Get me some coffee and see if the Jefferson papers are 
back from the printer will you?" 
Donna nodded and headed off. Meanwhile CJ made her way 
to Toby's office. "Okay, what's the official word on last night's riots and 
fires?" she asked getting ready to begin gathering her research to inform the 
"Hey Sam," Toby stopped Sam Seaborn as he was attempting 
to breeze past, "get me some information on cattle stealing and wrongful 
imports from South America and tell me what we're doing to stop it." 

"Do I look like a cowboy" Sam muttered and looked around 
for someone to pass that along to. "Charlie" he yelled, "how'd you like to 
impress the president today?" 
"The official word is that there will be no official word 
until the damages are assessed and the report comes from the DC Mayor's 
office as to what exactly went down" Toby sighed. "In the mean time the 
president expresses his sympathy to families who lost homes and loved ones. 
He's also directed the Red Cross to make sure all involved are looked after. 
Then just say the usual about how he feels like violence never solves 
anything. You know the drill." 
CJ nodded and sighed. Then she stuck her head back in his 
office, closed the door quickly, walked over to him, "Are you wearing a tux?" 
she asked coming very close to kissing him. Just then though they were 
interrupted by Leo. "Well?" CJ asked him headed for the door. 

"Just passing through" Leo grinned, holding his hand to 
Toby who knew what he had come for and had it ready. "I think I'll start 
knocking" Leo laughed, gathering the papers and leaving. 
"Black tie yes" Toby smiled, watching as the door closed 
and then he did lean down and kiss her quickly. "And you'll be sitting right 
next to me in a beautiful gown and after dinner and the speech we'll dance 
and hopefully have some time to ourselves. I'll have dance with Mrs. 
Bartlett once as you will the president; but otherwise we can devote the 
evening to each other I hope." 
"I hope so too," CJ smiled. Everyone got on the ball and 
work at the White House sped along so that they could go home and pack. 
Josh finished up and returned to rescue Donna. They headed off 
to lunch at a deli and then afterwards they went to pick up their dresses. 
They were in black dress bags so Josh couldn't see them but they were 
definitely heavy. Then they made their way to Donna's apartment building. The 
police finally let her through and showed her to a twelve foot pile of 
rubble. "Oh God!" Donna gasped and she sunk down crying. 
For a long minute Josh stood stock still, his gaze wavering 
between what was obviously to yield nothing salvageable, and the crumpled 
form of the woman who was coming to mean more to him with each passing 
minute. He dropped next to her then, gathering her into his arms in an 
encompassing embrace. "It's all right baby" he whispered, "I'm so sorry but 
it's all right. You'll be staying with me for as long as you need to." He 
stroked her hair and wiped her face with the back of his hand. Finally he 
pulled her up to her feet. "We'd better do some shopping. Or Sam won't be 
the only one there without underwear. And I have a gold VISA that can take 
anything you can dish out, just in case you're worried about that." 

Toby arrived at CJ's, suitcase in hand, and let himself in 
with the key she gave him, having not wanted him to have to wait in case she 
was not yet arrived. It was the noise of water running that greeted him when 
he walked in and he smiled at the thought of her in the shower, lowering 
himself to the bed to await her appearance. 
"Really?" Donna asked wiping her eyes clear, "thanks 
Josh. We better get to the mall then. I wanted a new wardrobe but I didn't 
mean this..." She drug Josh to the mall and through several of the upper end 
department stores. Finally she stopped in front of Victoria's Secret. She 
looked at Josh hesitantly. 
"It's a natural attraction..." CJ sang as she opened the 
door after having turned off the shower and stepped out with only her towel 
on. "Toby!" she yelped and dropped the towel. She stood there, frozen a 
moment before bending over and trying to snatch up the towel, being totally 
unsuccessful with her nerves. 
"You want my approval or my opinion" Josh teased. "Listen 
I'm plenty secure in my manhood. I can easily come in and sit while you try 
on, or whatever you women do in there." He lowered his voice and put his 
mouth to her ear. "But since you and I are roomies now, if you want to wear 
something that's a little, well, revealing, who am I to stop you?" 

"Hey I didn't know there was going to be a floor show" Toby 
smiled, and then covered his eyes, reluctantly. "OK CJ it's safe now" he 
laughed. "Or I could get you your robe, but don't do that on my account." 

Donna smiled then and leaning up she kissed him quickly and 
then drug him into Victoria's secret. She wandered around picking up all 
forms of lace, silks, and satins to drive Josh crazy and then she tucked away 
in a dressing room for forty-five minutes even making him go fetch things for 
her. Finally she emerged arms full of an assortment of colors. She returned 
for another batch and the women at the counter were astounded. They enjoyed 
Josh's Visa and hoped that the newlyweds would be happy in their marriage. 
Donna smiled and thanked them as they left the store loaded down with more 
bags than they could carry. "I think you're going to be a very happy man 
Josh Lyman...if you play your cards right," Donna grunted while trying to lug 
too many shopping bags. 
"Gosh I'm sorry," CJ apologized and Toby heard her rummaging 
around. " can look now, it's not like you haven't seen it all 
anyhow." She had on a pair of black lace panties and a matching bra and was 
quickly pulling out one of her suits to wear. She found a navy one and laid 
it out next to him on the bed before racing into the bathroom to put the last 
of her bathroom bag contents together and then she dropped them in her case. 
"Donna has my dress and I think that's everything..." she said, standing 
there and tossing her silk tank over her head before pulling on her navy 
skirt and then adding the blazer, all without regard to Toby's presence. 

"I'm not going to be happy if I have to nurse you through 
hernia surgery" Josh groaned, "give me some of those." He took several from 
her and then picked up her hand, squeezing tightly. "You let the clerk 
think we were married." She looked at him with a raised eyebrow to ask if he 
minded. "It was funny and cute" he laughed, "and not outside the realm of 
possibility anyway." 
"I have to say how much I've enjoyed this" Toby cleared this 
throat finally and stood up. "I'm not sure what the entertainment is going 
to be this evening but I know it can't begin to match this." He walked over 
to her where she was fumbling with her buttons and took her arms. "You're a 
beautiful woman CJ" and kissed her gently, then made short work of the 
remaining buttons on the blazer. 
"You can have some more of this entertainment later tonight 
if you play your cards right," CJ responded kissing him again. "Where have 
you been all my life Toby?" She kissed him once more and then began gathering 
her luggage. "Come on we want the good seats." 
"Us married? Us and me?" Donna toyed with the 
idea seemingly becoming more and more delighted all the time. "Yeah I suppose 
it could happen." 
"Doesn't seem so outlandish to me" Josh smiled and lifted 
her hand to his lips to kiss the back. "Guess we need to get back to the 
apartment to shower and dress. Though I'm not feeling much need to be there 
early. CJ always claims the front seats and I don't enjoy schmoozing with 
the reporters for that cocktail hour before we take off." 
Toby quickly moved to take the largest piece from her. "All 
your life I can't account for" he said with a quick smile, "but I've been a 
few doors down for over a year now. As for that show you mentioned, I'm 
holding you to it. If I have to, I'll whip out my hidden tape recorder and 
play back what you just said. Richard Nixon has nothing on me. I whiled away 
a lot of hours in high school watching the Watergate hearings." 
Donna rolled her eyes in obvious agreement with him. They 
were all the way out of the mall when she looked at him. "What are we going 
to do, share luggage? I just realized I don't have any." 
CJ laughed and nudged Toby playfully. Then they made for the 
plane. "Toby and CJ," Mrs. Landingham was surprised to see them arrive 
together and the little wheels in her mind began turning. They were relieved 
of their luggage and went to claim the good seats. CJ then went outside to 
wait for Donna to arrive, almost in full panic mode hoping her dress hadn't 
been forgotten. 
"I have plenty" Josh assured her. "I got a set from my parents 
when I graduated law school. You know I never bring more than one bag. I'm 
also quite willing to share. Somehow the thought of our underwear nestled 
together is romantic in a perverted sort of sense." 
Donna laughed, "Well they'll have a protective plastic barrier. 
I'm not letting my underwear get snagged by your belts or something." Sure 
enough though they did wind up sharing and Donna packed away some lingerie. 
That done she gave the suitcase and the two heavy gowns to Josh and she 
cutely picked up his briefcase with his laptop. 
They arrived together as well much to everyone's amusement 
and CJ was thrilled when she had her gown to hang up in the formals closet on 
the plane. The President arrived and was amused at how heavy the gowns were. 
"Well you said highly formal," CJ reminded him. The men looked amused, 
especially Toby as she took her seat next to him again. 
With much jostling and discussion, the reporters making the trip 
got settled while the others deplaned. Toby and CJ took the front seats, the 
president sitting nearby. Josh took Donna's hand and led her to the rear. 
"If we stay up there, he's going to start firing geography or economics 
questions at us" he grinned, pushing her into a secluded area. "Plus what if 
I want to do this" and he kissed her quickly. 
"All here but for Mr. McGarry" Charlie reported, seeing with 
relief that Zoey was aboard. "Missed you" he greeted her when she stepped 
away from Gina. 
"You're welcome to do that any time," Donna whispered back 
returning his kiss with one of her own. 
Zoey smiled, "missed you too, even if it hasn't been that long." 
She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him a lot longer than she had 
"In that case" Josh replied, and the next kiss deepened. 
"Charlie is that what I pay you the big bucks for?" the 
President's voice boomed across the plane to them. "No sir" Charlie jumped 
but did not relinquish his hold of the man's daughter. "Mr. President it's a 
perk" Leo explained. "Jed she's growing up" he added softly. 
Jed sighed, "I know, but she'll always be my baby girl and I 
worry about her with all of the threats we've received. Gina has done 
wonders for calming me though," He smiled and then looked to Charlie, "I'll 
let you know if I need you." Zoey smiled brightly at her father and 
led Charlie off. The plane was soon full off all the necessary personnel and 
Josh and Donna had snuck off into a private room after take off. Donna 
continued kissing him. "Do you know how long I've wanted to do this?" 
Meanwhile Zoey was listening outside and had the wild idea that they were 
doing more than they were. 
"Hey what am I missing?" Charlie asked as he came from the bathroom 
and found her outside the door. She motioned to him, her finger to her lips 
for silence, and he frowned and came up to her. 
"I hope as long as I have" Josh sighed, his mouth meeting hers and he 
ran his hands down her back, cupping her backside to pull her even closer to 
"What's going on?" Gina glared at them. "Josh and Donna" Charlie 
explained, looking slightly embarrassed. "We're just happy for them that's 
all." "Yeah well be happy for them and give them some privacy at the same 
time" Gina told them. 
Zoey sighed and walked with Charlie to another private room, dragging 
him inside and closing the door. "Here I brought 'The Matrix' and 
'Gladiator', The Star Wars Trilogy and this one, it's really funny. I think 
we should watch it." 
Donna was moaning her enjoyment of the kiss as she returned it every 
bit as lovingly, one kiss after another after another. 
"How many different dialects of Hindu are there?" Jed began his usual 
trivia session. "fifty-two," CJ and Toby dead-panned simultaneously. 
"You two are not remotely interested in Hindu Dialects" Jed observed, 
noting that their hands where joined and resting in Toby's lap. "No sir, but 
we could discuss World Series stats" Toby said, his eyes on CJ. "Jed leave 
the people alone" Abby poked his arm as she handed him a glass of juice and 
gave him the 'pill time' glare. "Let's for once enjoy this flight, 
anticipate some good food and dancing tonight, and not play twenty questions."
Charlie eyed the movie suspiciously. "This is not something your 
father's going to kill me for watching--or watching with you is it?"
Josh's hands roamed more daringly as they continued the kiss and he 
gestured toward the sofa, pulling her with him. The kissing continued and 
his hands reached under her shirt, where they froze. "No" he said suddenly, 
backing away. "Donna I don't want this."






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