TITLE: Dinner And Dancing
WRITERS: Lisa [lab7417@aol.com] and Pat [SSbpMN@aol.com]



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FROM Part 1: 
Josh's hands roamed more daringly as they continued the 
kiss and he gestured toward the sofa, pulling her with him. The kissing 
continued and his hands reached under her shirt, where they froze. "No" he 
said suddenly, backing away. "Donna I don't want this." 

Part 2 
"No way, besides I'm an adult now," Zoey laughed. "Jeez 
Charlie what's gotten into you all of the sudden. You act like I'm asking 
you to--oh nevermind. It's just a movie. Look here's a good part!" she 
exclaimed and began devoting her attention to the movie and laughing so hard 
she was crying.

Jed took his pills with a sigh and turned his attention to 
his wife. CJ laid her head against Toby's shoulder and soon was sound asleep 
and of course CJ didn't snore, she was quiet as a mouse as she slept there, 
curled comfortably against the man she was quickly falling deeply in love 

Hurt flooded Donna's face as she looked at him, "but a 
minute ago you...I wasn't reading the signals wrong..." she stammered in a 
soft hurt voice. "What did I do Josh?" 

Toby turned sideways and put a protective arm across CJ 
as she slept. "You two look real good like that" Abby smiled and poked Jed. 
"What..OK yeah they do" Jed was brought back from his thoughts.

"Oh Donna that's just it, you didn't do anything" Josh 
assured her quickly. "I'm falling in love with you and I don't want our 
first time to be a quickie on a sofa. I want it to be with music and 
champagne and candles and a big bed where I can hold you all night 
afterwards. Yes I know--I'm pathetic, but it's only because I...." His 
words failed and he kissed both cheeks. "Because I care that much" he 

Donna smiled then her eyes sparkling and she leaned up 
and kissed him softly before speaking. "I want that too...maybe we can get a 
little room service tonight, after the ball..." she suggested as she caressed 
his cheek. "I am in love with you Josh, and I'm thankful I can finally admit 
it." She kissed him again.

"She's a very special woman," Toby commented and Abby 
smiled. "You two deserve each other and I'm rooting for you." Toby smiled. 
"Still memorizing your speech of fearless leader?" Abby teased her husband 

"Toby and Sam outdid themselves" Jed smiled, looking down 
at the printout, of course filling it with red marks of his own revisions. 
"Sometimes I wonder why we bother. You are at least leaving in the off color 

"Yes oh yes" Josh moaned, rubbing her back and kissing 
her again. "After it's all over. We'll come back to the hotel and have our 
time.'' He nuzzled her neck, making a mental note concerning champagne, whip 
cream and strawberries.

Her words of earlier came back to him and Charlie 
realized of late he had been looking on Zoey as the president's daughter 
first and not his girlfriend. "You are an adult" he said suddenly, "as am I. 
Now I may not be able to say free white and twenty one, but two out of three 
maybe." He laughed and pulled her into his arms. "You and I can have all 
the decorum required of us in public. When we're alone like this, then the 
choice is ours alone." He brought her head up to his and caught her lips, 
making gentle inroads with his tongue. 

"And if I wanted you to make love to me?" Zoey asked, 
"not now, but tonight, you know I get my own room in the suite. Gina can't 
stop us from doing that." she suggested in between kisses.

"Yes I'm leaving in the off color joke," Jed replied 
with a nod. It was about that time that he truly noticed Toby and CJ. 
"Woah...when did this happen?" he asked to no one in particular but wanting 
an answer all the same.

"That sounds great," Donna smiled and kissed him again. 

"Oh Zoey you don't know how bad I want that" Charlie 
sighed, "how much I just want us to be Charlie and Zoey, two ordinary people 
who met and fell in love and he doesn't work for her dad who happens to the 
leader of the free world and she a woman under armed guard." He held her to 
him and kissed her longingly, and suddenly his mind was made up. "Name time 
and place and I'm there" he told her.

"Nothing has happened, at least not yet" Toby smiled, "but 
sir it's been a long time coming. Two lonely people who genuinely like and 
respect each other, coming together to see what more there might be. Not 
that strange. You can be sure of our discretion when there's other than 
senior staff around." 

"Tonight, my room, thirty minutes after we get excused 
from the ball," Zoey said. "Gina can't say a word either. I can't wait, for 
at least tonight we'll be free to just be...us." She smiled happily and 
kissed him again. She loved Charlie and sometimes she wished she could 
change circumstances but tonight at least she was going to push positions 
aside and do what her heart wanted
Jed smiled and nodded, "I know I've nothing to worry about 
with you two. I wish you lots of luck. I hope it works out. I wouldn't 
mind a White House wedding you know," he prodded with a smile of playful 

"I'll get out the old film of Trisha Nixon being married in the 
Rose Garden" Toby smiled and at that moment CJ stirred. "We're being married 
in the Rose Garden" he told her teasingly.

"I'll be there" Charlie said fiercely when they broke 
their kiss, "and we'll have it to look forward to all evening. I can't wait 
to see you in your dress...er gown." 

"MM...sounds nice," CJ smiled, "when should I make the 
press release on this? and uh...coincidentally, where's my ring Ziegler?" She 
smiled up at him and without thinking she kissed him soundly. "A wedding in 
the rose garden would be beautiful..." 

"I'd hold off the press release for the ring" Jed teased. 
"But of course the wedding would be in the rose garden. Wouldn't have it 
any other way."

Toby picked up her left hand and stared at it for a minute, 
toying with the finger, then brought it to his mouth to kiss. "I like the 
idea of you wearing my ring" he said softly as if they were the only ones in 
the room. "These feelings we've finally acknowledged aren't going away, 
they're only going to get stronger. Would you?" 

CJ smiled and then stood up, "We're only doing this once 
Toby." she said and looked to the floor before her. She watched as Toby got 
down on his knee. Donna and Josh emerged at just that time and unbeknownst 
to them a small group gathered. Toby took her hand and looked up to her. "CJ 
Gregg will you marry me?" CJ smiled at him. "Yes Toby Ziegler, I'll gladly 
marry you." Suddenly everyone was clapping but thankfully none of the press 
was present. "We're keeping this amongst the senior staff here," CJ quickly 
advised those present, "just for a little while." 

The press was confined to its own section 
of the aircraft unless invited for interviews so they were totally oblivious 
to anything going on. Toby rose slowly, making sure he had heard CJ 
correctly. "CJ I love you" he said softly, drawing her into his arms. 

Donna and Josh hung at the back of the 
group, their arms around each other as they watched. "I think I may need to 
make a note of how that's properly done" he said softly into her ear. "Might 
come in handy some day." 

"Mmmhmm," Donna smiled and kissed him 

"Oh Toby," CJ breathed before kissing him 
lovingly, "I love you." She was actually crying. Even Abby was crying 
everyone was so happy. 

"Congratulations" Jed finally said, wiping 
his own eyes slightly. "I wish you two were ready to go public with this, 
because it would be great in my speech." "To a Cattlemen's Convention, oh 
come now" Abby scoffed. "Those men don't know about romance--they don't even 
breed with nature for crying out loud."

Jed gestured behind the group to Josh and 
Donna, "are we making this a double wedding?" "Not in the plans right now" 
Josh smiled and hugged Donna to him. "But certainly not out of the question. 
Maybe we'll simply fly to Vegas one weekend and come home married." "Oh 
ick" Abby scoffed. "That's no fun. Now if you go to the Poconos to one of 
those wedding resorts and get married on one of those floating barges--now 
that's romantic." "Mr. President what did you and Abby do?" Sam asked. 
"They got married because I was on the way" Zoey announced with her usual 
directness as she and Charlie joined the party. The silence was deafening. 
"Oh come on we're all friends here and the press is safely locked away" Zoey 
smiled and helped herself from the food table. "It's true" Abby smiled 
finally. "I'm not ashamed that I loved this man before we stood before God." 
She reached over and squeezed his hand. 

Everyone smiled and Donna looked to Josh 
lovingly. "Congratulations, Toby, CJ we're so happy for you," Donna said and 
the group nodded their consensus. The rest of the way to Dallas was very 
jovial and then everyone rushed to their rooms. CJ and Toby had connecting 
suites as did Josh and Donna across the hall. The men were ready and hour 
before the women so they went to wait in the floor's private lounge. Donna 
was the first to appear. Her gown had a low v neckline and was sleeveless it 
hugged her to just past her hips before giving her room via knee high slits 
on each side to walk. The back had a small elegant train to it that could be 
pinned up and no back down to the waist. Jed was the first to see her and he 
swallowed hard making everyone else look up. 

"That woman belongs to a sorry SOB like you?" 
Jed teased Josh. "Yes sir" Josh gasped loudly. "I don't believe it myself. 
I keep thinking she's going to kick my butt back to DC." Josh rose and 
started for her, only to have Jed motion him back down and he rose to reach 
for her hand. "Donna you look lovely tonight" the president told her 
sincerely. "In fact you're glowing. Might you be in love?" 

"Yes sir," Donna answered with a smile, her 
hair was up in a beautiful French twist with a beautiful little tiara in the 
front. She smiled brightly at Josh as Jed brought her to him. "You look like 
a million dollars," Jed smiled at Donna.

Zoey was the next big entrance. She appeared in 
a black satin gown with spaghetti straps and a sweetheart neckline. At the 
empire waist, her natural waist, and halfway in between she had tiny white 
ribbons running around her and little white bows of the same fabric and size 
off center on the left. The skirt was a full ballgown skirt with an opening 
in the back which had strands of pearls draped a small strand at the top and 
growing larger until the natural drape of the last one misses the floor by 
only four inches. Zoey's hair was in a cascade of curls down the back of her 

Donna melded into Josh's arms and he held her 
close as they awaited the arrivals. "Charlie that belongs to you" Josh said 
softly, nudging the younger man. "Yes it does" Charlie gasped, barely 
audible. He rose slowly and Josh gave him a push in her direction. In the 
meantime Jed again stood and took his daughter's hands. "My baby is grown 
up" he smiled and kissed her cheek. "Charlie get over here and take my 
daughter away from me." "Yes sir" Charlie responded at once, hurrying to 
them. "Zoey" he smiled softly and the President put her hands in his. 
"She's all yours Charlie, for the night, and I know you'll take good care of 
her." "Yes sir, count on it" Charlie nodded, lightly touching his lips to 

Zoey smiled brightly and stepped aside with 
Charlie. Just then the door opened and Abby entered in a white beaded halter 
gown that looked absolutely sensational on her.

Finally CJ stepped in just after Abby. Her gown 
was a strapless black beaded number that hugged to her hips and then flowed 
gracefully to the floor. It trained slightly in the back with a clip that 
allowed her to pin it up and when she pinned the train up it had black satin 
ruffles underneath. Her hair was beautifully curled and styled and she had on 
a double strand of pearls. 

"Toby I think right now you and I are the luckiest 
men on the face of the planet" Jed sighed, holding onto his wife as CJ 
slipped past and into Toby's arms. "Leo looks like we're stuck with each 
other" Sam observed. "Oh wow CJ" Toby whispered. "I love you, you know 
that right." 

"And a bunch of cattlemen," Leo observed with a 
light laugh. "I know Toby, I really know," CJ answered before kissing him. 
"Is that all of us?

"No I think not," Abby said as a graceful woman 
entered the room. Her dark brown hair was arranged in a beautiful French 
twist. Her gown was white as well, beaded to the empire waist and layer upon 
layer of fluffy white chiffon in a full skirt that barely missed the floor. 
"Caroline," Leo gasped as she walked to him. "I promised you I'd be here," 
Caroline answered kissing him passionately on the lips and Leo didn't seem to 
mind at all. "They're good friends," CJ joked to Toby. 

"I expect to be pouting here any second" Sam warned, 
"I did not intend to be the only staff member going alone. "Mallory may make 
the late flight" Leo said, over his shoulder, not taking his eyes from 
Caroline. "Caroline Catherine Murphy you know everyone here don't you?" "Of 
course" She smiled, "the fund raiser in Green Bay." "Right" Jed nodded and 
held out his hand to her. "Leo you've been holding out on us--keeping this 
beautiful woman hidden." "She travels a lot" Leo explained with a sheepish 

"You should let her travel less," Sam advised only 
half teasingly. They were lined up and about to leave the room when Mallory 
appeared, panting and still trying to put on a heel. "I ran to catch the 
flight I've been running ever since," Mallory panted. She had on a solid 
black dress with a three inch white off the shoulders collar on it and a 
black choker that made her look absolutely sensational. Her hair was up in a 
definite Audrey Hepburn-type updo. "Wow Mallory," Donna voiced approvingly as 
Mallory skirt quickly over to Sam. 

"I didn't think you'd make it" Sam said softly into 
her ear. "I'm glad." He kissed her lightly and took her arms to stand back 
and look at her. "You are gorgeous, and to think I was considering settling 
for some Cattleman's lonely wife." He gave her his arm and tucked his hand 
over hers when she took it. "I'm glad you're here" he repeated. Mallory 
smiled and gestured to where Leo and Caroline where whispering. "Yep, looks 
like your dad and I both got our wishes for tonight" he smiled.

Ruffles and Flourishes began and the party moved out 
in good order. The crowd stood, flashbulbs popped and the Secret Service 
detail hovered nervously. "I'm starved" Charlie whispered, "and this is a 
Cattlemen's convention so we should be having steak right?" 

The White House group were all set at one large table 
and then presented with steak and lobster tail as well as baked potato and 
asparagus. "This looks wonderful," CJ commented. "Wow," Zoey agreed, "I think 
you got your steak." "I wish they'd turn off the strobe lighting," Donna 
teased of all the incessant flashbulb. 

"I should put my arms around you and kiss you and give 
them something to really take pictures of" Josh whispered and then in a 
daring move wrapped his finger in his napkin and brushed some melted butter 
from the corner of her mouth. "I would have preferred to kiss it off" he 
whispered again.

"Caroline have I told you...." Leo began and she rested 
a hand on his arm. "OK yeah I have" he grinned. "Tell me you're coming back 
to DC for awhile after this--that we're not just having this evening and then 
nothing for two weeks. Since the finalizing of the divorce, you've been on 
my mind a lot. No more need to avoid impropriety and all that." 

Caroline smiled, "I'm...coming back to DC for a while Leo 
and I'm all yours. In fact I still have the key..." She smiled and kissed 
him as the camera bulbs went off. "Well we're not being improprietous." she 
laughed lightly.

"Well it looks like Leo and Caroline beat us to it," 
Donna laughed lightly. "President's speech in five minutes. Then we get to 
dance the night away, with a lot fewer of these people." 

"And then we have after" Josh whispered, his nose almost 
into her ear as he spoke. "A long night of me showing you how I feel about 
you." He laughed as he looked to Leo and Caroline, totally oblivious to 
anyone else at that moment. "I hope this is a chance for happiness for him" 
Josh murmured and then gave her ear a quick kiss before backing off. At the 
distance their table was from the other guests he did not believe a little 
motion like that would be noticed but for her sake was being careful. By the 
time the fresh strawberry tart was passed and the coffee cups filled, Jed 
was looking at his notes. 

"Mallory promise you'll keep me awake" Sam begged. 
"Cleveland still looms large in his memory." "Not only did you snore, you 
fell off the chair" Toby reminded him. "It was a little more than resting 
your eyes Mr. Seaborn." 

CJ shook her head and laughed lightly realizing what they 
were talking about. "Sam are we going to have to kick you under the table to 
keep you awake?" CJ asked teasingly. 

"Where were you in Cleveland with that idea" Sam demanded. 
"Maybe I could reach under the table and do something else" Mallory laughed 
suddenly and then her hand began to demonstrate what she had in mind under 
the safety of the floor length white table cloth. "He looks awake now" Toby 
observed. "OK behave all of you" Leo scolded, "first speech is starting." 

They sat through the speeches clapping and laughing when 
everyone else did. They did a great job of half paying attention but 
appearing to be devoted and then finally the speeches were over and the rest 
of the tables were cleared some people leaving the building, some not. Once 
the building was supposedly secure again the West Wing couples made their way 
into the ballroom. Zoey helped pin up CJ and Donna's trains and everyone had 
a glass of Champagne, even Zoey. 

Jed and Abby were the last to appear, and with a long sigh Jed 
reached for the glass of champagne Leo offered him. "It went great Mr. 
President" Leo assured him. "It was my joke" Toby pointed out, "my joke that 
got everybody to sit up and pay attention." "And I thought it was going to 
be the statistics on cattle exports" Sam pretended to pout. "I just want ten 
minutes to sit here before the dancing begins" Jed shook his head. "If I 
take my shoes off will you give me a foot massage?" he asked Abby. "Not 
without rubber gloves and room deodorizer" she retorted, rubbing his 
shoulder. Charlie took his glass of champagne and led Zoey aside, resting 
his long arms across her shoulders as he pressed his forehead to hers. 
"About later" he whispered, making sure no one over heard. "I want to...but 
if you've thought better of it since then...I mean if you've changed your 
mind" he stammered. 

"No way," Zoey answered, "I want to. I want to very much." She 
raised up and kissed him lovingly. "Now let's dance until we can get around 
to that." she finished whispering with a smile.

Toby offered his hand and CJ smiled and accepted as he twirled 
her onto the floor. They were dancing so well together. "They're very much 
in love," Abby commented softly to her husband from where they watched them. 

Charlie smiled happily and led her onto the dance floor. 
"I'd have to agree Ms. First Daughter" he smiled, "about dancing that is. 
The other--just making sure you didn't feel pressured or obligated."

"Oh yeah" Jed nodded easily, ''but then they haven't been 
married almost twenty two years." She gave him a raised eyebrow. "Of course 
for you and I we're more in love than ever" he added quickly and kissed her, 
"and you my first lady are more beautiful every day." 

Toby's arms wrapped around CJ and they swayed to the music as 
if they had been dance partners for years. "We are really engaged" he 
marveled, "I mean we did it in front of the president for crying out loud, 
you can't take back your yes now right?" 

"I wouldn't want to anyhow," CJ eased his mind with a smile. "I 
believe I'm old enough to make decisions like that. I'm thirty-two after 
all." she smiled and then she leaned up and kissed him quickly.

Abby flushed and patted Jed's shoulder, "sometimes you say the 
sweetest things, especially when you're trying to save face." she laughed 

"No I don't feel obligated," Zoey answered in a whisper and then 
even softer she added, "a little turned on maybe but not obligated." 

"And I am very turned on" Charlie assured her, "sometimes 
anticipating something is almost as good as the real thing."

"Mr. President if you're not going to ask your lovely wife to 
dance then I shall" Josh smiled, at the same time playfully offering Jed 
Donna's hand. "And in return you can keep care of the woman I love, to be 
sure I return yours in good shape." 

Abby was happy to dance with Josh and they soon were talking and 
laughing on the floor. Jed finally recovered and led Donna out to the floor 
as well. The evening was passed with everyone dancing merrily. "Isn't it 
getting about time to cut out?" Jed asked Leo at ten til midnight. 

"It is that" Leo nodded. "The plan was to end at midnight on the 
dot with the band playing "Good Night Ladies." It's something they did when 
our parents went to dances Jed." "I know what it is" Jed glared. "Tell them 
to play something soft and romantic until it's time for that." Leo 
conferred with the director and a moment later the softest selection of the 
evening sounded through the ballroom. "Now, everyone, I want to see you with 
the person you most want to spend the rest of your life with" Jed teased, 
taking Abigail's hand. "May I?" Josh said to Donna. Sam and Mallory 
wordlessly slid together onto the floor. Leo and Caroline smiled at the idea 
of a lifetime commitment and began their dance. Charlie hung back hesitantly 
and looked to Zoey questioningly. Toby and CJ had been the first out, and 
were lost in each other's arms by the time the others began to join them. 

Josh and Donna stepped out and Donna laid her head on his shoulder. 
Zoey smiled at Charlie, "come on it's just a dance. Besides, I can take it 
if you can." She pulled him onto the dance floor looking every bit as much of 
a woman as the others present there that evening. Everyone seemed to be 
glancing at Toby and CJ the most often as it was impossible to miss how in 
love with one another they were. They knew there was a tough road ahead but 
they also had enough in common and the bond of love, to go it together. 
Finally the music ended and goodnight ladies began as the West Wing party was 
rounded up and taken back up to their secured floor. 

"I love these things but they're exhausting" Jed declared. "And no, 
no one is invited in for a nightcap. The POTUS is going to bed, and enjoying 
the fact that he and his wife are sleeping in the same bed. Good night all." 
It took only a few moments after that for the rest of the company to split 
up. Donna and Josh split up and went into their respective rooms, each 
hearing the other lock the hallway door, and then they met at the connecting 
door. "How are you?" he whispered. 

Charlie recalled Zoey's instructions and changed into casual clothes, 
then nervously paced the floor. 

"We got through it" Toby sighed, leaning back against the door he had 
just locked. "CJ it went very well. You have only good stuff for the press 
in the morning. But for tonight--well do you have any good stuff for me?" 

CJ appeared in a sheer black nightgown with decorative beading and a 
little lacing just at the breast and nothing else holding it together. "Yes 
I believe I do," she replied from the doorway.

Finally Zoey snuck Charlie into her room. "Hey we did it," she smiled 
and then wrapping her arms around his neck she kissed him. "love you."

Donna leaned in and licked Josh's face. "Does that answer your 
question?" she whispered huskily. 

"I think I'm getting the idea" Josh smiled and gave her a longingly 
loving kiss. "Uh why don't we lose these formal clothes. I know you brought 
something in our bag that you'd enjoy sharing as much as I'd enjoy seeing you 

Charlie looked around suspiciously. "I guess we did" he gasped. "Zoey 
Bartlett I love you." Their kiss was long and sweet and left them both 

"You are beautiful" Toby gasped, his arms around her under the gown, 
rubbing her bare back. His lips sought hers and their kiss was sweet and 
long. "I love you" he sighed. "I have loved you forever and I'm only just 
now admitting it to myself." 

CJ smiled and then returned the kiss lovingly. "I know Toby, I know. I 
have found myself wanting to cross the bridge with you so often but I didn't 
dare and then suddenly everything just came together. I love you." She kissed 
him again as she was undoing his bowtie and then the buttons of his shirt as 
he removed his jacket.

Meanwhile Zoey and Charlie had turned out their light and were following 
their own destiny.

Donna appeared before Josh in a pristine white teddy with her hair down 
once again. "Do you like what you bought me?" she asked with a smile. 

"I have excellent taste" Josh gasped. He had turned the lighting down to 
barely on, and soft music was playing at low volume in the background. 
Strawberries, whip cream and a bottle of champagne would be left in the outer 
room in an hour. He had changed into black silk lounging pajamas, a stark 
contrast to her white, and now as he crossed to her the silk rustled. "You 
are beautiful" he sighed, ''so beautiful, and so mine tonight." They 
exchanged a long kiss and he lifted up her shimmering hair to place another 
on the soft skin of her neck.

Toby's hands fumbled with the ties on the front of her gown as she was 
helping him off with his things. "This is the night that's been in my 
dreams" he sighed before covering her lips with his. 

Soon all of the White House staff was quiet and the halls silent save 
the secret service still on guard. The next morning everyone gathered again 
in the lounge to make sure they were present and accounted for to leave out.

"Leo?" Mrs. Landingham called noticing that even the Potus and Flotus 
were leaned against each other asleep sitting up. 

''Present, with a guest" Leo called, lifting Caroline's hand with his. 

"Of course right here" Toby smiled, looking as sharp as ever. "OK no 
fair" Josh spoke up at once. "How can you be so wide awake on so little 
sleep?" "Old college secret" Toby grinned, "a couple hours is worse than 
none at all." With that CJ began to cough and he pounded her back. "Donna?" 

All they got was a loud snoring noise and they noticed had fallen back 
asleep draped over a chair. "She almost looks kind of picturesque like 
that," Sam commented. "Picturesque? Okay we can tell you didn't sleep," Toby 
commented, "you should do it more often." "Hey," Sam grumbled his protest, 
Mallory half asleep in his arms. Zoey and Charlie were crashed on the couch 
as well. "What did they do, stay up all night watching movies?" CJ inquired 
having recovered from Toby's information. 

Gina looked up startled. "They amused themselves pretty quietly" she 
smiled. "My relief said he didn't hear anything from either room all night." 
"I think we're ready" the head of the Secret Service detail announced. 
"Straight out to the limo please Mr. President." Josh picked Donna up and 
pointed her in the right direction and Gina went back for Zoey and Charlie. 
She deliberately let the rest of the group get a little ahead and then turned 
to Zoey and Charlie. "I know about you two last night" she said quietly. 

Zoey turned deathly white, "You wouldn't...wouldn't say anything 
would you?" "Now you know and I know that's not my job," Gina answered. Zoey 
breathed a sigh of relief and both smiled. 

They quickly boarded the plane and headed for DC but no one would 
ever forget Dallas.


The aftermath of the trip to to sequeled. NOTE: To read a more 'adult' 
version of this story, visit Lisa's website at:www.phantomroses.com/SarahRabb


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