Fajitas and Margaritas

By: Lisa Lisa [Lab7417@aol.com] and Pat [SSbpMN@aol.com

Note: This is the seventh in the series including A Bagel and a Beginning, Chili with a side of 'The Jackal', Dinner and Dancing, Darts and Dresses, Josh and Donna's Weekend Getaway, and Would you hold me? (All of these can be found on our web page Http://www.phantomroses.com/SarahRabb)

Remember our stories are about the personal lives of these people. So if you're looking for political intrigue, or don't want to know what they're doing when they're NOT in the big white building, bail now!!

From Part 1--

Meanwhile Leo was standing still, frozen in his office, "Caroline," she gasped before looking up to Jed with shock on his face, "there are bomb sniffing dogs in my living room." then it dawned on him. "Caroline it's okay sweetie, with the President and First Lady coming tonight along with Zoey and Charlie, the secret service is just doing a sweep as if it were any other place the President was going." "Well you've got three scared cats, two squalling babies and a fiancée that's about had it over here!" Caroline called back. There was a crash then, "and one broke vase," she sighed in despair.

"Leo get out of here" Jed smiled, "there is nothing that can't wait until Monday. Take the Claiburne info home and write me up your thoughts. Go on now. I'm declaring an early day anyway."

Leo gave a sigh of relief, "Thank-you. It's been so hectic this morning. CJ and Toby especially need a break. CJ seems to have been swamped trying to deal with an uncooperative press concerning hers and Zoey's pregnancies." Leo hurriedly gathered his things. "Gone." he said with a smile and he was soon on his way to Caroline and his children.

Fajitas and Margaritas Pt 2a/10-- Donna was worse when they called her name. They ran all of the tests and exams on her and then she was left to wait, feeling uncomfortable in her cotton gown but thankful that Josh was there with her.

"Ok what's all the fuss in here?" Dr. Christy Barkley smiled when she came through the door. "My chart says I've got a normal, healthy, twenty-five-year-old woman who works at the White House, who happens to be pregnant by the deputy chief of staff. What's the big deal?"

Donna's eyes got wider and wider as did her smile. "Pregnant?! I'm really pregnant?! I really, really am? Josh, Josh I'm pregnant. We're going to have a baby! We got our baby! You did it! We did it!" She enthused hugging him and then bursting into happy tears. It was very obvious that this baby was very much wanted.

"We did it my love, WE" Josh yelped and then held her, stroking her hair as he trembled with his own excitement. "Then this was a planned pregnancy I take it" Christy smiled. "Good then. Donna, vitamins, rest, normal precautions. I'm going to take a look at you too. How's your morning sickness--problem?"

"I have been SO sick all week," Donna finally confessed, "the press secretary has been taking time out of her morning schedule to sit with me and nurse me back to health. Plus I've had dizzy spells." Donna followed Christy's motions to prepare for the exam.

"And this is the first I'm hearing of it?" Josh exploded. "Why--why Donna?" "Mr. Lyman you're answering your own question" Christy said gently. "She has enough to deal with right now without being concerned about your reaction and your upset."

"I didn't want you to get your hopes up Josh and I also didn't need you to get all worked up. CJ was very helpful because she stayed calm and didn't worry over me in a panic sort of way. You're going to need to try to do that too. After all, just because we now know I'm pregnant doesn't mean that the morning sickness is just going to go away. I'm going to need and want you by my side a lot." Donna responded calmly, holding Josh's hand while Christy examined her.

"OK I'm calm" Josh sighed, holding out a hand in proof, and seeing it shake hastily put it behind his back. "Work on it Mr. Lyman" Christy smiled, "now get out of here so I can check her and we need to take some blood."

"I'll be fine," Donna smiled at his hesitant look and shooed him off to allow the doctor to finish.

Josh paced the waiting room nervously until he was readmitted. Donna was now sitting on the edge of the bed, holding a wad of cotton on her inner elbow, with a tear in each eye. "I'm afraid she doesn't like blood tests" the nurse smiled. "Hey sweetheart" Josh was at her side at once. "I'm sorry, you ok?"

"I'll be better in a while, they just make me light headed and nauseous and it scares me. Plus I hate needles," Donna replied.

Josh held her close and kissed her cheek. Christy came and took her blood pressure again, noting her paleness. "OK Donna, back down" she ordered, "I'm not having a patient passing out in here. Just lay down for a few minutes until that passes. I don't want you leaving until I check your blood work anyway."

Donna eased back down and then jerked back up barely finding the trashcan, thankfully near the end, before being ill. After wiping her mouth she was finally able to lie down. "Oh Josh I hope nothing's wrong. You don't think anything's wrong do you?" she asked him, her eyes wide with concern.

"No I don't think anything is wrong" he said soothingly, stroking her hand. "She's just checking so she can be sure we leave here with what we need for you, like vitamins and so forth." He put a wet paper towel to her forehead at the same time and kissed her softly. "I love you Donnatella Moss" he whispered.

"I love you Joshua Lyman," Donna replied with a soft smile before she closed her eyes to try and relax. "We're going to have a baby," she said softly, her face glowing.

"Nice easy breaths" Josh encouraged. "I do believe a baby was the earlier diagnosis. We did it all right. It was that pillow thing."

Donna smiled, "That sounds about right, a little bit of gravity did the trick. I can't believe I'm really pregnant. I'm so thrilled."

"As am I" Josh nodded happily, squeezing her hand hard. "OK Donna" Christy came back in then. "Looks good, not bad at all. I'm going to want to do a sonogram next month and I'm giving you a prescription for vitamins and iron. Do twins run in your family?" "Oh my god" Josh gasped and sat down.

"Not that I know of," Donna mumbled in shock. She looked to Josh wide-eyed to gauge his reaction.

"OK, just wondering" Christy nodded, looking at her chart. "Your HCG levels are a bit high for someone just a little far a long. In thirty days we can do a sonogram and that will tell us for sure. In the meantime, I'm going to have you to take this extra iron just in case. If it's not, then you can cut back the dose then. That's all. Just rest when you can, no stress, no heavy lifting---good common sense will get you through all but delivery most of the time." And she left them alone. Donna had not moved nor spoken since the notion of twins was broached. "Twins maybe?" Josh grinned, "you think maybe?"

Donna smiled, "It sure would be neat if it was. Two babies instead of one. I mean maybe we'd even get a boy and a girl. Oh Josh I'm just so thankful we're having one. I can't wait to tell everyone tonight." Donna was finally recovered and taking her prescriptions she returned with Josh to the West Wing after they had picked up two giant French dip subs. ------------------------ When Leo arrived he wasn't surprised that he and his car were searched. Then he quickly joined her and Belle immediately wanted up in his arms while Caroline had a squalling Brighton. "Leo I'm at my wit's end and so tired..." she sighed softly.

Leo sighed. "I know--it's what happens when you entertain the leader of the free world." He helped her to sit and then brought her a tall ice tea, all the while carrying Belle. Finally he turned to the men still invading his home. "Out -- you're done" he ordered. "Mr. McGarry we're…" "Done" Leo supplied. "You can come back early this evening if you have to, but right now you're clearing out of here. I'll not have you upsetting my pregnant wife."

Caroline smiled and watched as he effectively cleared the house. Then she tossed her feet up onto the couch and in less than five minutes he could tell she was sound asleep.

"Let's hit the pool guys" Leo smiled to the twins, "leave mommy sleep." He looked up the stairs and wondered briefly where Chloe was.

Suddenly Chloe burst into the house, "What's wrong?" she asked anxiously. "Why are you home? Is mom okay?" she finally took a breath and plopped down her shopping bags and herself with an exhausted sigh.

"Chloe hello to you too" Leo smiled. "Everything is fine. Your brother and sister coupled with Protective Services have driven your mother crazy but a nap will fix her up. It's just for tonight and there's going to be a lot of men stationed outside. Just ignore them, and they'll not bother you. I'm home to give your mother a break, because the president of the U.S. is one of the nicest guys in the world to work for." He stopped at looked at her haul. "Something new for tonight with Tucker is all this?"

"Well I got some new clothes. I'm sure I'll wear something in here tonight and definitely the new heeled sandals I got. There was a sale and I couldn't pass it up," Chloe answered with a relieved smile, "I'm so glad nothing's wrong."

"Yeah so am I " Leo sighed. "She called me and said she had bomb sniffing dogs in the living room and I panicked of course before I remembered it's routine when the president is coming." He gave her shoulder an affectionate pat and then kissed her forehead. "You know what--I'm glad you're my daughter" he said softly.

Chloe smiled and laughed lightly, "You may not be when you see what I cost. Mother says her life with you is like being Cinderella and she gets to go to all these parties and I think that's neat. I try to have some class and style too." Chloe disappeared then taking off upstairs. She reappeared a few minutes later in a beautiful black cocktail dress with her hair in a cascade of curls down her back.

"Chloe my child you look beautiful" Leo smiled, "but I thought you already had Tucker for your own? You look like you're still out to snare him."

"It never hurts to remind them why they're there. After all if mother just dressed normal all the time I'm sure you'd get tired of her. Isn't this beautiful. It's exactly the same style as the one Julia Roberts wore to the restaurant in Pretty Woman." Chloe enthused. "I'm going to wear it just for fun."

''I think I missed that one" Leo nodded. "Well you look beautiful. I'm going to take the kids out to the pool for a little while before I get dressed. You want to wake your mom in a bit so she can shower?" 


Upon arriving Josh and Donna found that most everyone had begun to depart for the party. "Guess we can go home and get ready ourselves" Josh smiled, gathering up a few things to work on over the weekend. He made the short drive to his apartment and once inside closed the door and then swept her up in his arms, carefully swinging her once. "Twins my love, you could be having twins right this second."

Donna smiled and gleefully yelled with him. Then they shared a shower before she put her hair up into a French twist and slipped on a flouncy bright red dress that fell mid-thigh. She added some silver jewelry to the attire and soon looked stunningly casual.

"Donna promise me you'll be careful tonight and eat wisely" Josh begged as he fastened his tie. "Fajitas taste awfully good going down but they'd be horrible coming back up."

Donna shrugged, "I can't stop enjoying things just because I can't keep them down. I might be able to after all. I'll be cautious but you know fajitas are one of my favorite foods." She walked with Josh to the car. 


Caroline was showered and dressed in periwinkle top and shorts just in time to greet CJ and Toby, the first arrivals. CJ had on a soft gray T-shirt type dress, which looked very relaxed on her. Even Toby was casual as he brought in all of the groceries and CJ and Caroline readied the kitchen to cook the Mexican. "This is going to be a great party," Caroline enthused. "I could really use one tonight," CJ replied with a smile.

The doorbell rang and when Leo answered it Mallory and Sam greeted him, Sam with a smile and Mallory with a big hug.

"Bad day?" Caroline asked. "I saw you at one on Cspan, but that was about the time the dogs were in here, the cats were freaking and the kids were terrified. I had a migraine the size of Colorado and I didn't want to take anything for it." "I don't hear the sirens yet so I'm assuming the president is not right behind you" Leo grinned and kissed Mallory's cheek. "Welcome number one daughter. I have three now you know."

"Yes I know," Mallory smiled, "I have one beautiful younger sister and then an adorable baby sister and brother. How lucky can one woman get?" She walked in on Sam's arm and she seemed much happier than she had been in quite some while recently.

"Oh dear," CJ replied, "sounds like the morning I had came to visit you in the afternoon. You don't like to take medication?" CJ asked conversationally while they put the enchiladas in the oven to cook and began preparing the fajitas.

"CJ I'm pregnant" Caroline whispered. "I just found out a couple days ago. At my age, with the twins and a teenage girl."

Josh drove down the street toward Leo's only to be stopped by the motorcade, small by the usual standards. "'We'll just pretend we belong to them" he grinned, pulling over as the police directed. "Shall we wave as he passes?"

"Yeah well there's more where that came from" Leo murmured. "Hello Sam."

"Oh wonderful, congratulations," CJ smiled. The women began putting together the fajitas and steak soft tacos and soon the house was smelling fabulous. CJ set out bowls of salsa and chips also other kinds of dips. "Be careful around Donna though. She's real sensitive about pregnancy nowadays."

Donna laughed and they did in fact wave as the President passed. "We're as crazy as a couple of school children."

"Hello, Leo, if I might have a word alone with you please," Sam tugged him aside. "Mallory got her diploma today only she doesn't know it. I wanted to give you the opportunity to present it to her tonight and really make it special for her. She got top honors. I see it's all paid off."

"Oh wow" Leo gasped looking past him at his eldest daughter. "I'm incredibly proud of her. I just hope I can convey that to her. Thank you Sam." He suddenly gave his younger friend a quick hug.

Yeah I will" Caroline nodded, "but wasn't she going to the doctor today? I hope she's gotten good news."

Josh pulled in behind the president's motorcade and followed it the rest of the way to Leo's. As soon as the sirens sounded out front the twins were out the door.

Donna saw them and gasped, "Josh twins!" she called as they were racing out, straight for the street.

Meanwhile Sam handed Leo Mallory's diploma discreetly. While Caroline and CJ continued in the kitchen, the great smell wafting through the house. "I hope she got good news as well." CJ smiled.

Donna helped gather up the twins and then Josh could get their bags. "You two weren't supposed to get out," she cooed as she carried them in.

"Heads up, twins on the tarmac" Josh called as they followed the president in. "I didn't even know they were gone" Leo sighed, "Thank you. Though with the fence they couldn't have got far, still I'd hate for Caroline to be upset that they were gone like that."

Josh helped Donna in with more care than he had used before, catching Leo's eye. "Good news today at the doctor?" he whispered to her.

"CJ if you don't get out of that kitchen and come take a break I'm going to remove you bodily" Toby threatened.

"Okay, everything's done," CJ said and then she appeared a moment later and curled next to Toby.

Donna smiled politely to Leo and then they entered the main room. "Guess what everyone," Donna smiled getting their attention and flushing softly as she cuddled against Josh. "I'm pregnant. That vacation did the trick."

"Thank you" Toby sighed, handing her a glass of juice and taking her to a sofa, "and it smells wonderful and you're not....." He stopped short at Donna's announcement. "Oh Donna that's fantastic" Mallory spoke up and led a round of applause. "Not to steal Donna's thunder but just to share it, Caroline and I are also expecting" Leo announced when the pandemonium had died down. This time Jed stood up, "a round of margaritas and a toast to the expectant mothers" he pronounced. Glasses were filled except for the pregnant women and all hands raised. "To life" Jed said simply.



Fajitas And Margaritas - 3



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