Fajitas and Margaritas

By: Lisa Lisa [Lab7417@aol.com] and Pat [SSbpMN@aol.com

Note: This is the seventh in the series including A Bagel and a Beginning, Chili with a side of 'The Jackal', Dinner and Dancing, Darts and Dresses, Josh and Donna's Weekend Getaway, and Would you hold me? (All of these can be found on our web page Http://www.phantomroses.com/SarahRabb)

Remember our stories are about the personal lives of these people. So if you're looking for political intrigue, or don't want to know what they're doing when they're NOT in the big white building, bail now!!

From Part 3-- 

"A gambler?" Lucas was astonished. "You want to go drown some nickels in the slots and see some shows? I love the idea. What appeals to you for accommodations? Cottage, motel, or something high rise?"

"I'd really like to stay in something fancy. My favorite part of getting away is the hotel. I don't gamble that much but the sight-seeing and game playing sounded great. I'll try my luck at things." Gina replied.

"I'll make some reservations" Lucas smiled, "check what days we're off and let you know." He took her hand and kissed the back. "We're really going to do this thing now aren't we? It's not just talk?"

"Of course I'll go," Gina replied with a light laugh, "I said I would. I want to." She was silent for a minute. "Lucas...are we going to share a room?"

"Fajitas and Margaritas" part 4/10

"I uh...." Lucas stammered. "I uh...OK, what do you think? I want to, but I understand if you're not comfortable with that. Besides just because we have the same room doesn't mean anything has to happen that we don't want."

"I say we try it out tonight and see if we like it," Gina replied with a smile and a lot of bravado.

Lucas drew his breath in sharply. "How...how do we do that?" he stammered. "I know we're staying over but....."

Lucas leaned over and kissed Gina, knowing they were secluded from the others. "I would like very much to share quarters with you tonight."

"What happens if we get caught?" Gina asked him. She always wanted to know the ramifications of her actions, being a very cautious and thoughtful woman.

"The main focus will be on the first couple" Lucas said slowly. "What if we four, Charlie and Zoey, you and me, kind of move to another end of the house and settle in. Once they're asleep we'll be in a nearby room and we can be together but watching out for them at the same time."

"Sounds wonderful," Gina replied, "but umm Lucas...I can't guarantee that anything will happen so don't...well don't get upset..." she fidgeted.

"Hey" Lucas brushed his fingers across her cheek. "That's not what this is about, or even this weekend. It's about spending time with you, wanting to be near you. Plenty of time for that as we see where we're going with us."

Gina smiled, "Thanks...you're great Lucas. I do promise to at least wear some lingerie for you tonight. It's all I brought." she laughed lightly.

"Whoa" Lucas gasped and pulled back from her slightly. "I'm impressed and amazed. I brought silk lounging pj's myself, but I didn't know if I'd have the courage to pull them out of my bag. Certainly not until there's no chance I'll encounter anyone but you, and maybe Charlie and Zoey."

Gina laughed, "oh you mean you don't want me to call an all guard alert? Okay, okay...we'll keep it just between us and maybe Charlie and Zoey."

"I don't know that either of them will have any appreciation of me in maroon silk" Lucas smiled and stood up, pulling her to her feet. "Shall we walk off this food and then get back to work?"

"Yes that sounds wonderful," Gina replied easily. She looped her arm in his and they walked the beautiful gardens. "I wonder what the others are up to." 


Josh returned from getting another drink and plopped next to Donna, studying her closely before satisfying himself the Mexican food was sitting well for the moment--at least she wasn't up and running. "How come you didn't mention the twins?" he whispered, "is the thought too scary?"

"Oh wow!" Donna suddenly spoke up, "I totally forgot to mention something. The doctor thinks I could be having twins. Well we could be having twins, Josh and I." "Oh wow, congrats," CJ enthused with a smile, "and I think it's you who'll be having the twins, after all, we women have the hard part." "Oh excuse me?" Jed jumped in, "I beg to differ. After all the men are the ones that have to judge and soothe all the mood swings. We have to get up at all hours of the night and run out to satisfy cravings. We have to become expert masseuses and we have to learn what to say and what not to say which changes from day to day."

"Yeah if you've had all that experience at it why are you not good at it?" Abbey demanded. "I swear I cried more through pregnancy than I did the whole rest of my life."

Jed only grunted in response and Donna laughed. "Now Toby doesn't seem to have it bad at all," Donna pointed out. "It's early yet," Abbey replied. "Oh," the women all answered. "Anyhow enough about that," CJ answered, "what went on in the rest of the Wing today since I never got out of my office except to give briefings."

"Toby had an argument with the water cooler" Josh spoke up. "Did you notice he had on a different shirt all of a sudden?"

"Come to think of it..." CJ began and then looked to Toby. Everyone laughed, even Toby. "That's okay...Josh obviously must not need an assistant as bad as he thinks he does," Donna began, "I've spent at least twenty minutes minimum a day in the bathroom with CJ and neither of us have been missed. Toby frowned at CJ. "Not me, her," CJ said pointing to Donna. Toby relaxed.

"I just figured she was off running some fool errand" Josh muttered, "but I did raise hell at the doctor's office today when she admitted that she had been ill all week." He hooked his arm around her neck and pulled her to his shoulder, kissing her forehead. "Well I think that......oooofff" Jed exclaimed as Brighton hurtled across the room and landed in his lap. "Potty" he announced. "Leo your son has just asked the leader of the free world to take him potty" Mallory laughed.

"And he better get with it too," Leo said with a huge grin, "Brighton doesn't wait long for a response." Everyone laughed and Leo moved to get up and deal with him anyhow but was only mid-rise from his chair when he was stopped.

"The boy asked me" Jed said firmly, giving Leo a quick push back onto his chair and he scooped Brighton up. "Ok big boy we can..." He stopped and gave a short laugh. "I haven't experienced this in years." He lifted the boy away and a solid wet circle was on his shirt. "See the secret service can't protect from every disaster."

The senior staff all looked at each other silent for a moment trying to gauge what was going to happen. The president smiled and then suddenly everyone laughed, except Brighton who looked sullenly remorseful and who presently began to cry because he was wet and it was stinging. "Did not move fast enough," CJ commented. Donna was leaned happily against Josh. "That was the best Mexican and I'm not even the slightest bit nauseous. It's fortunately going to stay down."

"Thankfully" Josh nodded and kissed her. "I keep thinking what the doctor said about eating and iron and so forth. I guess I can't help worrying."

"Why don't I show both of you where you can change" Leo grinned, not moving to take his son since Jed was already wet. He ruffled Brighton's hair. "You just assaulted the president" he grinned, "you could be arrested by the secret service."

Everyone laughed and the president went with Brighton to change. "I know, worrying is natural and I don't mind," Donna answered. "Yeah I never would have imagined Toby was a worrier," CJ spoke up, "but low and behold...and you know...I like it." CJ smiled and kissed Toby lovingly. It was very easy to see they loved each other.

"And I only show half of what I feel" Toby sighed, "but I know she's going to do what she's supposed to and that reminds me. Josh I finally heard what you did this morning. I owe you buddy."

Josh smiled, "CJ's a special lady and she doesn't need anything downing her special time here. I didn't do anything anyone else on the staff wouldn't have done." CJ smiled and blushed. "I really am trying not to be demanding," she noted. "No, no," Abbey spoke as Jed was returning, "pregnancy is a hard time. If you need a little extra help here and there you ask. These are big boys they can take a little from time to time. You've a lot on your plate and if you even think you might be overdoing then you probably already are doing too much. These guys are looking out for you pretty well though I'd say." "Oh yeah they're doing a fine job. I'm not showing yet so we haven't had any shamu jokes," CJ retorted.

"No Shamu" Josh grinned, "but I'm keeping a file of the best zingers for the right moment. What I'm waiting for is in about seven months how you're going to mount the podium in the press room." Toby looked at once horrified. "I hadn't thought about that."

"I'm going to mount the podium with grace and dignity like I always have," CJ answered seriously. "I'm not going to slack in my duties just because I'm having a baby. After all this hopefully isn't going to be the last baby I have."

"I was only thinking of your safety" Josh added hastily. "Those podium steps are narrow and slick, and add a nine months pregnant woman and it doesn't sound attractive."

"She's not going up those steps without assistance," Toby suddenly said decidedly. "So what is everyone going to drop what they're doing and help me do my job," CJ returned. "Yes I think someone should be there to help you up onto the podium, that will take all of five minutes and people could trade off." Toby planned.

"I'll make sure of it any time you're not around" Josh said seriously. "And that brings up whether there are other areas around the Wing that might not be good for pregnant women. We bound around there all the time without thinking, like little steps and loose rugs maybe. It's something that needs looking in to."

Toby nodded his agreement. "Okay, how about a good game of Uno all around or maybe some dancing..." Sam suggested, "let's get this party going."

"Both" Leo declared, pulling out some card decks and flipping on the stereo at the same time.

"Chloe" Tucker said at once, pulling her to her feet and leading off the dancing.

Chloe tried to Waltz while Tucker was going to do otherwise and their feet were quickly tangled making them land on the ground with a thud. Chloe merely laughed.

Meanwhile CJ, Toby, Josh, Donna, Sam, Mallory, Leo and Caroline were immediately up for cards. They were joined by the Potus and Flotus. "Watch CJ now, she's good at cards," Toby warned the group. He was rewarded with an elbow playfully in the side.

"Oh she's good all right" Josh remembered some of their late night poker parties as they were waiting for the resolution of one thing or another. "She bluffs with the best."

"We have to work on our rhythm" Tucker laughed, about to scramble to his feet when Belle plopped on top of him in the center of his abdomen as he lay on his back. The air left him with a loud whoosh and the child laughed delightedly. "Don't these kids have a bedtime" he moaned.

"Hey, you be nice to my sister," Chloe teased. "Belle sweetie, Tucker's not a couch." "Horsey!" the child corrected her elder sister delightedly and then she began to bounce on Tucker. Chloe laughed a moment before she scooped Belle up and handed her to Tucker, retrieving Brighton from the President's lap. "We're putting the children to bed Mom, Dad." she said as she led Tucker upstairs to the children's room. 


"Right now the only others I care about is you" Lucas answered, "Charlie and Zoey are in good hands with the main detail and you and I are having a personal moment." Safe in the shelter of the trees in the big yard, Lucas stopped and turned her to him, tilting her face upward and touching his lips to hers.

Gina sighed headily as the kiss took over her and she felt herself meld with him. She wrapped her arms around Lucas and returned his kiss powerfully. Then finally she pulled away and flushed brilliantly. She walked away as if to admire some flowers but mostly to recompose herself.

Lucas stood back for a few minutes and let her have a moment, while he himself was recovering from the experience and quelling the urge to shout her name. "Gina Sophia Toscano" he sighed more to himself.

Gina turned around hearing the whisper of her name and she smiled at him. "You...you do that very well, kiss I mean. It's very nice." She rejoined her hand with his and they walked further along in the garden. "How long--how long have you felt this way?" she finally asked.

"I could say forever" Lucas answered slowly, "but really just since I worked with you before, before you joined presidential--I started seeing how beautiful you were, but it was more than that. It was how you could be on duty and still be a woman, and still have fun. And--hell I don't know. Maybe forever was a better answer. I just know in the past year I haven't been seeing anyone at all because they weren't...well you. I suspect the guys have decided I've turned gay."

"No they probably just think you're a goner, which I guess you are," Gina laughed. She grabbed him and kissed him passionately then. "Position on bookbag?" came over on her mic. Suddenly Gina froze wide-eyed and looked at Lucas. "I think that was our warning that we've been gone too long," she whispered softly.

Lucas nodded and took her hand quickening their pace. "We left them in the little I don't know, that table and chairs area with all the plants, eating and listening to the radio" he whispered back, "breakfast nook or something? No wait, look." They neared the house and saw Charlie quite contently pushing Zoey in the garden, pushing her chair from one side and holding her hand. "Bless you Charlie" he sighed and spoke into his mic. "Bookbag and spouse located in our immediate proximity. Code four."

Lucas and Gina caught up with Zoey and Charlie. "We're going to walk out to the edge of the property if that's OK" Charlie smiled. "Sure" Lucas nodded, ''gives us a good excuse to walk as well." "Right" Charlie nodded, exchanging a knowing look with Zoey.

"Exercise is good for you," Gina added and she and Zoey exchanged smiles. "Okay no one is fooling anyone I can see." "Are you putting the moves on Gina?" Zoey teased Lucas, "you know she's a wonderful shot so you'd better treat her right." They all laughed. 


CJ smiled at Josh. "Yes you know I miss our poker games. We should have more of those." "So you can break us all more often!" Sam yelped. "You just wish you could," CJ teased back, "face it. You've met your match Seaborn."

Tucker followed Chloe upstairs, with Brighton bouncing delightedly on his back, his small fists clenched in his hair. "Leo thinks a lot of these kids" he said softly, dropping Brighton onto the rug and beginning to strip his clothes. No sooner was he completely bare than a very naked two year old was running down the stairs, a very embarrassed Tucker hurrying after him. The child had already wet on the president, the man did not need to see him naked. Tucker caught up to him halfway down, and the little barefeet tried to turn, only to slip on the soft carpet and begin to fall. Tucker shouted his name and caught him in time, only to be so thrown off balance that they both fell. He had just enough time to push him upward, putting himself between the boy and the stairs before they crashed to the bottom.



Fajitas And Margaritas - 5



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