Fajitas and Margaritas

By: Lisa Lisa [Lab7417@aol.com] and Pat [SSbpMN@aol.com

Note: This is the seventh in the series including A Bagel and a Beginning, Chili with a side of 'The Jackal', Dinner and Dancing, Darts and Dresses, Josh and Donna's Weekend Getaway, and Would you hold me? (All of these can be found on our web page Http://www.phantomroses.com/SarahRabb)

Remember our stories are about the personal lives of these people. So if you're looking for political intrigue, or don't want to know what they're doing when they're NOT in the big white building, bail now!!

From Part 4-- 

Tucker followed Chloe upstairs, with Brighton bouncing delightedly on his back, his small fists clenched in his hair. "Leo thinks a lot of these kids" he said softly, dropping Brighton onto the rug and beginning to strip his clothes. No sooner was he completely bare than a very naked two year old was running down the stairs, a very embarrassed Tucker hurrying after him. The child had already wet on the president, the man did not need to see him naked. Tucker caught up to him halfway down, and the little barefeet tried to turn, only to slip on the soft carpet and begin to fall. Tucker shouted his name and caught him in time, only to be so thrown off balance that they both fell. He had just enough time to push him upward, putting himself between the boy and the stairs before they crashed to the bottom.

"Fajitas and Margaritas" 5/10 

"Tucker! Brighton!" Chloe screamed with great horror and Caroline was immediately on her feet with Leo right behind. "My son!" he yelled out loudly worried.

Brighton began to wail at all the commotion but as soon as Leo scooped him up he quieted and then began to laugh. "This one is OK" Leo sighed, passing him to Toby who was right behind him. "Tucker" Sam hollered in concern for his brother. Tucker blinked several times and opened his eyes slowly. "Chloe?"

"Watch that first step. It's a real doozy," Chloe teased kneeling beside him. "Are you okay? Can I get you anything? That was so terrible to watch. I was so worried."

Toby meanwhile was having the time of his life playing with Brighton while CJ watched from her position still on the couch. "Who'd have ever thought Toby Ziegler," Donna whispered softly shaking her head. "I love him," CJ said softly watching him tenderly.

"I'm all right" Tucker smiled, lifting his head and then putting a hand to his forehead as dizziness washed over him. "Tucker?" Sam's voice and then his face swam into Tucker's view. "I'm good" Tucker assured him, but his eyes were on Chloe. "Well should I help you up or are you planning on spending the rest of the evening on your back with your girlfriend kneeling over you." "Only if I have more privacy" Tucker returned and with that Sam knew he was OK. "Oh god Brighton?" Tucker suddenly remembered, struggling to get up.

"Yes you do" Donna whispered back. "He's going to make a great dad. Funny how it just all of a sudden comes to some."

The group on the stairs gathered the group round the table watching in amazement as the generally stiff-necked Toby Ziegler was laughing aloud and twirling the two year old over his head as Brighton laughed loudly. Chloe smiled, "I'd say he's recovered."

"Yeah," CJ added in a whisper, "he keeps waiting for me to start looking pregnant. He's going to get lucky sometime in the next week or two. I can already feel it and then it's only going to get worse from there, or better however you look at it." CJ smiled. "I'm excited even if it is already very taxing."

"Brighton's OK then?" Tucker demanded, now groaning to his feet.

"You and me are both going to be waddling around at the same time" Donna sighed happily, "to say nothing of Caroline and Zoey. People are going to say it's something in the water."

"Four pregnant women in and out of the West Wing. It is going to be interesting," CJ smiled. "Josh and Toby are going to have their hands full!" Sam put in his two cents.

"Brighton's having the time of his life," Chloe smiled softly and then she kissed Tucker, "thank-you for saving him. I saw what you did. He could have been really hurt otherwise."

"No problem. I couldn't let the little guy fall. More I was afraid that I was going to land on him, get him between me and the steps" Tucker sighed. "It's over now, except retrieving one naked future brother in law."

Leo guided Caroline to a chair feeling her trembling slightly and her heart pounding where she was leaning against him. "All over" he repeated Tucker's words and then looked over to the young man their daughter cared so much for. "All over except the thanking for one young man's bravery."

Chloe flushed and laughed lightly at Tucker before kissing him quickly. "Leave him be, Toby will hand him over when he's finished. I think he's enjoying himself."

"It looks like Chloe is already seeing to that," Caroline gasped softly. "She's growing up too fast Leo..." she sighed wistfully. "Tucker if you could come here please," Caroline called to him and when they approached, Chloe and Tucker, hand in hand, she smiled at them. "Tucker I don't know how to thank you for what you just did. Your quick thinking could have saved our son's life, at any rate you kept him from being hurt. Thank-you very much."

"Yes ma'am" Tucker smiled and blushed, embarrassed at the praise. "You're welcome. I couldn't let him be hurt. He's a great little guy and I already feel like he's family." He took a very deep breath. "Ma'am you know I think that I care a great deal for Chloe. I would never do anything that would hurt her." "I know you don't think you would," Caroline smiled, "just remember that Chloe is still very young for all that she may not look it and she needs to concentrate on getting a good education first and foremost."

"Yes ma'am wouldn't have it any other way. This girl has a future ahead of her and I'm starting to think about mine thanks to her." Tucker assured her. "We want to be together, but we know how young we are and how much growing up we have yet to do."

"Brighton try not to pee on Mr. Ziegler" Leo murmured, "you've already soaked a president this afternoon, no need to try for the communications director." Leo paused and looked around the room. "Something you people should know" he said, taking advantage of a quiet moment and lifting the squirming Brighton from Toby's arms. "This little guy and his twin are my son and daughter, my biological son and daughter that is; and in about eight months for anyone not already aware of it, Caroline will be presenting me with a another baby."

Caroline smiled, "Thank goodness." Chloe looked like she might finally confess how deep her relationship with Tucker went but then she quickly thought better of it. "Hey Mom. Is it okay if Tucker and I say goodnight to everyone else and have a moviefest in my room?" Caroline looked thoughtful for a moment, "Okay then, I was wondering just where we were going to put Tucker but he can sleep on a palate in your room or however, you kids crash or he can come down here and sleep on the living room couch or something." Chloe kissed her mom and Leo quickly on the cheek and called goodnight to the others and then they both made a mad dash up the stairs for her room.

Jed and Abby froze, shocked at the news, both parts of it. CJ smiled but again Toby looked shocked. Sam smiled because no one else in the room seemed to be. Mallory swallowed hard and just looked to her father curiously. Josh and Donna were both rather astounded. "Congratulations Caroline..." Donna finally drawled out.

"Thank you. Believe me I'm thrilled on all counts, including where Leo has asked me to marry him. I couldn't be happier."

Sam quickly closed the distance between him and Mallory, pressing himself to her back. "OK?" he whispered. "Your dad maybe should have mentioned all this to you first privately?"

"No I...I'm okay. I just-wow..." Mallory gasped a smile now slowly appearing, "I have a little half sister and brother and another on the way. I think it's kind of neat that my father's going to have kids to raise again. I know how bad he always felt about things with me. I just hope that they're not too much for a man his age. You don't think so hmm?" she asked Sam.

"That's wonderful," CJ added and Toby and Josh seemed to be slowly warming to the idea, smiles replacing gasps on their faces. The Bartlets however, were still amazed.

"Your dad has more strength and energy than I do" Sam assured her. "He'll be fine. And there's nothing like kids for keeping you young. People tried to tell my mother that when she was forty-two and having Tucker but she didn't believe them.

Jed finally stood up and shook Leo's hand. "See the stuff you learn at parties. It's amazing. We need to do this more Abbey. Seriously Leo, Caroline--it's wonderful and I'm extremely happy for both of you. You know, Josiah McGarry has kind of a ring to it."

Everyone in the room had an 'eww' expression on their face at Jed's suggestion, even Abby, Leo and Caroline. The feel was slightly reminiscent of the chili invitation when Zoey had first come to the White House. 


"Believe me I'm very careful what I say and do around her" Lucas declared, "I've seen her on the range. She's definitely better than I." He dropped his head self consciously for a moment and then hugged Gina to his side. "Yes I'm putting moves on her or whatever that's called now. I prefer to think of it as letting my feelings show."

Gina smiled as did Zoey. They soon arrived at the edge of the property and turned back the other direction. "This is wonderful when everyone gets together like this," Zoey commented. "It was great when CJ did the chili and wonderful tonight when she did the Mexican."

"It's great" Gina agreed quickly. "Zoey it's no secret I consider you and Charlie to be pretty close friends, now along with Lucas of course. I hope even after you leave the White House we'll still be friends. You won't be part of this fish bowl and we can more easily do things. Of course by then you'll have your baby. I can't wait." "To see hers or have one of your own?" Lucas teased but his tone was serious.

"Pregnant agents get a desk job," Zoey and Gina answered simultaneously. "Gina you said..." Zoey began. "I know sweetie. I promised I'd be here for you the entire time at the White House and I will, I promise," Gina said, "a baby will either have to wait or fit nicely in the schedule by some miracle." she sighed.

Lucas nodded soberly and gently nuzzled her cheek with his lips. "For the time being just us being together, spending time together is good."


"Wow" Tucker could only get out once he was inside Chloe's room and she threw the latch. "This is amazing." He took her into his arms then and kissed her deeply. "I love you" he whispered, "and I'm going to fall asleep and wake up in the morning saying that."

"I know isn't this great?" Chloe enthused, "we're just like the adults!" She ran over to her drawers and then disappeared into the bathroom. She returned a few minutes later in a white negligee. A beautiful gown with delicate cutouts and embroidery on it in a rose theme from the top of one breast in a sweeping diagonal curve to the opposite hip. The gown had a thigh-high slit and came just above her ankles. Her long hair was down now and curly. She entered the room and froze.

While she was gone Tucker had shed his clothes and slipped into silk boxers with a form fitting tee shirt, and now stopped and stared at her in the gown. "If you're trying to drive me crazy it's working" he gasped finally, reaching out his hand and gently touching the exposed area of her breast. "You are beyond beautiful" he sighed and gestured to where he had rearranged the pillows on her bed to make a cozy nest for their movie watching. "Our evening begins my love."

Chloe smiled, "Yeah but if my mother ever had the mind to bust down that door you and I would be so dead. I guess that's one thing that makes this so great." She put on the movie 'Pretty Woman' and crawled up on the bed with Tucker, curling up with him.

"I know" Tucker nodded, "but I'm wondering if she maybe suspects and just doesn't want to admit it; or maybe she's thinking she's glad you're with me-I mean there are worse guys out there who could be hitting on you."

"Oh definitely," Chloe answered immediately, "maybe that's it." she leaned in and kissed Tucker passionately. Her hands roamed over his chest. "Love you Tucker."

"Love you angel" Tucker answered, going into full relaxed mode while her hands roamed across his broad chest, "and planning to spend the majority of the night showing you just how much."

Chloe snuggled against Tucker comfortably and grabbed the comforter artfully to cover them. She lay there stroking his chest idly for a while and then he could tell she was asleep, her long, blonde, hair covering them dramatically.

Tucker smiled at the sleeping image, gently pushing some hair from her face and then brought the quilt from the end of the bed up over them, not willing to wake her so they could dress. His desire to sleep with her in his arms was about to be realized.



Fajitas And Margaritas - 6



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