Fajitas and Margaritas

By: Lisa Lisa [Lab7417@aol.com] and Pat [SSbpMN@aol.com

Note: This is the seventh in the series including A Bagel and a Beginning, Chili with a side of 'The Jackal', Dinner and Dancing, Darts and Dresses, Josh and Donna's Weekend Getaway, and Would you hold me? (All of these can be found on our web page Http://www.phantomroses.com/SarahRabb)

Remember our stories are about the personal lives of these people. So if you're looking for political intrigue, or don't want to know what they're doing when they're NOT in the big white building, bail now!!

From Part 5-- 

"Love you angel" Tucker answered, going into full relaxed mode while her hands roamed across his broad chest, "and planning to spend the majority of the night showing you just how much."

Chloe snuggled against Tucker comfortably and grabbed the comforter artfully to cover them. She lay there stroking his chest idly for a while and then he could tell she was asleep, her long, blonde, hair covering them dramatically.

Tucker smiled at the sleeping image, gently pushing some hair from her face and then brought the quilt from the end of the bed up over them, not willing to wake her so they could dress. His desire to sleep with her in his arms was about to be realized.

"Fajitas and Margaritas" Part 6--

"How about that hot tub again," CJ suggested after a few minutes of silence. "How about that hot tub," Donna replied. "How about we get in it?" Sam suggested. "All of us?" Josh questioned. "You know we do have a pool if it's water you're craving," Leo offered, "although we would all fit in the hot tub. Why do you think it's so large--never mind I never really wanted to know the answer to that question anyhow."

"I think we need to get changed and explore both" Jed pronounced. "I didn't bring a thong bikini to leave in my suitcase." "You're not serious?" Abbey questioned at once. "Normal trunks dear" he corrected immediately. "Change and be at the pool and outdoor hot tub in five minutes" he commanded. "See sometimes being presidential has its advantages."

Everyone made off for their rooms and then appeared at the pool. Abby was first with a suit that faded from light blue to navy. A one piece that didn't expose too much. Sam appeared next in a black Speedo that didn't leave much to the imagination. Josh and Donna appeared together. He had on a navy Speedo that could put Sam to shame as far as Donna was concerned. Donna had on a tiny black bikini with a thong back, which Josh didn't see until she removed her cover-up poolside before him. CJ and Toby appeared next. Toby had on Hawaiian print swim trunks and CJ removed her cover-up to reveal a tiny triangle bikini of Italian creme lace with creme lining underneath on the top and where necessary on the bottom. It looked very elegant on her thin frame. Mallory had stayed behind to help Caroline and she now appeared with Caroline and Leo. Caroline had on a peach bikini only hers covered much more than the other women's. Mallory's was of the same fashion in an electric blue. Charlie and Zoey appeared and he carried her into the water, holding her in his arms since she couldn't swim. She had on a brilliant metallic red swimsuit. Charlie had on red trunks that looked pale compared to the vibrancy of her suit. The President appeared next in black trunks with the Presidential seal in the bottom left corner.

"Mrs. Bartlet does he have the seal on his underwear too?" Caroline laughed. "Hey come to think of it we don't even know whether it's boxers or briefs" Mallory pointed out.

"Briefs," Abby answered nonchalantly and the president minutely grimaced. "Carol owes me thirty," Donna whispered to Josh happily.

"We can start a college fund" Josh laughed. "You know the rest of the country would die if they knew we were sitting around discussing the president's underwear habits."

"That is not something I'm prepared to share with the press," CJ spoke up. Then she pretended to get into her press secretary mode, "and another announcement today. For those of you who wondered the president wears briefs. That will be all thank-you." Everyone in the pool burst into laughter. CJ was about doubled over she was enjoying herself so much.

In the warm pool water Josh helped Donna settle onto his lap more securely and her head went to his shoulder. "Later I'm going to make love to you" he whispered so only she could hear. "I'm going to make long slow passionate love to you."

Donna smiled, "Okay but we have to get our beauty rest too...sleeping for two, maybe three now you know." Donna sparkled as she had been all night. It was very easy for Josh to tell he had made her happier than she had ever been.

"Of course" Josh smiled, feeling her already relax and seeing her eyes close. "Do you realize how much I love you" he sighed.

"Bathroom break, excuse me" CJ sighed, pulling from Toby's arms and levering herself over the side of the pool with one large step. Her sense of balance failed her at the last second and she fell backwards waving her arms as she did so, trying in vain to catch herself but her arms touched air only and she landed on her back in the water with a resounding splash.

"I love you Josh," Donna whispered in response. Then they watched in slow motion as CJ came tumbling back into the water. Toby was immediately after her, cradling her up into his arms. He looked into her eyes for a long moment in his arms before he dared ask, "you're okay aren't you?"

"Yeah...yeah I think so..." she panted, feeling breathless from the impact on her back. "I'm glad no one was around to film that. It would have made the bagel on the podium shot look like small potatoes." She put her hand up and touched her fingers to his cheek, stroking the beard she so loved. "Did I scare you love? I'm sorry."

"I was worried," Toby admitted, "both for you and our baby." CJ smiled at him and then kissed him softly. "I like being here in your arms. You could just hold me for a while," CJ said softly. He looked at her a few more moments intensely. "The baby is okay Toby." she continued to stroke his bead and kissed him softly again. She looked very elegant curled up in his arms as she was. CJ seemed to look elegant and sensual regardless of what she was doing.

Toby began to breathe easier at her assurance. Josh held tighter to Donna, watching the by play and realized how upset he would have been if it had been Donna. CJ finally stirred in Toby's arms. "Listen as much as I'm enjoying this I'm going to need that bathroom or this pool is going to have an additive Leo won't appreciate." "Don't worry about it" Leo called with a quick laugh, "I'm sure Belle and Brighton already did that earlier today." "Oh yuck" Mallory exclaimed at once. "Does the secret service know that?" Jed demanded laughing. "Hey he's kidding" Caroline shook her head. "They were wearing those swimmer diapers." "Toby, potty" CJ ordered.

Toby waded CJ over to the steps and carefully released her. She disappeared inside and returned a few minutes later. She carefully slid back down into the pool and then Sam chose that moment to speak up. "You know you look just like that time Benini pushed you into the pool at that party!" "Well yes except I'm not wearing a brand new, beaded Donna Karen evening gown," CJ returned, "and I'm so glad everyone else thought that was so funny." she sighed, "he can't even vote in America!"

"Well in that case let's add him to the enemies list" Jed smiled. "Besides didn't you bill accounting for the dress?"

"I finally remembered what I wanted to tell Sam" Leo fairly shouted. "Sam-Mallory, the Craddocks next door are looking to rent out their guest house. Aren't you and Mallory looking to rent something? Their daughter just gave birth for the third time and they're taking a bigger house in Cleveland Park. This place has three bedrooms, the usual living room, kitchen etc. Pool and hot tub is available. I made Joe promise he wouldn't advertise it until I told you about it. Unless of course living so close to dad doesn't appeal to you?"

Mallory looked to Sam. "You know that could be good for Tucker and Chloe. They could carpool because Tucker doesn't need to be driving to school every morning. Plus we'd be closer to all of the action here and you and Leo can get together if you ever need to conference after hours. Plus I'd be close to the rest of my family. What do you think?"

"Yes I most certainly did bill accounting for the dress. It was definitely a political casualty, totally ruined," CJ sighed. "Unfortunately the next state dinner I go to they're probably going to have to just cut holes in a garbage bag for me. We have one in a month and a half right? I'll be five and a half months along then." CJ sighed.

"Four walls and a bed and I'm good" Sam grinned and then pulled her into a large hug. "Just as long as you're in the bed next to me."

"With all the maternity boutiques in Georgetown and along Connecticut Avenue I think we can find something that's a step up from arm holes in a Glad bag" Toby said dryly. "Maybe Donna and Caroline will join you. You can go as the Bobbsey Triplets" Leo put in. "Showing your age dad" Mallory teased.

"We'll take it," Mallory told her father with a smile. Caroline had left the pool momentarily and she returned to slip in beside Leo, "The cake has been delivered, whenever you're ready to make Mallory's presentation.." she whispered.

"Oh I'll have to have one too," Donna frowned, "we'll go it together." "Hey ladies it'll be fun," Caroline put in, "we can really pamper ourselves and then prove to these men just how sexy a pregnant woman can be."

"Wait a minute, I thought we were talking State Dinner here" Jed objected with a smile. "What happened to subdued and dignified?" "Jed they're not my age" Abbey sighed, "plenty of time for that."

"OK great" Leo whispered back. "Should we just hold off until everyone is ready to get out and change, and then we'll have coffee and cake?"

"I guess he doesn't remember her black and white number with the triangles of white just covering the--" "Joshua Lyman I beg your pardon. I got a lot of nice compliments on that dress," CJ returned. "Yeah because you looked drop dead gorgeous in it," Josh replied and Toby eyed him.

Caroline nodded, "A perfect idea my brilliant fiancée." She kissed him passionately.

"Where was I when you were noticing how beautiful CJ looked?" Donna pouted. "I guess it was one of those things the assistants weren't invited to." "As long as he's only looking" Toby decided. "I'm glad Mallory teaches Third grade" Sam sighed. "I don't have to worry about mothers and eight year olds."

"Mmmmm" Leo groaned, returning her kiss. "Another one like that and we may have to make a stop between getting dried off and coffee." He then initiated his own kiss and his hand went to her baby spot. "I love you Caroline."

"I love you and we're going to wait until we retire to finish this," Caroline whispered back.

"No I suppose you don't," Mallory smiled and kissed him, "not that you do anyhow." "Well Toby doesn't have anything to worry about either," CJ added quickly. "I still think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever met," Josh told Donna who beamed at him then.

"Thank you" Donna sniffled suddenly, her hand on her belly as she contemplated growing large with twins a possibility. She and CJ exchanged looks and shared thoughts.

"As long as you promise" Leo sighed and Caroline inconspicuously dropped her hand low on him so that he would have something to remember the promise by. Leo squirmed with her touch and she gave him a wicked look as she did it again. "Are we ready for coffee?" she asked innocently.

"Yes," came a general reply and they left the water. Sam and Toby helped make sure that Zoey was safely brought from the water and Charlie delicately carried her to their guestroom where he dried her off and helped her redress before returning her to the chair. "Feel good to be out of the White House?" Donna asked Zoey as she and Josh were the next couple to return. Caroline had dressed quickly and was guarding the kitchen to make sure no one else came in to spoil the surprise. 


Meanwhile CJ changed into a pair of silver satin pants with black tick stripes on them and a black satin shirt with silver trim at the collar, sleeves and up the front. She brushed her hair, sharing the bathroom with Toby easily now. "This is wonderful," she commented, "I think it will make us a stronger team."

"I think we should do this real often" Toby agreed readily. "Maybe even schedule some time away from DC--a retreat type thing you know. We don't have to go far. Just a big guest house in the Poconos or on the Eastern shore would do it." 


"I would have settled for out of my bedroom" Zoey sighed, "even though Charlie has been taking me on rides downstairs and around the grounds some. I'm mostly going stir crazy up there. I'm just not used to this inactivity and I can only read, do schoolwork and crochet so much. Yesterday I made him bring me a paint by numbers set. Soon I'll have two colorful parrots on my wall. Not to mention I've missed a lot with everyone--all the news and gossip and excitement of being down there. Right now I just want to go back to school." "Whoa take a breath" Josh grinned. "Are you going to get in another semester?"

Zoey thought about it, "No I guess not, by the time I get recovered I'll have one month to finish up for this semester but over the summer I'm going to get huge and I'm just asking for it going to school seven months pregnant. Too much stress and strain...I'm better off home with Charlie and Mom and Dad." "Good girl," Donna voiced her opinion. "You're not quitting your job," Zoey returned observationally. "No, but Josh and Toby are making CJ and I be very careful. The other staffers will help pick up the slack for a bit."

"We are definitely doing that" Josh agreed, "So much so that they're going to get really sick of it before the pregnancies are over." 


"Looks like things are winding down" Lucas whispered to Gina as they stood off to one side, awaiting the rest of them. "OK truth now, you actually brought lingerie to sleep in?"

"Yes I actually brought lingerie to sleep in. I sleep in it most every night," Gina answered, "I just didn't know I'd be hot-bunking tonight."

"I hope you're planning to let me peek" Lucas smiled. "Once the house settles down and the night guards take over we'll be able to collapse ourselves, just in the vicinity of Zoey and Charlie's quarters and we're covered. This house is like a fortress anyway."

"Yes thank goodness," Gina smiled and then she kissed him and rubbed seductively against him. "Cake time." she said leaving the room before him and heading downstairs to join the group. She smiled, very pleased with the new turn in her life. 


Caroline came out of the bathroom in underwear only to put on shorts and a shirt for the remainder of the evening, seeing Leo lounging on the bed, dressed only in his boxers. "Hey I know, we have to get downstairs" he grinned, "but I'm enjoying the show first. Hey I haven't seen Tucker and Chloe all evening. Anti social or young and in love?"

"Young and in love I suppose," Caroline answered, "I just hope the Chloe knows better than to do something truly stupid like sleep with him. Those other girls she was friends with. I thought they had sense but obviously they didn't if they were stupid enough to sleep with boys. Thank goodness Chloe's better than that. I'd better let them know we have cake downstairs, being teenagers I'm sure they'll want some."

"Why don't I call them" Leo said hastily, pulling on shorts and a shirt. "You might want to check on the twins." 


Leo took the door he usually took to reach that room, the back way through the bathroom and found the door open, thankful that Caroline had not gone and had in fact gone to check on the twins. There, laid beautifully and serenely in Tucker's arms was a tanned and beautiful Chloe. Her shoulder was the only thing not covered by her hair and she looked very much like Caroline in this position and manner.

Leo sat on the edge of the bed for a long minute sorting his feelings about seeing these two, barely more than children, and yet so obviously in love. "Chloe, Tucker" he called softly. Tucker gasped and sat straight up, trying to hold to Chloe, and bring the quilt up to cover both of them at the same time. "Sir" he got out, feeling himself tremble slightly, and he held to Chloe tightly. "Baby your dad is here" he whispered in her ear.




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