Off to Camp

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Note: This is the eighth in the series including A Bagel and a Beginning, Chili with a side of 'The Jackal', Dinner and Dancing, Darts and Dresses, Josh and Donna's Weekend Getaway, Would you hold me?, and Fajitas and Margaritas (All of these can be found on our web page Http://

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From Part 3-- 

"Push the beds together," Gina said already beginning to move them and then holding them together a king-size sheet and some spare pillows. " bed for us." She then looked at Lucas and suddenly ran and jumped into his arms before kissing him passionately.

"Nice move agent Toscano" Lucas approved, dropping onto the bed with her holding tightly to him. "And some people say they despise White House detail. I think it has a lot of perks." He maneuvered them so that her head was tucked into the crook of his neck, her hair falling gently over her shoulders. "You fit real well right there" he said softly, "like you were created for me."

"Off To Camp" part 4-- 

"Mallory staring at it isn't going to make it any different" Sam called from outside the bathroom door. "It's been twenty five minutes. Whatever change it's going to make, that ship has sailed."

Mallory emerged from the bathroom and handed him the perfectly positive test. "We're going to have a baby Sam. You're going to be a Daddy." She smiled at him from where she was propped up on her elbows on the bed.

"Thank you Jesus" Sam gasped, totally ecstatic at that moment. "Yes we are," he added, staring at the test stick. He literally threw himself onto the bed, jouncing her hard. "But the question is, are you happy?"

"It's a new step for me, for us. I think it's going to be exciting and I think, with all of the nurturing I do of my classroom children each day I don't really realize how nice it would be to have one of my own. You know Sam, I think I am." Mallory answered with a smile. "I'm having the child of the man I love. What could be more amazing and wonderful than that?"

"Oh Mallory thank you" Sam breathed, in awe of this beautiful woman who was now carrying part of him inside her. "I love you, now and forever." His mouth found hers, drawing her in, and a moment later they were feverishly undressing each other, not able to get to bare skin fast enough to suit either one. "I think pregnancy is good for you" he approved. "If this is a hormonal thing, I like it."

"Who cares, just go with it," Mallory returned before all talking ceased.


CJ was the first one up the next morning. She was out standing by the lake, wrapped in a blanket when Jed saw her from a distance.

Jed was doing a morning jog around the lake, his protectors keeping their distance when he spotted CJ. "When I told you it would be at least eighty here I forgot to mention the forty-five we have in the early morning" he panted, stopping and leaning his hands on his knees to catch his breath. "What's on your mind so early? Danny Concannon or something more mundane?"

"Well I was thinking about how peaceful and beautiful this lake is and how serene, but now that you've mentioned his name I guess Danny is on my mind," CJ said thoughtfully. She was quiet for a moment, "Toby's so upset he won't touch me, not that he could right now anyhow." The bruises Danny had left were very obvious today. "I just don't understand why it has to be this way sir. I set out to try and prevent a large upset and I got more of one than I ever bargained for and now if I so much as have lunch with Danny Toby is going to be up in arms."

Jed gave a small smile, thinking of Toby seething. "Toby was scared to death and outraged" he said softly. "That doesn't subside over night and not with him especially, but it will. He flares angry for a while, seethes for a couple days and then it's over." Jed gently moved the blanket just enough to see the outline of her bruises. "If I had been him I would not have touched you either--I would have been terrified of hurting you. It's not easy for a man to deal with another man who was important to his wife at one time."

"It was never-" CJ stopped, "He has no reason to feel like that. I love Toby sir. I will always love Toby and it's his child I'm carrying. Danny was intoxicated I cannot think of too many people who have not made a mistake under the influence..." she sighed. "It hurt me too...he could at least try to see that and be here for me." CJ broke down into tears.

Jed put his arm around her as they walked. "Of course he should be, but then you're out here aren't you? Right now if he wakes he doesn't even know where you are. Not to mention I know Toby, and now today his anger is gone and he's ready to look at the whole thing more calmly. He has an enormous heart--it may occur to him that Danny can even be forgiven. All of us have done things we're not proud of, drunk or sober. I'd tell you about mine, but we don't have three hours before breakfast."

CJ smiled softly, "thank-you sir. I think perhaps you're right. If you don't mind I'll let you finish your jog." She smiled to the president and then walked back to the suite she shared with Toby. She curled back into the bed without him waking and then lay on her back, looking at the ceiling and thinking. 


"I hope I wasn't too much of a bumbling idiot last night" Lucas smiled as Gina came back from the bathroom and he held the covers for her, taking a moment to appreciate her body in the room's dim light. "I tried not to be." He wrapped an extra blanket around her as she climbed in, protection against the early morning chill.

"No," Gina smiled softly, "last night was wonderful and Lucas...I have something I need to tell you." Gina paused and took a deep breath, "I lied to you last night...I'd never been with anyone before. I'm sorry."

"I know" Lucas said softly. "I figured you had a reason for not telling me. I didn't know it of course until we did it and I was surprised and pleased and amazed and it made me love you all the more that you gave that to me. I didn't hurt you did I? I tried to be careful but it was almost too late by then."

"No, you didn't hurt me," Gina replied softly, "someone once told me a man couldn't tell. I guess they were wrong..." She kissed Lucas softly and curled against him. "They were up three times last night...let's hope they sleep in."

"Second that" Lucas said firmly and pushed some hair from her face. "I knew as soon as it happened--about you I mean--and I had this flash of fear that I was hurting you but you didn't seem like you wanted me to stop. You were wonderful you know--that's the only way I knew it was your first time, simply because you were so attentive and loving to me."

"Why? did I do something wrong? Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?" Gina asked.

Lucas smiled and held her close. "No angel, you did everything perfectly and I love you. Thing is I'm not an expert. I've only had one other and that's a long sad story better saved for another time. I just know that I love you, and I want you to be part of my life--hell I want you to be the biggest part of my life, along with the duty of course that's always going to be there."

Gina smiled and then kissed him, "I love you and thank-you for last night. It was wonderful. "How about a jog before breakfast?"

"You think we can leave them sleeping?" Lucas asked. "Because if so I'd love to beat you in a lap around the lake. It's four miles if you run the whole track you know."

"Oh...maybe I ought to run twice then," Gina teased. "I'm sure they'll be fine. Henderson and Owens are right outside." She jumped up and put on a pair of gray sweatshorts and a white tank top. "let's go Miller" she called as she headed for the door.

"Right behind you Toscano" Lucas laughed and caught up to her, grabbing her around her waist and lifting her easily aside so that he could run past her.

Gina grunted but kept her pace and eventually passed him. She kept on steadfast and it was effortless for her, obviously she did this every day.


Toby felt her presence and yawned sleepily, rolling so that he could drop an arm across her and pull her to him. Surprised to find her so stiff, he sat up on his elbow at once. "OK, what's wrong?" he asked gently, "and I don't want to hear 'nothing'. Please tell me. I know it's something we should be dealing with."

CJ had jumped when he had dropped his arm over her and hit the bruising slightly. "Danny, how he hurt me yesterday--" she opened the topic gently.

Toby drew in a deep breath. "I probably could have handled that a lot better" he sighed. "But my anger and my fear were running my logic last night. I should have let you have more of a role in handling it too; but honestly for a bit there I was afraid you were in shock. I was afraid period in fact. What would you like to do? If you want to try to make amends with him I promise I won't stand in the way. Of course I can't promise I won't try to kill him either. Kidding. No, I love you and I want what you want in this."

"I do want to make amends," CJ began. "I can't believe he hurt me like this," CJ looked at the bruising and again cried, "and what he might have done if Donna didn't come and what he did to Donna. It's like it wasn't even Danny." Her crying became worse.

"No it wasn't" Toby agreed, "not the Danny we know. Certainly not the Danny you thought at one time you could love." He drew her onto his chest and let her cry into his tee shirt. "Right now he's probably miserable, sick from the liquor and from what he did. You--or we if you'd prefer--can go to him when we go back and try to set things right."

CJ smiled, "Thank-you," she said softly, "I'd really appreciate that and I'm sorry about last night, about you not being able to touch me. It's still too sore, with the baby changes and all." She gingerly loosened her top of her pajamas and exposed to him the top of her breasts, almost solid with the blue and purple prints.

Toby felt his anger toward Danny rise again and with a supreme effort, calmed himself. "I understand. For right now I'm just quite content to hold you. We do need to talk to Danny. Looking at you now I've come to the conclusion that if I don't, I'm going to bear hatred for this man every time I see him and that's not the way I live my life. We'll talk to him when we go back, both of us together, and see if we can't find a way to put it all behind us."

"I'd like that, thank-you," CJ answered softly and then she smiled at Toby and leaned in to kiss him.

"For another kiss like that only with a little more enthusiasm I'll let you invite the man for dinner" Toby teased, bringing his face to hers.

CJ kissed Toby passionately their mouths melding together until they were finally forced apart by the necessity of breathing.

"At this rate I'll be agreeing to let Danny move in with us" Toby gasped, going back for more as soon as each was breathing again. "Be careful now, I don't want to hurt you."

"I know," CJ gasped and she pulled from him. "We should go have breakfast now Toby."

"Yes ma'am" Toby smiled, pushing her hair back from her face and placing a gentle kiss on her lips. "Time to feed the baby. And the baby's father could use a little nourishment too. And later we're going to do some fishing in one of these mountain streams. I know they're putting that pig on to roast, but some fresh broiled trout would be good with that too. How are you at fish gutting?"

CJ's eyes went wide and she jumped from the bed and raced to the bathroom to be ill.


"You ready for your riding lesson?" Tucker nudged Chloe awake. "I'm ready to show you how it's done if you are."

"Oh yeah!" Chloe enthused. She slipped on a pair of short blue jean shorts and a pink stretch crop top and then she pulled her long hair up into a beautiful ponytail. "Ready when you are," she said as she pulled on some good shoes.

"Let's do it" Tucker laughed and caught her hand. "We'll make sure they give you a gentle mare to start out with."

Chloe laughed and rolled her eyes as she walked with Tucker out and to the stables. "They're beautiful," she commented of the horses and selected a beautiful black thoroughbred. She also, as Tucker discovered, rode English saddle. "and I could ride side-saddle if I wished though not doing equestrian." she effortlessly mounted the horse. "Ready when you are." 


"I'd like to see you do that when you're six months pregnant" Lucas called after her, and then quickly looked around to make sure no one else was around. Not in time however as he realized the president was behind him on the circular track, though fortunately his detail was too far back to have heard. "Good morning sir" Lucas smiled. "Good morning Lucas. Agent Toscano, Agent Miller would like to see you run at six months pregnant. I think that's a vision we'd all enjoy."

"I could do it sir," Gina answered, "We've run with more than 50 pound sacks on us before. However, if I was six months pregnant which would be a phenomenal blessing I don't believe I would be doing that for the baby's health." She smiled.

"Good answer" Jed grinned. "And from what you said I'm guessing you wouldn't mind a baby in the near future. Would his handsome young Agent Miller be the prospective father?"

"Yes sir he would be however it is an honor to protect the president's daughter and I have promised Zoey that I would not leave her while she was at the White House. We have become each other's best friend and I couldn't think of anywhere else that I would be happy." Gina replied.

"I know" Jed nodded. "I'm glad she has such a friend. Living in the fishbowl doesn't always sit well with her. In fact I almost encouraged her to go to school out of state, but then selfish dad won out." He looked Lucas up and down. "Mr. Miller I hear nothing but good things about you. I know you like working with Gina, and protecting Charlie and Zoey, but I wouldn't mind having you on my detail any time." 


"I've never tried side-saddle" Tucker admitted. "Might make the guys look at me strange. "Let's trot them out on the trail a ways and back so we can see what they're like, warm them up before we try the jump course." He easily pulled himself onto the small saddle atop the Palomino the stable attendant assured him was a good jumper. "At one time I had thoughts of going through the trials and attempting to make the Olympic equestrian team" he sighed as he caught up to her. "Big dreams for a kid who ended up at County."

"You should have not been afraid to follow your dreams. It was not following your dreams that led you down the wrong path," Chloe answered. She and the horse moved majestically as one. She was a wonderful rider and it was with effortless fluidity that she rode the horse.

"Tell me about it" Tucker sighed and urged his horse to keep up with hers. They rode to the end of the trail and turned around, cantering back to the jump course. "Good there's all heights" he observed, "from three to six. I've jumped six before, but I don't know if these horses have. They look like they can do it, but we should start them off short and see how they are. After you m'lady."

Chloe set up the jump for the horse and effortlessly cleared a three. "Yes! That was wonderful!" she cried out afterward having enjoyed it immensely.

"You're beautiful when you do that" Tucker was extremely impressed. He urged his horse to approach the shortest jump which he sailed over and Tucker brought him around for the next, a foot higher. The big Palomino made a smooth approach and Tucker got into position. Just as he was about to take off, the horse refused, planting his feet. Too late for Tucker to catch himself, he went flying over the horses head, landing on his back on the other side of the jump and for a heart stopping minute, felt that he could neither move nor breathe.

"Tucker!!!" Chloe screamed out in heart-wrenching anguish. She dismounted and sprinted to him. "Don't move!" she ordered, "Lie still, can you move your toes for me and your fingers? Don't lift your head!"

Tucker blinked several times as awareness slowly returned and Chloe's anxious face swam before his eyes. "I think I'm OK" he whispered, nonetheless keeping his head flat on the ground. He tentatively flexed his legs and arms and looked into her eyes. "Am I dead?"

Chloe finally smiled, "No but you'll probably be pretty bruised and sore after a while." Chloe helped him sit up. "You're okay I'm thankful. Would you like to continue riding?"

"Yeah I think so" Tucker nodded, flexing his arms further. "I'm not wanting to give up just because of a little spill. I was sure he was going to take the jump. I felt him abort and then it was too late. All I could think of was the Superman guy and how horrible it would be to live like that." He shook his head, trying to get rid of the ringing in his ears. "Good there's only two of you now. I think I'm ready."

"Two of me?" Chloe raised an eyebrow and laughed lightly, "no I think you're not quite ready yet if there's still two of me." She walked with him back to their horses and watched him remount before she did the same.

"Let's try it again" Tucker grinned, feeling his head clear as he mounted the Palomino. "I'm going to canter him around a couple times and then sneak up on the jump. I'm thinking he's not done this for a while and certainly never with me so he was just a little skittish. I'm just grateful it wasn't you. I can see me explaining to your mother and Leo. Not to mention..." he edged his horse close to hers and put his hand to her face. "I need you in my life Chloe Kathleen Murphy."

Chloe smiled, "I love you Tucker. Now come on..." She cantered her horse back around and effortlessly assailed the jump that had just caused him so much grief and then she followed it with a double jump before giving the horse a cantering break.

"See how easy that is boy" Tucker encouraged the prancing horse. "Now let's try." He made one more lap around the outer edge and pointed him toward the disastrous jump, this time feeling his powerful legs take off. "Wow that was great" he called when he landed. "He would have cleared five easy that time." He pulled to one side and stopped. "OK let's see you take the course--competition rules. Four faults for a knockdown, one for a touch." He took a deep breath. "Just be careful OK. I love you."

"I'll be fine. Watch a champion in action." Chloe looked over the course and decided the correct approach and line-ups. Then she cantered around a couple of times to really get the horse going. She jumped the first three foot with no problem and then a four. The double four after it gave her no problem whatsoever but she got a touch on the three with water. She came into a trot to take the next part of the course and the horse cleared the first five foot jump with amazing beauty. She jumped a triple four afterward and then another four with water which the horse got that time. She barely missed a touch on the second five but then sailed over the six foot jump with flying colors before cooling the horse down and coming to a stop. "One touch, not bad. You can beat it though easy," she smiled encouragingly as she brought her horse over to his.

He nodded solemnly and urged the Palomino around the course. He took the same one as she had easily, with no touches and sailed over the five footer with plenty to spare. Coming back around the water jump that was more width than height he felt the big horse begin to take off and then again as before stop short. He was prepared for that this time and dropped back into the saddle, not before the horse brought his head and neck up sharply, impacting his nose, and then skittering sideways. "Whoa hold up boy" he ordered, finally being able to slow him enough to dismount, feeling blood dripping from his nose. 


"Oh CJ sorry" Toby gasped, but at the same time clapped his hand over his mouth to avoid laughing. "I guess I should never overestimate the power of suggestion where pregnant women are concerned. I know you like to fish though. No gutting, and no putting worms on if you can't." He crawled from the bed and went to the bathroom, soaking a cold cloth for her. "I am sorry" he whispered, putting the cloth to her face.

"You're forgiven but you're sentenced to a day of baiting hooks," CJ replied, "or well however long we're out there." She was thankful and moaned contentedly as he held the cloth to her forehead. She soon finished for there wasn't much in her. "You know in hindsight that was kind of funny," she admitted reluctantly.

"Come on let's go get some food in you" Toby urged. "Then I'm going to show our illustrious president that he's not the only one who can catch fish." He helped her up, holding to her as he took her back to bed and began to help her dress. "I would bait your hook any day my love."

CJ shook her head and laughed softly at Toby and once they had finished dressing they walked together down to breakfast. 


"Good morning Mrs. Lyman" Josh woke his bride with a kiss. "And let me say that last night was wonderful. Married is better. I didn't wear you out too much did I?"

"Good morning my husband," Donna replied with a smile, "I'd have to agree with you, married is better. As for wearing me out...I hardly think so," she kissed him lovingly, "though I would appreciate some breakfast as would the baby."

"And how do you feel about fishing?" Josh asked. "You ready to show the president other people besides him can catch fish? I plan to mount a big one above my desk. Even if you have to catch it." He stood and pulled her from the bed, making sure she was steady. "Breakfast is next. I love you Donnatella Lyman."

Donna smiled, "That sounds so odd to hear my first name with another last name, but here we are and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love you Josh." She kissed him lovingly. "Fishing sounds wonderful. Right after breakfast then? We'd better get down there and eat well so we'll have strength to pull in all those big ones we're going to catch." 


Most everyone had gathered in the dining room listening to Jed give a discourse on the types of fish in the nearby streams. "I must have had a deprived childhood" Leo sighed. "No one ever taught me to fish."

"I'm sure we can teach you," Caroline smiled. "It's not hard," Donna added. CJ merely nodded her agreement.

Sam held Mallory's hand tightly as they walked into the big dining room. "So are we telling or not?" he whispered. "Maybe you want to save it for another time." Meanwhile the cry of Sam was echoed through the large room and Brighton hurried toward him. Moving quickly to shield Mallory from his onslaught, Sam stepped in front of her and then scooped the small boy to his shoulders. "I want one just like this" he whispered again.

"Well I'll be sure and tell that to the one that's growing in here," Mallory returned back rolling her eyes playfully at him. "I think we'll wait and tell them later," she whispered further, "I'll let you know when I'm ready." 



Off To Camp - 5



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