Title: Would you Hold me? 

By: Lisa [LAB7417@aol.com] and Pat [SSbpMN@aol.com

This is the sixth in the series: A Bagel and a Beginning, Chili with a side of 'The Jackal', Dinner and Dancing, Darts and Dresses, and Josh and Donna's Getaway Weekend. All of these stories can be found on our webpage: Http://www.phantomroses.com/SarahRabb/ 

These stories are mostly about the personal lives of the characters. If this doesn't interest you I suggest chunking this one now.

From Part 3--

Chloe finished her ballet moves. "All done. You can come get me in the sauna when you're finished being macho." she said but with a smile in her face and eyes that disarmed any ill feelings that might have been construed from what she said. She was simply an all-around nice girl and a good judge of character. She turned around and waltzed back to the pool room to lie in the sauna in her suit.

Leo smiled, "Well thank-you Mr. President, with your permission I think I will. We shall return." Leo gave Jed a smile then to thank him as one friend to another and it was easy to tell how happy he was.

"Would You Hold Me?" Part 4/?

Caroline was sitting on the couch while the twins watched Sesame Street when Leo returned. "Daddy!" both exclaimed and struggling to their feet they toddled to him and one grabbed each leg. Caroline hurried quickly after them gathering them from him apologetically. "You're home early," she commented with a smile, "Where's Chloe?!" she suddenly asked raising to alarm.

Tucker flung open the sauna door finally, collapsing on the bench beside her. "Great place to workout" he sighed. "I've been here a week, but this is the first time I've taken Sam up on coming to use this stuff. I think I'm going to keep it up. I might be able to go for basketball next year then. I used to want to do football but I'm way too skinny." He lifted a stray piece of hair from her face. "And you, you could model easily. I'll bet you've had offers."

"Chloe is making the acquaintance of one Mr. Tucker Seaborn" Leo grinned. "Don't worry. I stopped down there and she was happily ensconced in the pool. Told her we were having an informal dinner at the residence and she requested you bring her...." he pulled out his notepad, "the light blue sundress and the white sandals she bought at Montgomery Mall yesterday. Oh I should add that you and the kids are coming. We're just going to have the local deli send up a few platters. Zoey's still in bed and we're all visiting for a while that's all."

"A few, and I want to. Maybe I can get Leo to help convince my mom to let me," Chloe thought aloud. "I'd really like to do it at least once, just to say I have and I know what it's like. Of course I really plan to concentrate on my school work. Getting good grades is very important to me."

Caroline nodded, "Sounds lovely. Well let me get us all ready then. Could you get a couple of these sippy cups from these bags and put them into the little bag with the bears there. We haven't gotten unpacked yet. I didn't know what rooms you wanted us in so..." Caroline quickly changed into a blue sleeveless dress herself and then gathered the clothing and jewelry she knew Chloe would want and put that in a bag with her hair stuff. Then she dressed Belle in a little white islet sundress with blue lining underneath and Brighton got a navy sailor suit. Caroline showed Leo how to put in the carseats and soon everyone was in the car.

"These two look great" Leo enthused, climbing into the car. "You know part of me wants to find out if they're really mine; and the other part says it doesn't matter because I'm going to be thinking of them as mine anyway." He reached over and took her hand. "Thank you for coming, and for bringing this beautiful family to me. When we come home tonight we'll get the room situation set; and then if you need to do any shopping you can tomorrow."

"I'll bet he would. Good grades huh? I need to get mine back on track. I'm thinking about med school but right now I'll be lucky to get into Hamburger University for McDonald's." Tucker gave a quick shake of his head.

Caroline smiled, "Thank-you Leo, for being so understanding, for everything. There's only one chance in twenty something that they're Stephen's. I think we should take the test, just so I can stop worrying and wondering. I'm glad Chloe's taken so well to you too."

"Well I can help you work up over the summer. I think Mom's going to send me to an honor school for girls in the fall though," Chloe sighed. "Oh well though she knows what's best for me and I know I need to concentrate and get good grades. I'll show you the tricks of it if you want me to." She smiled brightly. "Hey are you staying for the dinner party tonight? I can't believe I'm going to get to eat dinner with the President and his daughter!"

Leo looked at her in surprise and relief. "I'd love to know for sure if that's good with you" he grinned. "I know a professor at Georgetown who can find out easily and we won't even have to draw blood."

"Yeah Sam already told me I was. Said it was a chance to meet everyone and not have to worry about which fork to use. I wasn't looking forward to it until about an hour ago." He grinned at her and when he did so, simply looked like a junior Samuel Seaborn. "Will you be my date?"

Chloe presented him with one of her brilliant smiles and with a soft flush on her cheeks replied, "Sure. I don't think it's really a date kind of thing but I was going to hang out with you anyhow if you were going so we may as well call it one."

Donna stepped back out of the pool room and once she returned to their offices stuck her head into Sam's. "Your little brother is hitting on Leo's daughter," she informed him.

"Well then whenever it's convenient for you," Caroline answered. Passing the security to enter the West Wing always made her tense slightly but she was thankful once they were in and she helped the twins from the car holding their hands as she could hardly get them to walk for looking around at everything. "Oh, just to warn you I am trying to potty train them, well they are pretty much, but when they say they have to go they really mean it. Telling them to wait for more than maybe a minute isn't too good an idea."

"Then it's a date" Tucker smiled, brushing her cheek with the back of his knuckle for a moment. "Are we ready to shower? I could wash your back?" He ducked in time to avoid the wet towel she heaved at him.

"Whoa potty training. Let's see it's been about twenty five years since I had the pleasure with Mallory" Leo grinned, "but if nothing else the place is honeycombed with bathrooms."

"Leo's gonna kill me" Sam moaned, a look of panic across his face, "hopefully not before I kill Tucker." "Sam the girl looked like she could take pretty good care of herself" Josh interrupted, hugging Donna quickly and taking a good look at her arm at the same time. "I know I'm a nag but I love you" he whispered.

"See you when you get out, you just keep trying your luck," Chloe laughed and went to take a shower. She emerged immaculate with her hair wound up in a bun to hide its style a few minutes.

"I love you too," Donna replied back quickly returning his kiss. "And Sam, Leo's going to kill you, she's the blonde supermodel type." Donna replied. She loved watching Sam panic.

Caroline quickly located Chloe and she whisked away to change. When she emerged her blonde hair was long down her back and curled beautifully and she had on a spaghetti strapped dress with nothing but criss cross spaghetti strings along the back down to the waist. Her high heeled white sandals completed her model look along with the silver flower jewelry she wore.

"If I go I'm taking that boy with me" Sam vowed. "I brought him here to keep him out of trouble, not mess with a young girl." "Sam she's not but a few months younger than him" Josh laughed, enjoying his friend's squirming as much as his fiancée was. "She's not going to let him do anything, but more importantly I doubt he'll do more than joke about it with her."

Tucker emerged from the men's area at the same time, dressed in Khaki shorts and a simple blue pull over. "Hello" he finally got out, "this would be your mom? And you look beautiful." He held out his hand to Caroline. "Tucker Seaborn ma'am. I'm to be Chloe's date for the dinner."

"Sam I'm not liking what I'm hearing about your brother and my someday to be step daughter" Leo's voice echoed down the hall.

Chloe flushed, "Dad... he's a nice young gentleman. I'm enjoying his company." "Nice to meet you Tucker," Caroline said shaking his hand. "You'll have to come over and visit Chloe sometime. I'm glad she's already meeting good people here."

"Thank you ma'am. I'd like that a lot" Tucker nodded and reached for Chloe's hand to walk her upstairs.

"Leo quit being the over protective father and come grab one of these trays" Toby ordered, a piece of cheese in his mouth even as he was speaking.

"I wasn't protective enough with that one" Leo growled, spotting Mallory's arrival. Mallory gave him an 'oh come now' look and went into Sam's arms. "I'll explain later if I'm still alive" Sam told her and yelled at his brother. "Tucker you keep those hands where we can all see them." "See Leo I'm trying."

Meanwhile Caroline relaxed her grip on the twins and they took off at once, only to crash into Jed as he got off the elevator. He laughed and scooped them both up. "Look I know we're desperate for filing help, but this is ridiculous" he announced.

"Oh I'm so sorry!" Caroline exclaimed rushing to retrieve her children at once. She flushed softly with embarrassment. "Sorry sir."

Chloe and Tucker laughed lightly at the thought of everyone making such a fuss over them. "Ever think you'd be in the private wing of the White House?" she asked him softly as they walked.

Donna had her arm around Josh's waist while his arm was around her shoulders and she was curled comfortably against him resting her injured arm protectively against her waist.

Zoey was sitting propped up in bed coloring in a coloring book.

Jed laughed delightedly at the two children now one on each shoulder as Leo caught up to them, reaching for one. "Hey leave them be" Jed objected, "they're just fine and I need to remember what carrying these feels like. I am soon to be a grandfather." He looked closely at Brighton and then at Belle. "Leo if I didn't know better--I swear these have your eyes." He gave his oldest friend a pointed look and Leo felt himself flush from the neck up.

'Not even after I found out Sam was working here" Tucker shook his head. "To him it's not a big deal I guess. But these people are just ordinary folks really when they're not on TV. It's pretty amazing." He tightened his grip of her hand momentarily. "After all someday you're going to be a teen supermodel and you're talking to me."

The noise in the hall made Charlie look up from his reading and he leaned down and kissed Zoey. "Hey you're getting better" he teased. "This morning you were going out of the lines."

Zoey glared at him and quickly put the book away. "I am not going to be a supermodel," Chloe rolled her eyes with a giant smile. They fell back with her family letting the others go ahead. "Are they?" Jed asked Leo with wide eyes and raised brows just before Toby opened the door and they all entered in. "My goodness!" Zoey exclaimed taking everyone in her face lighting with delight. "Donna, Josh you're back. Was the trip nice?" she asked. "Yes except for a storm," Donna answered showing Zoey her arm to which she wrinkled her nose. "Toby, CJ, by the way nice announcement today, Thank-you." CJ nodded and smiled curling against Toby now that they were finished with work. "Sam and...let me guess that's your younger brother. He looks SO like you." Zoey commented. "And Caroline and Uncle Leo...but there's a lot of new people in the room."

"Zoey, Charlie this is Caroline's family" Leo smiled, "her daughters Chloe and Belle, and her son Brighton. They're going to be staying with me now." "And I'm Tucker Seaborn, Sam's brother in case you couldn't tell" Tucker told Zoey and Charlie who stood to shake his hand. "I'm glad you're feeling so much better Ms. Bartlet." Jed was at the same time taking Leo's arm to lead him aside. "Those twins are yours aren't they my friend. Ask Toby or Josh or Sam if you want another opinion, but those are McGarry eyes."

"Thank-you, all of you," Zoey smiled from her bed. The only time she was allowed up was to use the restroom and the rest of the time she was to be in a wheel chair or bed for the next three weeks. "You know Donna, at least I'll be off bedrest in time for your wedding, barely but I will be," Zoey smiled. "A wedding?" Chloe took interest. "You two aren't already married? Wow you could have fooled me. How dreamy and totally romantic."

"Caroline's offered that we should have them tested. I'm going to tomorrow. I want to know," Leo sighed softly in confession, "Jed if those are my kids and even if they're not I want them and Caroline to have my name. I want to take care of them."

"Not yet" Donna sighed, "we've been working our way up to it forever though." She stopped short and looked at the new arrival. "Hey how about being a bridesmaid for me? Josh has got a dozen ushers and I only have a couple bridesmaids. I talked your mom into it last week and Zoey and a couple others but this is a big wedding."

Jed clapped his friend's shoulder. "You're a good man Charlie Brown. You're going to ask Caroline to marry you then--again--I take it?"

"Really? me? in a wedding?" Chloe enthused and then looked to Caroline. With a soft smile she gracefully nodded her head. "I accept," Chloe answered with a beaming smile, "It would be my honor, Donna. May I call you Donna?"

Leo nodded, "I am...I just don't know when. Whenever the time is right."

"When someone calls me Ms. Moss I'm looking around for my mother" Donna smiled, and then shuddered slightly. She and her family were estranged and had not been in touch for years. She shuddered again and moved closer to Josh, instinctively seeking his comfort.

"Yeah well don't wait too long" Jed advised quietly. "Neither of you are getting any younger here and you might want to think about at least one addition to the family."

Leo smiled and looked over to Caroline and the children. It was easy to see his love for all of them already. "How about now?" Jed suggested, "now is usually a good time."

Josh wrapped his arms around Donna from behind. "I'm sorry....it was just thinking about that...speaking of which... Mr. President sir. I was wondering, it would mean a lot to me if you would walk me down the aisle." Donna asked him reverently.

"Oh right" Leo sighed, looking over to where she was fixing herself a corned beef sandwich and getting Brighton's hand out of the horseradish mustard at the same time. "I'm going to say, Caroline put down that sandwich and marry me soonest."

Before Jed could reply to that he heard Donna's soft voice behind him and turned to smile at her, a look of amazement on his face. "Donna I would be most honored if that's what you would like. But you have no family that......" "No sir she doesn't" Josh cut in quickly, his arm slipping around her.

"Thank-you sir for accepting. It means the world to me," Donna smiled brightly at the president.

Caroline raised up her head and looked over to Leo. "Did you say something to me? I thought I heard you call my name." "Mommy I need to go bathroom," Brighton suddenly chirped.

Leo excused himself, scooped up the boy and looked back at Caroline as he headed to the bathroom with the child. "Yes I did" he called from the doorway. "I told the president I wanted to ask you to marry me."

"This is so great" Charlie enthused. "I don't know how Zoey is going to keep from getting bored, though you'd think with school work and those silly soaps she watches, that would be enough." "Oh look who's talking" CJ scoffed. I passed through here this afternoon with some of Zoey's things and he was as engrossed as some fifty year old housewife."

"Meanwhile Lucas and Gina were strolling leisurely through the zoo., enjoying the late afternoon sun and the company of each other. Finally they sat for a cold drink. "You were scared of the snakes" Lucas taunted with a hearty laugh, holding an icee out to her.

"I hate snakes," Gina scoffed back, "it's not that funny. I'm sure you're scared of something."

"What do you mean you were carrying things?!" Donna raised her brows looking to CJ. "You're not supposed to be lifting anything heavy." "I'm being careful Donna," CJ replied softly, "it was just some magazines and crayons."

Caroline and Chloe both froze at Leo's words. A big smile crept on Caroline's face while Chloe watched her. "Are you Mom?" Chloe asked. "Yes, Chloe. I think I'm going to say yes." Caroline answered. When Leo returned the first thing out of her mouth was "yes."

"Oh yeah" Lucas nodded suddenly sober, "I'm afraid of growing older like Marshall and Baldwin say and being married to the job like they are and not having...well not having a wife and kids to come home to."

"Yeah well you just be careful" Donna admonished her, "you've finally got the baby you want, for which you're very lucky--so just don't...well you know." She sniffled suddenly and her hand went to her stomach. "I'm sorry" she sighed. "I'm hormonal and I'm not even pregnant."



Would You Hold Me - 5



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