Title: Would you Hold me? 

By: Lisa [LAB7417@aol.com] and Pat [SSbpMN@aol.com

This is the sixth in the series: A Bagel and a Beginning, Chili with a side of 'The Jackal', Dinner and Dancing, Darts and Dresses, and Josh and Donna's Getaway Weekend. All of these stories can be found on our webpage: Http://www.phantomroses.com/SarahRabb/ 

These stories are mostly about the personal lives of the characters. If this doesn't interest you I suggest chunking this one now.

From Part 5-- 

"Well now that everyone seems to be getting together outside work maybe Caroline will entertain the idea of entertaining some form of regular get together here," Leo smiled. He was obviously on cloud nine. Caroline unpacked her clothing in the master bedroom quietly without drawing attention. Chloe was busy marveling over the giant room Leo had given to her with a window seat that looked out on the pool. They set up her office computer and her giant four poster bed. "This is the most incredible room!" she exclaimed delightedly to all of the men present. Meanwhile CJ had found a jar of olives in the kitchen and was sitting there snacking out.

Donna got up to go get some soda and midway to the kitchen she was overcome with dizziness and gripped to the countertop desperately.

CJ heard the noise and saw Donna out of the corner of her eye. "Olive?" she asked and then realized Donna was unwell. "Donna, oh god" she jumped from her chair and caught her just as she was losing her grip on the edge, causing them both to sway dangerously. "Toby, Josh" she screamed just before both of them hit the kitchen floor.

"Would You Hold Me?" pt 6--

Tucker looked up from the floor where he was securing the last bolt of the headboard. "I better be handsomely paid for this labor" he teased Chloe.

The stairs pounded as Toby and Josh came bounding down them. "CJ!" Toby exclaimed worriedly. Josh rushed to Donna just as eagerly. "She was dizzy," CJ said, "I think I'm okay Toby." Donna meanwhile was warm and dazed in Josh's arms. "Could be a sign of pregnancy," CJ speculated, "especially if she keeps getting them."

Toby and Josh helped them to their feet, both looking anxiously into their faces. Josh felt her forehead, finding her warm as CJ had said. "Sit" he ordered, all but carrying her to the nearest chair, followed closely by Toby with CJ. Toby settled her and quickly filled two glasses with ice water while Josh knelt in front of Donna, resting his hand on her cheek and then holding the water to her lips. "Tell me you're all right" he begged.

"I'm fine Josh. I just got a little dizzy," Donna smiled, "I wish CJ wouldn't have done what she did. It was very dangerous for her." "I couldn't very well let you hit your head...besides we're both fine now." CJ answered.

Toby gave her a worried frown at the thought of her endangering herself but knew she would not have done less, seeing her friend in trouble. Leo and Sam had reached the kitchen by then. "We're OK in here" Josh assured them, "just a little pregnancy difficulty."

Meanwhile Tucker stood up and brushed his hands off on his pants. We seem to be alone here" he grinned to Chloe and looked around. "This is a great room. I'm sleeping on a futon at Sam's. If I bring a girl there I may as well put it on TV."

Chloe laughed lightly. She walked over to Tucker and placed a finger to his lips, "our little secret but here's your thank-you for your help." She leaned in and gave him an innocent kiss on the lips and then she flushed softly. "Come on, let's go down and get some snacks and see what all the commotion is about."

"CJ?" Leo questioned to her looking to see if she was all right. "Josh you don't mean Donna do you?" Sam suddenly questioned.

"Starving--you worked me to death woman" Tucker growled and caught her hand, running with her down the thickly carpeted stairs.

"Starting to look like" Josh grinned, brushing his hand against Donna's cheek. "Anyway we seem to be OK here for the moment." He reached for CJ's hand then. "For what you did there, for putting yourself and your baby in jeopardy to help Donna, I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"Don't do it again," Donna added and she and CJ laughed. Donna had a small twinkle in her eyes. She cuddled against Josh. Caroline brought drinks and Tucker and Chloe appeared laughing delightedly. "Well Sam I think maybe you'll have to drop by the house more often," Caroline spoke up, "this is the happiest I've seen Chloe in a very long time."

Sam laughed and nodded, but looked seriously at his brother at the same time. Tucker was indeed quite content and happy, handing Chloe a cookie from the tray and then a can of soda, whispering into her ear. "We're going down and watch some MTV" he told anyone who was interested, putting a hand on her back to walk down the stairs to the rec room.

"I think some one--two someones in fact--are ready for bed" Sam pointed to the kitchen floor where Belle and Brighton were sitting with their heads drooping onto their shoulders. "Guess so" Leo grinned, scooping up Belle and handing her to Caroline and then lifting Brighton. "Shall we put our children to bed?" "Leo the dad of two year olds, now I've seen it all" Toby smiled.

"Don't knock it until you've tried it," Leo replied happily with a smile as he walked with Caroline upstairs to put the children into the new beds that he had bought for them. Donna smiled wistfully as she watched them and Toby noticed for the first time that CJ was as well.

Meanwhile Chloe hopped downstairs with Tucker laughing all the way. "MTV? You really wanna watch that? I'm personally not big into that sort of thing. I like a little music but...couldn't we just sit and talk or something? Dad has some games down here too..." Chloe offered.

"At least you've got one started" Donna sighed, lightly brushing CJ's stomach with the back of her hand.

"I'd love to sit and talk" Tucker grinned. "No I don't watch a lot of MTV myself. I thought maybe you did though. Actually in the car I listen to country." He led her to the sofa and sat down with her, his arm casually across her shoulders. "So are you bothered by being taken away from your dad?" he asked gently.

CJ's stomach was of course still flat. "Hey after that dizziness episode earlier I wouldn't be too surprised if you didn't have one started yourself. You know that's related to heightened production of HCG."

"No. I'd just as soon claim Leo for my father. My biological dad cared nothing for me and I'm not sure he really cared for my mom. He was gone all the time and when he was home they mostly argued and then he would buy her something lavish to make up. The worse the argument the more expensive and lavish the gift. Sometimes though he would give us money and gifts just so we wouldn't realize that he wasn't coming home, like for Christmas or summer vacation. I guess you can't miss what you never really knew and Leo, well he's been nice to me since he walked in his front door and discovered us here. He's already more of a father than the other man in my life ever was."

"Leo's great" Tucker agreed, "and I don't even know him that well. My folks are OK, but they didn't expect or want another child--after all their first was almost grown. They were looking forward to retiring and traveling and that's what they did anyway. I've grown up mostly with sitters or housekeepers. Then of course I got into that trouble." He shuddered slightly. "Six months in the county home was enough to teach me that I don't even want to see what the county jail is like, let alone the big house. I swore I never would go back the day they sent me home. Now my dad thinks being with Sam will be a good influence. Sam's a great guy all right, but I think being with people like you is more what I need." He put his hand to the back of her head and tipped it forward just enough that he could gently touch his lips to hers. "I want to see a lot of you from now on" he whispered softly.

Chloe smiled softly as her long blonde hair draped over both of them. She flushed. "I'd like that," She replied softly. Then she leaned in and kissed him again. This time she wrapped her arms around him and the kiss lasted much longer.

Tucker was about to kiss her again when there came Sam's voice at the top of the stairs. "You two are behaving down there right?" "No Sam" Tucker yelled back "we're making passionate love on the sofa here and you're bothering us." "Oh whoa" Josh called. "Nobody move. I'll get the camcorder."

Leo watched Caroline dress Brighton for bed and he followed suit with Belle, laying her next to her brother on the mattress on the floor lest they fall out of a regular bed. "Tomorrow you need to go shopping" he told her. "This is no kind of a bedroom for these guys. It needs Mickey Mouse or something." He slipped his arm around her waist as the two little ones curled together. "I want to show you something. Be right back." When he returned, he was carrying a picture of Mallory at two. "McGarry eyes" he whispered, handing her the picture. "I was afraid to even think it before."

"When are we going to have them tested?" Caroline asked softly. "I mean I bet they're yours but..." she looked down at the precious babies already nuzzling into sleep.

Chloe jumped back from Tucker and turned an incredibly deep shade of red. "Josh Lyman you will not," they heard Donna yell to him. "Sam your little brother better not be making out with Leo's daughter. Can you imagine what he'd do to you?" Toby teased. "I'm going to tell," CJ chimed in on the joke.

"Tomorrow afternoon" Leo promised. "I'm going to clear my schedule and pick you guys up for lunch. He just swabs inside their cheek, nothing to it, and then we'll hear in a day or so. But these are my children-not that it matters. They're a part of you, you whom I love so much, and that makes them mine anyway."

Tucker smiled at Chloe's embarrassment and hooked his arm around her neck to pull her to him for a quick kiss on her forehead. "I think I'm going to like being around these people. I know I'm going to like being around you." "Tucker if you get me in trouble with Leo you're a dead brother on the floor" Sam shouted.

Lucas pulled up in front of Gina's apartment and parked. "I'll walk you up" he grinned, "but first, thanks for a great day."

"I know," Caroline smiled, "but I do want to know for sure I mean if they really are. I've thought since the day I saw them that they were..."

Chloe laughed delightedly, "Sam he's being a perfect gentleman," she called upstairs. "Too much of one perhaps." she teased.

"It was a wonderful day," Gina smiled, "very informative," she added cryptically with a blush. They parked and Gina showed him up to her rooms. "Thank-you for everything today Lucas." Then she leaned in and gave him a quick loving kiss.

"Thank you" Lucas returned, "and we'll do it again real soon. Plus you remember what I told you this afternoon." He caught the back of her head before she could move further away and kissed her again, gently letting his tongue barely touch hers. "Good night."

"I want to know too" Leo admitted, "but it doesn't mean anything anyway, except that three years ago our love made them. In fact I have a confession to make. Since that night in Dallas, or even that day in my office, I had been hoping you were going to have a little announcement like CJ and Toby have, though I certainly can understand if you feel that three are enough for you."

"I can not be" Tucker whispered, drawing her to him and kissing her, this time letting his tongue sweep lightly through her mouth before pulling back. "I could get real used to doing that" he whispered again, "even though I'm not exactly sure what comes next."

Gina smiled softly at him and then slipped behind her door. She knew she would dream well tonight.

"Oh Geez I hadn't even thought about that," Caroline replied. "I mean an announcement is not out of the question...if you want one maybe we'll be blessed." She put her hand in his and they headed back downstairs to join their friends.

"I don't want to know what comes next," Chloe breathed with a shiver, "that's enough for me." "Wow," she gasped out as her breath seemed to be returning. Her eyes sparkled at him. "You're a nice guy Tucker Seaborn."

"And you're a beautiful girl Chloe Murphy" Tucker returned, his hands drifting through her long hair. "And thank you for stopping us there. I always know the right thing to do, but I don't always do it I'm afraid." His gaze fell across the room to the big screen TV and the shelf below it. "Oh my god the man has Nintendo. Should we check it out?"

Leo followed her, stunned inside by her admittance that there could be something come of their encounters after all. "I do want one" he said under his breath. Once they reached the others he put some soft music on the house wired stereo and opened up the doors leading to the deck. "Dance with me" he said softly into her ear.

Sam was already leading Mallory to do just that and shortly Donna was tugging on Josh's arm.

"Good night Gina" Lucas sighed, leaning on the door a moment before hurrying to his car.

"Bet you I can make Mario fall off the cliffs more times than you can!" Chloe called out delightedly and soon they were pretending to die and making strange noises when the plumbers mysteriously fell off cliffs or ran into walking turtles.

The couples slipped out onto the deck to dance. Caroline was graceful in Leo's arms while Josh and Donna laughed and occasionally jerked as they missed a step or landed on the other's foot. Toby and CJ were barely moving, lost in one another's eyes they were in a world of their own.

"Are we still going to do this when you're out to here" Josh laughed quietly and made a motion with his hand.

"This reminds me of Dallas" Leo sighed, holding Caroline close. "It was there, after not seeing you for so many weeks, that I knew how much I had missed you and how much I needed you in my life, especially once the divorce was finalized."

"You're a dead woman" Tucker shrieked when she blocked the movement of his plumber and the turtle struck him. He laughed loudly and dropped the paddle pushing her down on her back on the soft carpet, pinning her hands to the rug and with a swift movement of his leg held her feet as well. "Penalty phase" he whispered, touching his lips to hers again, this time careful to keep the kiss light.

"Of course we are," Donna answered with a smile, "and you'll love every minute of it. I can't wait Josh. I so can't wait."

"Well I'm here Leo, now and forever it looks like," Caroline smiled admiring the sapphire ring she had placed on her left ring finger temporarily for her own benefit. She leaned in and kissed him with all of the love she had in her heart for him.

Chloe deepened the kiss the way Tucker had kissed her the last time but that's all she did. "Where's the punishment?" she breathed with a smile on her face. "I pretty much enjoyed that."

"You got that right" Josh assured her vehemently "the only other thing I'm going to enjoy so much, besides just being with you of course, is our wedding."

"Yes you are here" Leo replied, "and you're not going anywhere." He led her over to the deck railing where the back gardens were bathed in soft light. "And just as soon as we can make it happen, you and I are going to be married out there among the trees and flowers. We can stand on the bridge that passes over the goldfish pond."

"Uh good point'' Tucker smiled, kissing her again, and this time letting his hand pass over her breast before he drew back in shock at what he had done. "I'm sorry" he apologized at once. "Typical teenage boy here, thinking with his glands."



Would You Hold Me - 7



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