Title: Would you Hold me? 

By: Lisa [LAB7417@aol.com] and Pat [SSbpMN@aol.com

This is the sixth in the series: A Bagel and a Beginning, Chili with a side of 'The Jackal', Dinner and Dancing, Darts and Dresses, and Josh and Donna's Getaway Weekend. All of these stories can be found on our webpage: Http://www.phantomroses.com/SarahRabb/ 

These stories are mostly about the personal lives of the characters. If this doesn't interest you I suggest chunking this one now.

From Part 6 

"Yes you are here" Leo replied, "and you're not going anywhere." He led her over to the deck railing where the back gardens were bathed in soft light. "And just as soon as we can make it happen, you and I are going to be married out there among the trees and flowers. We can stand on the bridge that passes over the goldfish pond."

"Uh good point'' Tucker smiled, kissing her again, and this time letting his hand pass over her breast before he drew back in shock at what he had done. "I'm sorry" he apologized at once. "Typical teenage boy here, thinking with his glands."

"Would You Hold Me?" Part 7/?--

Chloe smiled softly, "It's all right." She moved herself gently out from under him putting a little distance between them while she shut off the Nintendo. "How about something to drink?" she wandered over to the bar and pulled out a pitcher from the refrigerator. "Virgin Pina Colada, strawberry Daiquiri or maybe just a soda?"

"Oh that's a beautiful idea!" Caroline smiled delighted. "That's exactly what I want and all of our friends to be here. Just a small wedding. I mean only the wedding party and maybe a few guests but it's going to be a large wedding party..." she looked around them at their friends.

Donna smiled, "Yeah it's going to be perfect. I have the most beautiful gown and besides how many couples get to say they were married in the rose garden with the President giving the bride away?" she sighed dreamily and Josh lost her to her favorite wedding fantasies.

"I'm just supplying the groom and location" Leo grinned, "the rest is up to you. Talk to CJ and Mallory if you can get her nose out of her books for a bit. Of course you'll want Chloe as your maid of honor and the little guys can be ring bearers, which should be a major source of amusement."

"Daiquiri please" Tucker called, just as Sam appeared on the steps to check on them. "OK you two are making drinks down here or what?" He was laughing lightly but his tone was serious. "Yes I'm getting her drunk so we can go back to the passion pit" Tucker yelled back, which of course the music picked that moment to pause and it echoed through the room.

"Chloe Kathleen Murphy what the hell is going on down there" Caroline shouted at once.

"Mama," Chloe gasped blanching as a very protective Caroline appeared. "What's this I hear? What have you two been up to?" Caroline demanded looking at Chloe and Tucker like they were on trial and could be boiled in oil any minute. Chloe unfortunately was blushing a guilty deep red. "Leo!" Chloe called in her defense. "Leo make her stop, would you kindly explain to her I'm 15, soon to be 16, and definitely old enough to make my own decisions." "Not when all four of your best friends in New York are now pregnant you're not!" Caroline snapped back fiercely and Chloe took refuge against Tucker which was only making things worse.

"Caroline calm down" Leo spoke to her first, "if for no other reason, just in case you are...uh you know. I doubt seriously these two have been doing any real harm twenty feet below the rest of us." "Thank you sir" Tucker spoke up. "We're only playing down here, and these are virgin drinks as they're called sir. I don't drink, never have. I've done a few stupid things in the past year, but that's not one of them. So we've just been teasing, each other mostly, and giving you guys a hard time. I've heard you all tease each other you know. Honest we've done nothing wrong down here." Sam stepped to the other side of Leo and took a long look at his brother. "Then you might want to let Chloe go." "No I draw the line there" Tucker said boldly, his arm tightening protectively across her. "You guys have scared her and if she needs to hold on to me, then I'm not going to stop her."

"Hey what's everyone getting so worked up over," CJ stepped in. "It sounds like there's nothing wrong and your Chloe sounds like a very sensible girl. It might be time to trust her judgement Caroline. You can't be with her forever. You're going to have to trust her to make her own decisions." Caroline sighed. "You're right CJ. Chloe I'm sorry, forgive your mother for going off the deep end? I just worry so much about you sometimes." Chloe stepped into her mother's arms for a hug before returning to Tucker's side. "If you two want to see each other or go out or whatever you call it now a days I don't mind. At least I know who Tucker is and that he comes from a very good family. You two just be careful." "Promise Mom," Chloe answered. Caroline smiled and then grabbed one of the virgin drinks off the bar. "Have fun kids." Her parting words as they others headed back upstairs save Sam. Chloe sighed, still trembling as she held to Tucker. "She really flew off the handle. She hasn't done that since she was pregnant with the twins." Chloe gasped out burying herself against Tucker.

Sam looked at the backs of the others as they went up the steps and then to Tucker, clapping his shoulder. "I'm not going to say anything except you know right from wrong, and if you don't you'd better know how to ask a question. You're not far short of being a man and taking the responsibilities of one." "I know Sam, thanks" Tucker nodded. "I won't be doing anything stupid." Sam left them and Tucker helped her to the sofa. "It's OK--we're OK" he said softly, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. "I won't let anyone hurt you, not ever."

Sam looked at the backs of the others as they went up the steps and then to Tucker, clapping his shoulder. "I'm not going to say anything except you know right from wrong, and if you don't you'd better know how to ask a question. You're not far short of being a man and taking the responsibilities of one." "I know Sam, thanks" Tucker nodded. "I won't be doing anything stupid." Sam left them and Tucker helped her to the sofa. "It's OK--we're OK" he said softly, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. "I won't let anyone hurt you, not ever."

Chloe smiled at him, "Thanks. You know they won't kill us for kissing. I mean what's the harm in that. Don't get me wrong now. I don't go around kissing just anyone. You're special." Chloe leaned up and kissed him deeply. "We're totally cool," she whispered in awe of the situation she had just yesterday only dreamed about. Now suddenly she was getting to figure out what romance was all about in a young sort of fashion.

Donna and Josh returned to slow dancing on the deck while CJ was assaulting the food platters.

"Yes we are" Tucker agreed, returning her kiss, feeling stirrings within his body and his heart that he had not felt before.

"Caroline, Dad, what did you mean just in case..or whatever you said earlier?" Mallory asked gently. "Caroline might you be pregnant? And no I don't think either of you are too old for that sort of thing. I think it would be great."

"At least what you're eating you mostly keep down now" Toby smiled as he reached over her to snare a sour pickle.

"Yes I might be," Caroline answered, "In fact according to the calendar I'm a day late already."

"Yes thank goodness. Of course that means I'm going to start putting on weight but..." CJ shrugged, "at least I have an excuse." she laughed lightly. Meanwhile Donna wavered in Josh's arms once more dizzy and warm. "Oh," she cried out softly as the spell took hold and she struggled to remain upright.

"Donna hold on" Josh pleaded, grabbing to her and then lifting her into his arms, taking her to the sofa. He sat her upright and tilted her head back so that it rested on the back of the sofa cushion, stroking her forehead. Almost at once Sam brought him some towel-wrapped ice. "I think you're sitting out the rest of the evening" Josh told her, wiping her face with the towel; "and we need to make a doctor's appointment for you."

"Oh wow" Mallory grinned, "oh that would be so great. A baby brother or sister at my age." She took a deep breath and looked over at Sam, "when I should be having one of my own I guess."

"Are you trying to make me a grandfather?" Leo choked. "That would be all right I imagine," he added a moment later. "Congratulations Josh, looks like you're the next one in the group getting the title of Daddy," Sam spoke a little wistfully and he glanced to Mallory, their eyes meeting briefly. "No it appears that it is Sam who wants to make you a grandfather and not your daughter," Caroline whispered to Leo softly, "something is holding her back. I hope it's not the thought of you and I having small children."

"Mallory's working for her masters and she doesn't think a baby is right just now" Leo explained quietly, "and if she's not ready, then she's right. A baby deserves to be born when both parents want it. Sam just needs to be a little patient with her."

"What I want is to go sit in that hot tub I think and enjoy this beautiful night" CJ said suddenly. "Leo you have some old tee shirts or something like that we can cover up with don't you."

"You turn that hot tub on cool!" Toby quickly pronounced. "You know you're not supposed to be in those! Haven't you ever read those warnings." Donna was curled against Josh trying to take it easy. "You can borrow one of my suits if it's all right with your husband," Caroline replied with a smile. "I didn't have any trouble turning the temperature way down and getting in them. You just don't want to get the temperature too hot in there for the baby. They don't cool quite as well as we do."

"Hey Tucker how about a rousing game of trivia on my computer. It actually improves your scores in school. Or we could grab our suits and try out that awesome hot tub, either the indoor one or the outdoor one. Leo got this from a couple that got it after drug repossession. They got it for half of what it's worth. It's SO beautiful, like living in a hotel."

"Just body temp water and the bubbles on high and I'm in heaven" CJ sighed. "I want to as well" Donna told Josh firmly. "It's very relaxing and we can sit together just as well in there as on this sofa."

"I think I'm brain dead after Nintendo" Tucker laughed, "let's see if we can appropriate one of the hot tubs, preferably one for ourselves. It sounds like they're heading for the outdoor one. Where's the indoor?"

"Right this way," Chloe led Tucker to the fitness room on the main floor and there with a beautiful tile surround in the fitness room was a huge party hot tub as beautiful as the one outside. Chloe slipped upstairs for a suit and was sitting on the surround waiting for Tucker when he returned. She had on a very tiny metallic silver bikini and with her long blonde hair she definitely looked like a model. "Help me put my hair up?"

Donna, CJ, Josh, Toby, Leo and Caroline all got ready and slipped into the now cooled hot tub. "Hmm...this is nice," Donna smiled as she snuggled on Josh's lap. "Definitely," CJ agreed as she laid her head back and relaxed.

"Who do I look like, Mr. Maurice?" Tucker laughed, but gamely gathered her hair in his hands, wrapping it around and securing it, even if somewhat awkwardly with the butterfly clip she handed him. He dropped a quick kiss on the back of her neck now that it was bare, tickling lightly with his lips before climbing into the water, wearing a very brief bikini from his gym bag. He held his arms to her, inviting her to snuggle with him as the water surged around them.

Toby held to CJ, having her rest her head on his shoulder. Leo and Caroline were in another part, his hand resting on her middle as he whispered to her, and a moment later their lips were joined. "I'm in favor of removing the dining table from my place and putting one of these in" Josh sighed.

"MM...that wouldn't be so bad...but I think the neighbors and landlord would complain and it would probably short everything out." Donna laughed lightly. "Yeah it sure is nice though... We'll just have to come visit Leo lots," CJ commented. "I don't see a problem with that," Caroline commented having caught CJ's comment.

"This is wonderful" Leo agreed. "Normally I just rattle around here at night, reading, maybe get on the net, watch a little TV, plus my homework of course, which I'm conveniently ignoring for tonight. I don't think the wheels of government are going to grind to a halt just because a couple memos are not read until morning."

Everyone enjoyed a laugh at Leo's joke. "Yes I think we should take every Friday off," Sam suggested. "I think we should have casual Fridays," Josh teased and Toby gave them both 'the look'.

. "And if you keep doing that you're going to be more impressed than you likely would want to be" Tucker gasped, shuddering with delight at her touch. "Chloe I've never met anyone that I wanted to be close to before like this, like you." His mouth sought hers and he covered it carefully, kissing her, not gently as before but urgently.



Would You Hold Me - 8



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