Title: Would you Hold me? 

By: Lisa [LAB7417@aol.com] and Pat [SSbpMN@aol.com

This is the sixth in the series: A Bagel and a Beginning, Chili with a side of 'The Jackal', Dinner and Dancing, Darts and Dresses, and Josh and Donna's Getaway Weekend. All of these stories can be found on our webpage: Http://www.phantomroses.com/SarahRabb/ 

These stories are mostly about the personal lives of the characters. If this doesn't interest you I suggest chunking this one now.

From Part 7--

Everyone enjoyed a laugh at Leo's joke. "Yes I think we should take every Friday off," Sam suggested. "I think we should have casual Fridays," Josh teased and Toby gave them both 'the look'.

. "And if you keep doing that you're going to be more impressed than you likely would want to be" Tucker gasped, shuddering with delight at her touch. "Chloe I've never met anyone that I wanted to be close to before like this, like you." His mouth sought hers and he covered it carefully, kissing her, not gently as before but urgently.

"Would You Hold Me?" Pt 8/?

Josh tucked Donna's head into the crook of his neck and rocked her gently as the warm water lapped around them. "Love you" he whispered as if she needed reminding.

"I'm just sorry Jed--er the President--can't just up and join us" Leo sighed. "It doesn't seem really fair; but of course no reason we can't have this sort of get together at the White House just as easily."

"That's true," CJ laughed, "and wouldn't the secret service love that!" "No worse than the dart war we had in the wing," Josh spoke up. Everyone laughed. "This has been a crazy past few months," Toby spoke up, "crazy but nice."

"I love you and I'm sorry about tonight, about the dizziness," Donna whispered back. She was heavily relaxed against him, fatigued but obviously not tired. .

"Don't you dare apologize" Josh admonished her. "It's not your fault. You're taking care of yourself and you can't do any thing about it. It just scares me that's all. I don't like even the remotest thought that you could be hurting."

"It's been great" Sam spoke up. "It's fun to work in such a relaxed atmosphere and the work still gets done. Even Mrs. Landingham has been enjoying herself, even if she doesn't want anyone to see it."

"Yes and I've noticed quite a few more jars of cookies have been going lately," Leo spoke up. All eyes went to CJ. "I'm not solely responsible but hey I'm hungry," she defended, "breakfast, lunch and dinner don't go quite as far as they used to." "I have to plead guilty to being in the cookies too," Leo confessed and Toby raised a brow. He also had been in them.

"Well I'm not in pain. It's just a little strange," Donna answered. "I'll try to make an appointment with the doctor on Friday of this week if it's still persisting."

"Yes you will" Josh told her firmly; "and in the meantime I don't want you driving, or on any chairs or stairs alone where you could fall."

"You know if we keep cookies around we're all going to weigh three hundred pounds" Sam sighed, "except me of course. I can eat whatever I want." "Only because you fret yours off" Toby returned.

Mallory burst into laughter at that. "Speaking of fretting I guess you'll be doing a lot less of it now that it looks like Tucker's going to be following Chloe around like a dog on a leash."

Donna nodded, "well I'll let you drive us around and I'll try to keep my feet on ground zero.

"I think she's good for him" Sam sighed, with a cautious glance to Leo and Caroline. "He needs something to lo...well care for and about. My folks don't give him that. They should have given him up for adoption--they may as well have for all the attention they pay to him, and of course I'm not there. I'm actually thinking of asking him to stay here and go to school here this fall. Maybe get a small house for the two of us." "Or three" he added, looking now to Mallory.

"Sounds like a plan" Josh nodded. "I know I can't watch you every second for nine months, but I do plan to try."

"What?" Donna gasped, "are you thinking it's...it's a baby too? Do you really think I'm already pregnant?"

"I think asking Tucker to stay is a good idea," Caroline pronounced. "Are you asking me to come with you to the house?" Mallory asked. "I will Sam. I won't be Tucker's mother because you're not his father but I will try to do my part."


Josh looked at her in surprise, "Of course I do. Maybe not one that we started in Aruba, maybe before that. I mean we weren't exactly inactive before we left for there you'll recall. Maybe you should do what Caroline did, check the calendar?"

Sam pulled back from Mallory and looked at her intently. Up till now they had been back and forth between apartments on most nights, with the occasional one spent apart. "Yes I am" he realized, and then added more firmly. "Yes I am. I'm asking you and I to find a house together, with a place for Tucker, and room for babies for when we decide the time is right for that."

Mallory bit her lower lip and nodded. "We will. I will."

"Well I'm not due to...you know, for another twelve days," Donna replied to Josh.

Sam hooked his finger under Mallory's chin and brought her up to look at him. "Hey this isn't about babies right now" he said softly, "this is about you and I and whether we want to be around each other--whether we want to live together in one place instead of half in and half out of each other's apartments."

"Then I love you Chloe" Tucker responded at once, kissing her. "I don't know how or what happened to us today--how we came together, I just know I'm glad we did and I don't want to be away from you either." She melded in his arms and they were still joined, lying together side by side.

"Which brings us back to the doctor" Josh smiled, "or just relaxing and waiting. My concern is that you're OK, pregnant or not. I love you, all of you, not just your uterus here."

"I know and I want to live with you Sam. You're a wonderful man and I care for you deeply. I'm ready to give it a go at this full time living together if you are." Mallory answered more confidently.

Donna laughed lightly, "tomorrow's Tuesday. I'll make an appointment tomorrow morning to see the doctor on Friday at 11am. You have a free spot there and then we can have lunch afterward."

"You realize my mother and Leo will kill us both if they ever find out about this," Chloe said a while later once they had rested. "I really liked it though. But that's not why I like you, sure you're good looking, but I like you because of your personality and the way you treat me and all that we have in common." "You know I used to always dream that this would happen, that I'd experience love with a guy I really loved and I'd bear his ring and we'd be steady..." she sighed happily still curled contentedly against them.

"It has happened, no more dreaming needed" Tucker promised her, wrapping his long arms around her, still loving the feel of their damp bodies pressed together. "And no one need know about this. This is our time, our lives, our choice." He sighed happily in time with hers, stroking her hair with his fingers. "I could lay here all night with you--and someday soon we will. I don't know how yet, but we will."

"Good" Sam smiled approvingly and with relief. "I've wanted us to be spending more time together like that for a long time. We need to see what kind of a future we have. And I promise, no pressure about babies, and no giving you a hard time about the time you spend studying. After all my hours aren't the greatest either.

"Works for me" Josh nodded, holding her even tighter. "Just in the meantime promise me you'll be careful. I'm going to be frantic as it is when you're out of my sight."

Donna laughed, "and how often does that happen? Besides CJ and I have the final touches to put on the wedding plans during her resting hour. We'll have our feet up no sweat." She leaned over and kissed him.

Mallory smiled, "you have yourself a deal. Oh and we're doing joint decorating. I don't want to be stuck with the whole project and I want it to be something we can both live in. So when are we going to give Tucker the good news?"

Chloe kissed him and finally untangled from his grasp. "Now I really need the whirlpool," she commented, slipping her suit back on and sliding back into the water. "Any regrets?" she asked him a few minutes later.

"Oh yeah" Tucker nodded and paused enough to tease before he slid into the hot tub and grabbed her into a giant embrace. "Regrets that I didn't know you long before this. I love you Chloe Murphy."

"Tucker you guys down there?" Sam called from the deck. "Yeah we are" Tucker shouted back, "Just in the hot tub." At the same time he looked down and realized his suit was still on the deck, not on his person where it belonged.

Chloe smiled devilishly and laughed making a funny face at him in tease. "What can we do for you Mr. Seaborn?" she asked sweetly. Chloe was turning out to be a very complex young woman. "I love you," she whispered in his ear as her arms wrapped around him once he had gotten his suit back on.

Tucker kissed her soundly, "love you also, very much already." "Sam we're fine down here, just talking about school and stuff." He took a deep breath and hoped he sounded normal, not like someone who had just made love for the first time. "Well we're about to go, some of us have to get up for work in the morning." Tucker looked panicked at that thought. "I didn't think about we'd be separating at the end of the evening" he whispered to Chloe, drawing her to him. "We have something to tell you too" Sam called "so get dressed and bring your buns up here."

Chloe looked saddened at the thought of parting and dressed sourly. She brushed her hair thoroughly since it had been ruffled in their lovemaking session. She appeared in her blue sundress once more with her hand knitted in Tucker's. "Aw gee mom can I keep him?" She asked with sad puppydog eyes. Caroline laughed, "I don't think so. I'm sure you'll see him tomorrow though." Chloe sighed.

"We're going to do a movie tomorrow night and then get something to eat after OK?" Tucker asked anxiously and Leo nodded. "Just be home at a decent hour. Washington is not safe to be running around late at night and with all the stuff there is here to do, you two don't need to be out anyway. Tucker you're welcome here any time." "Thank you sir" Tucker smiled. "Expect to see me here often then."

"Tucker, Mallory and I are going to look at houses" Sam said slowly, "we thought maybe you'd like to stay here and go to school here in the fall instead of going home to mom and dad."

"I think that's a yes" Sam smiled as Tucker threw his arms around Chloe, lifting her in the air.

Chloe laughed gleefully and CJ and Donna smiled. Caroline sighed happily and leaned in to whisper to Leo, "your newest daughter is in love." "Oh this is SO great! We'll be able to study together and see each other all the time!" Chloe enthused with her beautiful smile at full beam. "You know I could go for another one of these say Friday," CJ suggested, "if Leo will provide the place I'll make my famous knock your socks off fajitas and some beef and cheese enchiladas for the whims."

"You know I'm glad to have you here" Leo smiled. "But listen, you all bring your swim suits and something to sleep in. We need a few pitchers of margaritas to go with those fajitas and I don't want anyone driving home. Of course the pregnant women in the group...." he could not help a glance at Caroline, "will be having them sans alcohol."

"Chloe and I are going to go say good night" Tucker announced, taking her hand to lead her out into the garden. "Yeah well do it standing up" Leo called and then realized what he had said, blushing brightly. "I could rephrase that." "Message loud and clear" Tucker laughed, squeezing her hand.

Chloe flushed brilliantly and the couple walked with their hands entwined back into the front entry. "Friday night will be wonderful," Chloe whispered, "and I can't wait to see you tomorrow night." She leaned in and kissed him passionately. "I love you," she whispered again.

"Friday night will be our night" Tucker promised. "Somehow we'll fix it so we're together for the night. This is a huge house, and people go to bed There's got to be a way. I'll miss you so much. I'll be here soon as I get off and we'll go right from here." He kissed her as she had him, sliding his hands down her sides to rest on her backside. "You're beautiful Chloe Kathleen and I love you." He hugged her to him again. "This is hard" he whispered, rubbing his cheek to hers.

"Yeah it is," Chloe gasped emotionally. "It's so hard to say goodbye now." She kissed him passionately. "Tomorrow night my lover."

"And the longer I stand here the worse it is for both of us" Tucker realized, thumbing a tear from her cheek and kissing the spot. "You sleep well, think of me and how much I love you, that I'll be seeing you in about twenty hours, and that Friday night belongs to us. We're going to watch the sunrise with you in my arms."

Chloe smiled, "we will." She watched Tucker leave along with the others. That night as she lay sleeping she was awoke by a large blast of thunder. An overwhelming fear swept over her as the storm raged outside. She crept downstairs and found Leo up as well. She stood before him looking tortured, "would you hold me please daddy?" a small voice asked him.

"Hey little girl what are you doing up?" Leo asked softly. "I'm just down here checking these windows--they sometimes get loose in a bad wind and let in the rain; but you--you need your sleep." He sat in the nearest chair and helped her down to his lap. "Something on your mind besides the storm--or is it sleeping in a strange house in a strange bed under the roof of a strange man who now suddenly is your dad?"

"no, no, it's not that," Chloe answered. "You've been kinder to me in one day than my father was the fourteen years I've been on this earth. I want us to be close. I can see how much you love my mother and it makes me feel things for you. I want you to really be my dad." she curled up on his lap.

"I want that too, very much" Leo smiled, hugging the slight girl to him. "I love your mom a whole lot you know. I have for a long time, back before your brother and sister were born but she wasn't sure about leaving your dad and well....like with most adult things it's complicated. I often wish we could see things simple--like you and Tucker do maybe huh?"

"Well...things aren't so simple between Tucker and I," Chloe said hesitantly, "but I kind of understand things between you and my mom and I'm glad that she has you. It's the way I wanted it." Chloe suddenly blurted out, "I slept with him Leo."



Would You Hold Me - 9



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