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The Boys of Summer by Lulu

It's one of those perfect summer, Sunday afternoons. Leo McGarry is 
sitting in his office getting ready for the week ahead. The TVs 
around him are tuned into different news channels, CNN - MSNBC - Fox 
News. But the largest set is tuned into the Red Sox - Yankees 
baseball game.

"OK, Pedro, let's show them your stuff, let's get these guys out!" 
The phone begins to ring. "McGarry...yeah Toby...no the vote's on 
Friday...WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?...No the ump...No Toby you don't 
have time to watch any game, the vote is Friday...It's the 
Sox...Don't give me that tone, Toby, I'm still your boss." He hangs 
up the phone.

"Popped him up. That's two Pedro, just one more. Lined out! Now 
let's get some runs!"

Toby hurries into the room carrying a folder of papers with a worn 
Yankee's ball cap perched on top them "...no time to watch. We have 
the Rocket pitching today!"

"I knew you couldn't stay out of here."

Toby sat down on Leo's couch and placed the papers next to 
him. "Strike out #5. Posada to Martinez, and that's three." Toby 
pumps his arm in the air, "Way to go!"

"Do we have Harkin on board for this vote?"

"Talked to his office yesterday, they want a photo op, but we can 
work it out."

"It drops in for a hit. Go for two..in there."

"Took something off that one. Strike 3, O'Neill's out of there."

* * * * *

Josh heard the raised voices coming down the hall from Leo's office. 
Josh had set out to look for Toby and couldn't believe the angry 
exchange that was taking place between his two friends.





"What's going on in here?" Josh hurried to the doorway, hoping they 
hadn't come to blows.

"Josh, good, come in here." Toby turns to the TV, "Watch this 
replay...does he, or does he not interfere with the catcher? That 
umpire is blind!"

Leo looks at Josh and grumbles "We're you looking for something?"

Relieved to see what the argument is really about, "Yeah, I was 
looking for Toby about the environmental bill."

"I'm working on it now." He points down at his papers.

Josh sees what is really going on in Leo's office, "I'll be right 
back." He returns after two more of Rocket's strike outs with a 
stack of files, his writing pad, and a large bag of chips. "Donna 
keeps these in her file cabinet. Remind me to replace them by 

"I've got sodas in that cabinet." 

Josh opens a door that reveals a small refrigerator. "I didn't know 
you had this in here."

"There's a lot of secrets about my office. If Hoynes had listened to 
you, this office might have been yours." Leo teases.

"Leave it here when you go in six years!" He smiles closing the 
refrigerator. Josh passes sodas and chips to Toby and Leo, takes a 
seat on the floor, and leans his back against Leo's desk.

* * * *

Sam walks around the communications bullpen. "Toby?...Josh?" Sam 
begins to mumble to himself, "The guard at the gate said they were 
here...their office doors are open. Maybe they're in Leo's office." 
Sam hadn't asked about Leo, but there wasn't a day when he wasn't in 
his office.

He could hear them shouting from down the hall. "Rocket strikes out 
the side!" Sam walks in as Toby and Josh are giving each other a 
high five.

"I hope we're not talking about a Middle East situation?" He surveys 
the room, sees the game on the TV and the sodas and chips. "I'll be 
right back."

Sam comes back in with his Dodger baseball cap and some cheese 
puffs. "Kathy keeps these in her drawer. Remind me to replace them 

Sam pulls a chair out of Margaret's office. "Designated hitter, 
what's that all about? Baseball is supposed to be nine guys, playing 
nine positions on the field. Then those same nine guys each take a 
turn at bat."

"Shut up, Sam!" they all say in unison.

The food pile is beginning to dwindle, they look at Toby for his 
contribution. "I've seen what Ginger keeps in her desk...Rice 
Cakes!" With a sigh, he reaches for the phone, "I'll call for pizza."

"Back...back...back...caught on the warning track."

* * *

President Bartlet enters his office to pick up a file, when he hears 
singing from the office next to his. "Leo must have left his radio 
on." As he walks toward the door, he recognizes the tune and the 

"...Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack
I don't care if I ever get back
So it's root, root, root for the
If they don't win it's a shame
And it's one...two...three strikes you're out
At the ol' ball game!"

Leo notices his friend standing in the doorway. "Good afternoon, Mr. 
President." The men begin to rise. 

"Keep your seats."

"I could use your help here, Mr. President. I've got these two 
Yankees, and a guy from the National League. Didn't I get the Sox to 
let you throw out the first pitch?"

"Did you know," President Bartlet begins to diplomatically change the 
subject, "the song used at the 7th inning stretch..."

The President looks at the snacks and pizza boxes lying around the 
room. "I'll be right back." He returns with the familiar cookie jar 
from Mrs. Landingham's desk. There is a look of astonishment on the 
faces of the other men. Was this a major breach of protocol to take 
a cookie from the jar without it being offered. Would that mean 
banishment from other offers. Even if Mrs. L. wasn't in the room 
right now, she would know!

No one takes a cookie.

"He got all of that one...It's gone!"

* * *

The game is over and these fans start to leave. Sam begins to clean 
up the pizza boxes and empty snack bags. Josh picks up his unopened 
file folder and leaves with Sam.

"Doubleday made the rules, Josh. Nine fielders, nine batters, same 

"Leo, see if the Secret Service can return this to Mrs. Landingham's 
desk," President Bartlet points to the cookie jar as he heads back 
to the Oval Office. "Wipe the prints...erase the surveillance tape."

"I smell a cover up, Mr. President." Toby grins, picks up his papers 
and begins to leave for his office. "I'll get to work on Martinson 
for the Friday vote."

It's now a perfect Sunday evening. Leo McGarry sits in his office, a 
smile crosses his face and he begins to hum, "Take me out to the 
ball game..." He takes a cookie from Mrs. L's jar, and finishes 
getting ready for the week ahead.

Epilog - Monday Morning

Staff members are beginning to file into the communications bullpen 
after the weekend. 

Donna and Kathy notice large bags of chips and cheese puffs on their 
desks and give each other a questioning look. Suddenly they hear a 
loud exclamation from Ginger.

"What is this all about?"

There is a large bag of peanuts and the BIGGEST box of Cracker Jack 
she's ever seen on her desk.

Thanks to Lida Rose for the help!
Thanks for reading.......Comments welcome.......LuLU


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