Disclaimer: All characters belong to Aaron and NBC, yada, yada, 
Thank you for letting me borrow them!

Father's Day by Lulu

Wednesday - 6:30 pm 
Leo McGarry is busy at his desk reading through files regarding the 
health care crisis in the United States. There is a short rap on his 
open door. As Leo looks up he sees the familiar face of Mallory, his 
beloved daughter.

"Do they just let you walk around these halls?" he asks her

"I'm the darling of the secret service. I don't give
them any 
problems, unlike some of your senior staff members." There's
a kind 
of sadness in her eyes he's seen before in her mother's eyes.
"I was 
just looking for someone to eat dinner with."

"And Sam was busy?" he asks thinking he may be the cause of

"Sam's still in the doghouse, actually I was looking for you.

thought we might have dinner and make some plans for this

"What's this weekend?" feeling a swell of panic that he
may have 
again forgotten a birthday.

"Father's Day! I thought we could do something together."

He looked at all of the files he needed to read before his briefing 
in the morning, then he looked into Mallory's eyes. He had been
cause of so much sadness to her, tonight he couldn't add to that.

"Chinese or Italian?"





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