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FATHER'S DAY - part 2

That same Wednesday - 7:30 pm

They sat at the small restaurant eating their dinner.

"I guess I could let you take me to lunch on Sunday. Isn't
that what most kids do for their Dad's? Along with the
obligatory gift of a tie."

"No, Dad. I want to spend the whole day with you!" The
sadness spread all over her face. This time Leo knew he was the

He tried to lighten up the moment with one of his smiles he rarely
showed to anyone else, "Mal, do you want me to take you

The edges of her mouth turned up, but there was still something very
serious in her tone. "Dad, I think it's time we went out and
bought furniture for your apartment."

The idea knocked him back like a punch. "I don't need any
furniture. Your Mother has a whole house full. When this is

"Dad" she started in quietly, "She's moving on with
her life. It's time for you to do the same."

His eyes were pleading, "No Mal. You'll see. When Jed is
out of office your Mother and I will work things out. This job is
the only thing that's coming between us…"

Mallory couldn't say any more. This man who had the ear of the
most powerful man in the world, who had stopped wars, and who could
start others, was terrified when he knew his life was spinning out of
control and he had no power to stop it.

"Ok, but that may be 2 or 6 years away. I would like to think
that when I come to visit you, I would have a place to sit,"
with a small smile, Mallory looked into her father's eyes,
"maybe a plate to eat off of?"

Leo tried to smile and get his breath back. "I suppose your
going to supply the decorating tips, and I will supply the credit

A full smile returned to her face. "I'm just a poor school

"OK, but if the words "Window Treatments" come out of my
mouth, I want you to shoot me. Right there!"

They laughed and began to eat again, turning the subject to the
latest the latest West Wing gossip.






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