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FATHER'S DAY - part 3

Father's Day - 9:00 am

Looking around his apartment, no one would know that the White House
Chief of Staff lived there. The apartment had only one bedroom, a
kitchen with a counter separating it from the living room with a
large window. Leo wasn't looking for much and when he moved in.
He believed it would be just a few weeks, before Jenny would realize
how much he loved her and he'd be back home.

Leo sits in an old leather chair. This, along with a bed, is only
furniture he brought with him from the house he shared with Jenny.
Four TV's with the Sunday news shows flicker while he reads the

Mallory arrives with bagels, coffee, and a gift wrapped box.

Exasperated as he lets her in the door and takes an inventory of
what's in her hands "Mallory, I do have a coffee pot!"
Then looks again, resigned "OK, no toaster."

"Well it was the best I could do for your breakfast in bed. You
do have one of those don't you?" she empties her arms and
wraps them around him.

"I love you, Dad."

He hugs her back. He couldn't remember how long it had been
since they had done that. Always to busy…doing his job…the
drinking…now, he didn't want to let her go.

Mallory held onto her father, knowing this was his way of letting her
know how much he needed her. Her eyes began to survey the
room. "Who did decorate your apartment? One chair and four
TV's. This looks like the bullpen in the communications center.
Accessorized by newspapers and file folders. I'd fire the

Leo began to let her go. "I thought that's what today is

They broke apart and Mallory went into the kitchen to unpack her

Something was on his mind. "Mallory, about Sam." Leo was
talking to her back. He hoped she wouldn't turn around, because
he didn't know if he could talk to her if he saw the
in her eyes. "Laurie is just a friend. Maybe it could have been
more if the circumstances were different, but Sam chose you. The
scrutiny he's under at the White House is hard, but it's
going to be
that way for a long time. Work out some kind of a truce, because I
can't be in the middle of this any more. That can be your gift
to me today."

She didn't say anything to him as she handed him his coffee, but
her smile indicated that she understood what he was trying to tell

Her face began to light up as she handed her father a small, flat,
wrapped box. "Actually, I have your gift right her"

"A tie! Just what I needed!" They began to laugh and eat
their bagels. They talk about where they will shop that day. In a
soft, but determined tone, Leo lets Mallory know how he feels about
their shopping excursion "Mallory, I want you to pick furniture
you like, because when we're out of the White House, it's

Walking out the door Leo looks at his daughter with his stern
face. "…and the chair stays! It took me a long time to break
in that chair. It fits me!

She grins back at him. "Ok, but we really must do something
about those window treatments!"






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