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FATHER'S DAY - part 4

Saturday - 2 weeks later

Josh, Sam, and Mallory are at Leo's apartment arranging furniture
that arrived that morning.

Mallory is standing in the middle of the living room floor. "Put
that along that wall. Right…right…a little
more…down…there. Looks great!"

Josh groans and rubs at his back "We are good. Maybe we should
hire out as a team `White House Staff Decorating'."

Leo grins at his friends, "But what do you know about window
treatments?" He holds up his hand, "Wait, I really don't
want to know."

The buzzer sounds as their pizzas arrive.

"Saved by the bell, Josh." Sam laughs.

As he heads out the door to get the pizzas, Josh laugh's,
"You'd be surprised what I can do with power tools."

"Look everyone, plates and silverware. Enough for everyone."

Mallory begins to get things out of the cupboards for their lunch.
She is caught for a second, remembering the reason her father only
had a plate for himself.

"They'll all be yours someday!" Leo makes the comment
knowing only Mallory will really understand his meaning.

She gives him her gentlest smile. "I hope so, Dad." She
turns around and begins to put the pizza on the plates.

Sam looks horrified, "We're manly men. We don't need
plates. We eat our food over the sink." With that, Sam scoops
up a piece of pizza. They laugh and follow along.

After the pizza is gone and the furniture is in place, Josh, Sam and
Mallory get ready to leave.

"Thanks for all of your help. Now I have two chairs, a couch and
four TV's."

Josh smiles as he leaves to go to meet some friends from
college, "Don't forget the window treatments!"

Mallory goes to get her and Sam's coats. "Thanks for talking
to Mallory. I really messed up big time with Laurie, but I'm
trying to make it right."

Leo smiles, "Please, don't let there be any pictures."

"Come on Sam, the movie starts in an hour. Bye Dad, I love you!
Enjoy all your new furniture."

"Now that I have a chair for you to sit in you'll visit me
more often?"

"Will you be here?"

"I'll always be here for you Mallory."

Mallory takes him into arms and hugs him tight and whispers into his
ear, "I know." She takes Sam's hand and walks out the

Leo turns around and is alone for the first time that day. Looking
at his new furniture, it hits him, this is now his home. He may
never share a house with Jenny again. Leo grabs the newspaper, sits
in the chair that fits him and stares at the TV's he has
forgotten to
turn on.



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