Disclaimers: Characters belong to or were inspired by Aaron Sorkin, John Wells, etc. Thanks to LidaRose for the many times she's read, proofed and encouraged the writing of this story. And thanks also to the WWFFS for their encouragement.

Events take place during the last two years of the first term of the Bartlet Administration.



"She's been arrested again." Jed Bartlet said as he hung up the phone.

"Where at this time?" Leo asked.

"Nevada Nuclear Testing."

"With re-election coming up you've got to get her under control, Mr. President."

"Me? Like that will happen. You've got to find her a job, Leo."

"I thought 'Pain in the Ass' had become her new profession."

"Leo, you've been out of sorts lately." President Bartlet teased his friend. "Is running the world and my re-election campaign too much for you?"

"Bring her back to Washington, and we'll send her to some tea parties."

"I'm afraid the only tea party she would attend was the one thrown in 1773 at Boston Harbor!"

Leo grumbled trying to get the President back on track before he launched into a lecture on American History.


Heart Of The Campaign - 1



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