Title: Helping Hands (1/5)
Author: Michelle K. (CageyGrl@y...)
Rating: PG-13
Archive: If you want it, you may have it. Just tell me
first, please.
Summary: Josh tries to fix Donna's embarrassing

Disclaimer: Characters from "The West Wing" don't
belong to me. Instead, they are the sole property of
Aaron Sorkin, Warner Brothers Television and NBC. No
copyright infringement is intended and I am making no
money from this story.

Notes: This starts during 'The Leadership Breakfast'
and goes on from there. Alternates between Josh's POV
and Donna's POV.


I don't know why Donna has to be such a smart-ass. She
could've just said 'I haven't opened it' or 'I don't
know.' But, no. She has to talk about X-ray vision.

This woman drives me nuts. This is actually one of the
reasons I'm so fond of her.

But that's another story.

Now, I have to open a package. I wonder what it is. I
hope it's something interesting. It's probably
nothing, though.

I open the envelope.

I'm incredibly surprised to find a pair of women's

Okay, this could be interesting.

At first, I feel apprehensive about examining the
underwear. I mean, they're not mine. Obviously. But,
on the other hand, they've been *sent* to me. There
has to be a reason. Maybe it's from a member of my fan

Ha! I don't see Sam getting women's underwear
messengered to him.

Anyway, I look at the underwear. It has a name sewn on
the waistband. Oh God. Did a twelve-year-old away at
summer camp send me her underwear? This is not good.

Then, I notice whose name it is.


Donna Moss.

Oh my God. Donna sent me her underwear.

For some reason, I find myself rubbing the
undergarment way too intently. This is probably *not*
good. I throw the underwear on the desk.

I notice the envelope still has something in it. A



Your assistant dropped this at the South Street
Exhibit last night. I thought you might be interested.

Karen Cahill


Okay, so Donna didn't send me the underwear. I'm not
disappointed at all. I swear.

And what's that note supposed to mean?

Thought I might be interested?

I'm not interested. Really.

Don't look at me like that. I'm serious. I swear.

And, anyway, I'm busy. I have things to do. Like give
Donna back her underwear.


Oh my God. Josh is holding my underwear.

You know, whenever I've thought about him touching my
undergarments, it's never been under these

But he is holding my underwear. In the bullpen. In
front of Sam. In front of everyone.

If I weren't mortified right now - and half in love
with him all the time - I'd punch him.

But I can't punch him. I can't even think. I dropped
my underwear in front of Karen Cahill. And now, Josh
is holding them.

Oh, if I only had X-ray vision. This all could've been
avoided. Well, the Josh-holding-my-underwear part
could've been avoided that way. If I had paid better
attention to my pants, then none of it would've

But it did.

Karen Cahill might think I want to sleep with her.
Josh - and several other people, thanks to him - knows
what my underwear looks like.

How much more embarrassing can this get?

This *is* the most embarrassing thing that's ever
happened to me. And it happened in front of Karen

I have to fix this. Or get the President to fix this.

Where's Charlie?


Helping Hands - 2





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