This is a short story I wrote based on an idea that two of my friends 
threw at me. They also gave me the title, taking the best phrase (in 
my opinion) from the story.
As a side note, the dialogue marked with stars around it are 
thoughts. I'd normally use italics or underlining, but it won't work 
with the type of writing file I'm using. Also, if I got any names 
wrong, or something is written completely out of character, let me 
know. I'm more used to writing fic based on Sports Night than West 

Title: Matchmaking Pirhanas
Author: Melissa
Category: Romance... sort of
Rated: PG, to be on the safe side. There's a tiny bit of swearing.
Spoilers: None
Summary: Josh and Donna get fed up with their meddling coworkers.


Sam Seaborn closed his eyes and sighed as he settled back in 
his chair. The morning had been hectic, which was far from normal, 
and he had a lot on his mind. After a moment, a knock on his already 
opened door forced him to open his eyes.
Standing in the doorway was Toby Ziegler, and he did not look 
happy. *Then again, he never does,* Sam amended. "What did you 
need?" he asked aloud.
Toby glanced around the office. "You seen Josh anywhere?" he 
asked, still not entering the room.
A pang of worry shot through Sam. "No. Why don't you ask 
Toby sighed. "Because no one has seen her either." He 
turned to go, then paused and turned back. "Listen, if you see him, 
tell him that Leo's looking for him." Without waiting for an answer, 
Toby turned and left.
Sam remained where he was for a moment, thinking. *Nah, it's 
not possible...* His eyes widened. *Josh and Donna?* Standing up, 
Sam shrugged mentally. *I guess stranger things have been known to 
happen.* Smiling slightly, he walked out of the office in search of 
his two missing coworkers.
Josh Lymen whistled victoriously as he walked down the hall, 
heading for his office. He was two steps from the doorway when he 
heard someone call his name. Pausing in midstep, he turned to face 
the person, seeing Sam headed toward him. "What is it?" Josh asked, 
his good mood not wavering.
Sam hesitated. "Where've you been?" he asked, curiosity 
filling his voice. "Leo's been looking for you."
Josh smirked. "I have been places that you've never even 
dreamed of, my friend," he answered mysteriously, heading in the 
direction of Leo's office.
Sam hurried after him. "Were you with Donna?" he continued.
Josh stopped dead in his tracks, causing Sam to crash into 
him. "Why do you think I was with Donna?" Josh asked, his smile 
fading as he turned to face Sam.
"It was just a question," Sam said defensively. "It's just 
that the both of you were gone, and no one knew where you were."
"I wasn't with Donna," Josh answered vehemently.
Sam nodded. "Got it."
"I *wasn't*," Josh persisted.
Raising his hands, Sam said, "Yeah, I got it." He 
paused. "So, where were you?"
Aggravated, Josh walked away, reaching Leo's office. He 
stood in the doorway, waiting for Leo to look up. "You wanted to see 
Leo glanced up at him, puzzled for only a second. "Nah. I 
got Toby to take care of it." He looked at Josh carefully. "Did you 
sleep in those clothes?"
Josh looked down, coming as close as he'd ever been to 
blushing. "No, it's just really windy out," he mumbled, turning to 
Leo chuckled as Josh disappeared around the corner.
Donna Moss was met with curious stares the second she entered 
the room. "What?" she asked defensively, walking to her desk. 
Everyone went back to their work. Sighing, she took off her jacket 
and hung it up.
"Hey, Donna?" She turned to see Sam standing a few feet 
away, looking rather unsure of himself.
"Yes?" she answered, raising an eyebrow. Sam didn't answer 
right away, he just looked at her. Annoyed, she said, "What?"
Sam snapped back to attention. "Sorry, it's just, your hair 
is kinda messed up a little."
Suddenly self-conscious, Donna ran a hand through her 
hair. "It's windy out," she explained. In an attempt to steer the 
conversation away from herself, she continued. "That's not what 
you're here for." 
Sam nodded. "Do you know where Josh was today?"
Donna's eyes widened. "No, I do not know. Why would you 
think I did?"
"Because you're his assistant and you schedule his meetings," 
Sam answered matter-of-factly. He looked at her rather 
curiously. "Did you think that I meant you were with him?"
Donna glanced away, embarrassed. "I don't know where he 
was," she said. "Why don't you ask him yourself?"
Sam shrugged. "He gave me a really cryptic answer. 
Something about being places I'd never dreamed of..." He trailed off 
and looked into space, not seeing the small smile play across Donna's 
lips. He shook his head and walked away.
Sighing, Donna sat down and resumed working.
After leaving Leo's office, Josh headed back toward his own. 
He was a little miffed about the way everyone looked at him 
strangely, but he chalked it up to his imagination. His good mood 
was returning, and he couldn't keep a small smirk from his lips.
Josh walked straight into his office, stopped, and stuck his 
head back out the door. "Donna?" he called.
The blonde woman looked up. "What, Josh?"
"Could you come here for a second?" he answered, ducking back 
into his office. Sighing, Donna stood up and walked over to the 
doorway. He was scribbling something down furiously. After a 
moment, he looked up and motioned for her to come closer.
"Josh?" Donna asked, uncertainly. "What's going on?"
As if he didn't hear the question, Josh asked, "Have you 
talked to Sam lately?"
Donna was startled. "Well, yes, about five minutes ago," she 
answered. "Why?"
Josh thrust the paper he'd been writing on at her. As Donna 
scanned it, her mouth opened in surprise. When she had finished, her 
face was flushed and she looked thoroughly embarrassed. "Please tell 
me you don't want me to type this up and send it out," she said, her 
tone bordering on pleading. 
Smirking triumphantly, Josh nodded. "You bet I do."
Donna sighed. *This is gonna snowball...* "Can I at least 
take out the 'matchmaking pirhanas' part?" she asked, not quite able 
to keep a smile off of her face.
Josh smiled back. "Nah, leave it in." He laced his fingers 
behind his head, leaning back in his chair. "Let them wonder."
Donna shook her head and turned around, walking out of the 
Sam had just gotten off the phone when Kathy walked into his 
office with an envelope. "Samn, this just arrived for you," she 
informed him, setting it on his desk and leaving again.
Curious as to how this particular piece of mail would be so 
important, he picked it up. It was a plain envelope with just his 
name scrawled across it. Sam opened it, pulling out the letter. He 
caught the heading and smiled, his eyes dancing with amusement as he 
From the office of Josh Lymen, Deputy Chief of Staff

Mr. Seaborn,

It has recently come to my attention that you and several 
other members of the staff working here have been on a 
crusade of sorts to bring my assistant, Donna Moss, and I 
While I appreciate your concern, the role of matchmaking 
pirhanas is not a becomming one, and I would prefer that it 
stop before the situation goes any further.

Josh Lymen

Sam laughed out loud as he tossed the paper aside. He got 
up, headed for Leo's office. On the way, he met up with C.J. 
Cregg. "Hey," he greeted. "Did you get a letter from Josh?"
C.J. glanced up at him in surprise. "Yeah, that's where I'm 
going," she admitted. "This is rediculous. I mean, who would have 
thought of getting those two together?"
Sam shrugged. "I think it would work," he offered. "Donna's 
had a crush on Josh since she started working here."
C.J. threw her hands up in frustration. "Who else is in on 
this?" she asked disbelievingly.
Sam considered the question for a moment. "Leo, I'm pretty 
sure. Charlie, in an unconscious way ever since he and Zoey hooked 
up. And, whether you like to admit it or not, you have too." C.J. 
shook her head, but Samn stopped her. "If you think about it, they 
have almost every reason to be together. She is smitten with Josh, 
and he's developed some pretty deep feelings for her."
Grudgingly, C.J. replied, "I guess you might have a point." 
She sighed. "So, what do we do?"
Sam smiled. "Sit back and wait for them to get together," he 
"You think they will?" C.J. asked, the two of them heading 
toward Leo's office to discuss the matter with him.
Sam nodded. "Let me tell you about what happened earlier 
That night, Josh worked later than usual. When he threw his 
coat on to go home, he was surprised to see a light on in the next 
room. Curiousity overpowered him, and he went over to it, finding 
Donna placing papers into their correct files.
"You're here late," he commented, causing her to jump.
Whirling around, Donna's eyes went wide. "Oh, hi, Josh."
Josh smiled. "Y'almost done?"
"Yeah," Donna answered, picking up one last file and putting 
it into a filing cabinet. She slammed the drawer shut and turned to 
go back to her desk, Josh following her the whole time. "Aren't you 
going home?" she asked, glancing around nervously.
Josh took a step closer, lowering his voice. "My home or 
your home?" he asked, his tone casual.
"Shh!" Donna reprimanded him quietly. "You want someone to 
hear you?"
Smirking, Josh shook his head. "There's nobody here."
Donna smiled back as she slipped her coat on. Picking up her 
purse, she asked, "Okay, then, my place or yours?"
* * *
Donna nodded as she hit save on her story. *If it can't be 
reality, at least I can write my own ending.*
"Hey, Donna," Josh greeted, sitting down on the edge of her 
desk. "Whatcha working on?"
"Nothing," Donna replied hastily. She hit a key on the 
keyboard without looking at it, desperately hoping that it would 
close the file down. She saw a new screen pop up from the corner of 
her eye and sighed with relief. She picked up a notepad, and 
said, "You've got a ten o' clock meeting scheduled tomorrow morning 
with Senator Blackwood."
Josh seemed to contemplate that and nodded. "Sure, that will 
work." He paused. "Okay, then." He stood up and headed toward his 
office, closing the door behind him. Donna followed his movements 
with her eyes until he disappeared behind the door.
*Why did he close the door? He never...* She looked at her 
computer screen, her face paling.
<Printing Completed>
Hurrying over to the printer, she didn't see the papers 
anywhere. She closed her eyes for a moment. *Oh, shit.* Looking at 
her watch, she saw that it was late enough that she could justify 
going home. *Good.*
Picking up her coat and purse, she hurried over to the 
elevator that would take her to the parking garage.
Josh settled into his chair with the papers he'd swiped from 
the printer. *She's writing a story? About Sam?* The thought 
stung, until he read further. *Me?* His eyes widened. *Us?* As he 
finished the story, he made a mental note to stop by Donna's 
apartment on his way home.
"Maybe fiction can become reality," he murmured, tucking the 
papers into his pocket.
* * *
Aaron Sorkin smiled as he watched the papers printing. It 
wouldn't be an episode, but perhaps he could post it on the internet 
under his alias...

||*|| THE END ||*||

Feedback off all kinds is welcome. Thanks.


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